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  1. Yes (at 7am[!!], according to TVPassport).
  2. Wait: Isn’t Maury Povich calling it quits with his show at the end of this season?? That alone might be the reason why the show will soon be off WJZ’s airwaves…..
  3. Just when you've thought you've seen it all, there's this.......https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/2/25/this-war-is-brought-to-you-by-applebees
  4. Cox Media is adding the Fox-MyNetworkTV duo in Eugene, OR to their portfolio........https://tvnewscheck.com/business/article/cox-media-buying-klsr-kevu-eugene-ore/
  5. It’s possible, but there could be other reasons, too. Then again, to be fair, there are other Tegna stations in Texas that weren’t included in the deal, either (KCEN, KYTX, KIII, & KBMT, just to name a few)…….
  6. Thanks for reminding us on this board about the dreaded V of Doom! (Not sure how many on this board were/have been legitimately scared by the V of Doom before; it is probably the scariest closing logo in television history!) Should one ever come across the V of Doom at the end of a show on, say, MeTV, they have been forewarned!!
  7. The new NFL graphics on NBC are terrific, especially the new score bug (I do like the newer smaller style of the score bug, which doesn't take up a whole lot of the bottom of the screen). Fox and ESPN do use a small style of the score bug, and it's great to see NBC utilize one themselves! The only quirk I have with the new bug is that the "peacock" logo in the middle of the bug is in a gray color, and the only time the color changes is when a penalty flag is thrown (obviously making the color yellow). I'd rather the usual colors on the small "peacock" in the middle of the score bug; of course, this would complement the usual colorful NBC "peacock" bug in the corner of the screen. NFL games ARE brought to us in living color (and in HD) on NBC, you know!!
  8. Thanks for telling me; I forgot all about the sketch! There was also an SNL sketch that poked fun at Jake Tapper & Kellyanne Conway (the sketch was a takeoff of “Fatal Attraction”); Beck Bennett & Kate McKinnon were brilliant in this sketch! (Best part: McKinnon’s delivery of the line “I’m not gonna be ignored, Jake!”).
  9. Glad you brought this up, @iron_lion; there's a GREAT 2016 article by Richard Quest in a magazine called Flying (which obviously is about aviation) that explains the why of CNN's over-coverage, if you want to call it that, of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight you're referring to: https://www.flyingmag.com/vanishing-flight-mh370-inside-story-cnns-coverage/ (It's actually an excerpt from his 2016 book about the missing flight, but it is WORTH the read!!!)
  10. I just started a thread in the Speculatron for predictions on the matter......
  11. I’m not sure the issue is with CBS; the ratings for Y&R have declined over the last several years (as has the entire soap genre itself), so maybe that is the reason why management at WNCN moved Y&R back to midday (and also why KMOV & WAFB moved the show back to midday, as well). Maybe I’m wrong…..
  12. I don’t think it was a CBS mandate; I think the decline in ratings nationally of Y&R (not to mention the decline of the entire soap genre itself to the point that there are only 4 on the air) probably gave management a reason to move Y&R to its in-pattern network time….. It’s probably the same reason WAFB in Baton Rouge moved Y&R from afternoons back to its in-pattern time of 11a (Central Time) a couple of years ago; in their case, the show had aired in the afternoon since the late ‘80s!
  13. You're forgetting Gray (they own WXIX), so it's actually a 4-way battle. I see your point about Cincinnati & Nexstar, though......
  14. KTRK has never aired Wheel; they do air Jeopardy!, though…..
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