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  1. @CalItalian2, since it's been well established that you clearly are not a fan of NewsNation, would you like to read my post in the D Block section for laughs (my fantasy story about a crossover between NewsNation and a certain show on a popular digital broadcast network)?? My post has been universally panned, and BTW, this idea will probably never happen in reality, but never say never, as they say. And @CalItalian2, if you want to critique, please reply in the D Block section, s'il vous plait! Thank you!
  2. Are you the same VHSgoodiesWA that posted, on your YouTube channel, clips from the "Jenny Jones Show" from the early years of the program (c. 1992-93)?? Granted, I was never a fan of the show, but it was pretty surreal to see the show at its humble beginnings (e.g., the small set and small audience) compared to what it would later become (e.g. the set larger & the audience larger and rowdier).... As for the topics and guests themselves, I did see one episode you posted, and let's just say it was really cringe-inducing (although it was more Jenny's line of questioning her guests
  3. Paula Reid was terrific covering the Trump White House for CBS; this is a great get for CNN!
  4. And a way to drive viewership? Make a half-hour or hour long show to syndicate on their stations. It could follow the "PM/Evening Magazine" model. Have a bank of stories that are chosen and promoted, and that drive viewership to the main channel. It could be localized in the larger markets, especially if it's a story that originated locally or in the region. And if all else fails, see if CNN still has the "jukebox" they used for Headline News in the 90s. Call me old fashioned, sometimes I just want to know what's going on at a random time.... And when HLN jum
  5. The old KLMG/KFXK building in Longview, TX for example, is located just off I-20 East, overlooking the highway. (The UPN station in Tyler/Longview was also there; when you go to Google Maps, it's the building next to La Quinta Inn off I-20 in Longview, and & you'll also have to zoom in closely at the provided image to see an imprint of the old UPN logo on the building, too......)
  6. This is a great column on the subject of NewsNation that is worth a read........https://tvnewscheck.com/top-news/journalism/article/newsnation-finds-itself-at-early-crossroads/ Sorry there’s no link attached. Ah, the fun of using mobile......
  7. The problems we're hearing about at NewsNation have GOT to be worse than what we've heard; in fact, check this out: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/3/9/not-exactly-off-to-a-good-start
  8. Not that it means much, but KATC in Lafayette, LA just added Bounce on channel 3.5. I think KATC's the first station in the market to have 4 subchannels to go with their main channel......
  9. Excellent points you made, LoadStar. To add to your last point, another example is Newsy, which has an average of over 8,000 viewers as of last year (in fact, it went up from an average of 3,000 in 2019), and it's still going. But, in Newsy's case, it uses the former channel/transponder space of a now-defunct channel called Retirement Living TV, which obviously was aimed at a much older demographic.......
  10. You guys are gonna put down "The Donlon Report" after seeing just ONE broadcast?????? I hate to say this to you all collectively, but in the words of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, RELAX!! It's just one broadcast!! As I've said a few times: Give NewsNation time to find its footing. No channel is ever perfect, you know.......
  11. I like this idea; however, it would have to require a large amount of arm-twisting, if you will, to get Nexstar corporate to approve..... FWIW, Nexstar is impressed with how WGN-TV itself in Chicago is run, but not so much with KTLA in Los Angeles; search FTVLive’s stories on KTLA to get the main idea......
  12. After clicking the link, let's just say that to theorize that the new branding did not work would be an understatement!
  13. Actually, I do vaguely remember when Fox Sports Southwest was known as HSE (Home Sports Entertainment) before they became an affiliate of Prime Network in the late '80s/early '90s. The only memory I have of the SportsChannel/Prime Network brand are of the NBA/MLB/college sports highlights that came from them which aired on ESPN's "Sportscenter" during those days. (And, to be honest, as a kid, seeing those SportsChannel logos on the court during basketball highlights kind of made me wish we had the channel, in some form!)
  14. If this error was on multiple stations, then the error most likely came from a hubbed, or centralized, master control (not sure where master control would be hubbed, in this case). I’m not sure how “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” are sent, TBH; I know “Family Feud”’s episodes are sent in segments (e.g., gameplay, commercial breaks, bumpers, are all sent in segments). During my days of working master control, I remember one episode of “Family Feud” where instead of Fast Money, what viewers saw was Round 2 & Round 3 of the same episode (it was thanks to a misnumbered segment on the compute
  15. If you watch the clip, what most likely set her off was a phrase written on the teleprompter that made her slip her tongue. I don’t know if that phrase was poorly written, or if there was an extra word in the phrase that shouldn’t have been added, but regardless, it was wrong for Morgan to lose her temper at the crew like that.....

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