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  1. I just started a thread in the Speculatron for predictions on the matter......
  2. I’m not sure the issue is with CBS; the ratings for Y&R have declined over the last several years (as has the entire soap genre itself), so maybe that is the reason why management at WNCN moved Y&R back to midday (and also why KMOV & WAFB moved the show back to midday, as well). Maybe I’m wrong…..
  3. I don’t think it was a CBS mandate; I think the decline in ratings nationally of Y&R (not to mention the decline of the entire soap genre itself to the point that there are only 4 on the air) probably gave management a reason to move Y&R to its in-pattern network time….. It’s probably the same reason WAFB in Baton Rouge moved Y&R from afternoons back to its in-pattern time of 11a (Central Time) a couple of years ago; in their case, the show had aired in the afternoon since the late ‘80s!
  4. You're forgetting Gray (they own WXIX), so it's actually a 4-way battle. I see your point about Cincinnati & Nexstar, though......
  5. KTRK has never aired Wheel; they do air Jeopardy!, though…..
  6. KLFY is starting up a local lifestyle show of their own in the afternoon (at 3:30p, to be exact) starting on January 10th. It is called "Acadiana Live," and is hosted by Lidia Alcala. The promo for the show is here at this link: https://www.klfy.com/acadiana-live/acadiana-live-klfys-all-new-lifestyle-show-premieres-jan-10/#!/ As her KLFY bio states, she is fresh out of college, too (a UL Lafayette graduate): https://www.klfy.com/author/lidia-alcala/ Currently, a second run of "Judge Judy" is airing in the 3:30p timeslot.......
  7. --sigh-- I guess you have a point......
  8. This story is a MUST read.......https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/11/2/anchor-opens-up-about-being-sexually-assaulted-by-a-coworker
  9. And you're saying this because......????
  10. When I was watching yesterday's 5p & 6p newscasts, I did notice the red background around the newsroom (specifically around the weather center). I could definitely see the color of the background changing from red to blue very soon. Also, if they were to ever change anything logo-wise, the new ABC logo would have to move directly next to the circle where the number 3 is, because I think it has to do with the new ABC logo being a bit larger. Then again, that's just me.......
  11. KATC is now using the Scripps graphics and music (and they kept Robert Burton as their longtime station voice, too)…. Hard to believe “The One and Only” Gari package is gone after 23 years at KATC…..
  12. Looks like KATC has changed some of their weather graphics (at least on their website). Here's an example.......
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