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  1. Wait, don't they do a sports show following the 10p news on WGN-TV in Chicago? After all, they did do one for many years following the Sunday 9pm newscast dating to early in the superstation era (c. '80s).....
  2. You guys are right, I hadn't thought about the monetary/financial issues involved.....
  3. Maybe I'm just throwing this out there, but what if they did a companion hour after the main broadcast (at 11/10 Central) dedicated to sports (i.e., "NewsNation Sports)? (I'll pause for the laughter from @CalItalian2to die down....) I think what you would see from such an hour would be highlights of NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and college sports games (those that would finish before 11/10 Central), while highlights can't be shown from games that are still going on after 11/10 Central. They can show sound bites from press conferences and player interviews, maybe more in an extend
  4. Ah, yes! An AFC regular season game on NBC on Sunday afternoon for the first time in 20+ years (I hope I have the right date range)! Better, NFL games are on 3 NETWORKS AT THE SAME TIME this Sunday!!!!
  5. Wow. I've been using several search terms on Facebook to find these mentions to no avail; what search terms would I use??? Would be interesting to hear about such a monumental event in TV history (the Fox switches that occurred in the '90s) from those who were there at the time (and also at other stations that switched to Fox).... Or a screen shot of some of these convos will do...... UPDATE: Never mind, was just on Facebook; I found them..........
  6. Sad to hear. Travis was a terrific reporter at KATC (both during his initial time there and recently helping out during coverage of Hurricanes Laura and Delta), and I think KJRH was lucky to have him. Huge mistake on KJRH's part in letting him go.......
  7. HA HA!! FUNNY STUFF!! I'd love to see the entire NewsNation team (Joe Donlon, Marnie Hughes, Rob Nelson, etc.) dance to the Miami Vice theme a la Bob Hite (hee hee)! It would be AWESOME!! It might go viral QUICKLY!!
  8. It's probably going to be the first time in many years (going back to the channel's early years) that USA Network has broadcast a college football game, or portions of it. I think the last time they aired football (of any kind) was when they aired World League of American Football (which eventually became NFL Europe) c. 1991-92. I could be wrong, though......
  9. It's been called now. AP posted on Twitter 5 minutes ago. VP Biden is the winner. Expect network cut-ins any moment now......
  10. I shall offer no other statement other than what is in my repost below:
  11. The set is nice, and is a wonderful improvement for WGNO! The graphics aren't too bad, either, and the new slogan, "New Orleans' Very Own," adds a nice touch! (You know, come to think of it, it's a slogan I think WGNO should have had when they were independent, pre-ABC!) I'm with @tyrannical bastardin not being a fan of Guardian as a choice for WGNO's music package. For some reason, I feel it just doesn't fit the New Orleans market at all (although it does work for KADN/KLAF in Lafayette).......
  12. I actually like this open! Very upbeat, with time-lapse shots of the Memphis area and "Aerial" as the package! As for WHNT, I don't mind the theme package, but somehow, the graphics, music, and the station's logo somehow do not mesh well together......
  13. Give it time. Nexstar wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't a serious effort. They are trying to make WGN America stand out, you know........
  14. Since I don’t watch the entire newscast every night, I have to ask: Are they still running this copyright at the end of the broadcast, or are they running the Nexstar close? Last night, I had a dream I was in an airport, and I could hear NewsNation playing in a restaurant inside, and all of a sudden, I heard the last few bars of the NewsNation theme followed by a LOUD, SHRILL version of the Nexstar closing music at the end! I quickly ran inside the restaurant to see, but it was too late.... The Nexstar close has the word “LOCAL” in it, so it would, to me, look out of place on a

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