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  1. I don't see anything here that's bothersome...... What's wrong with these graphics, though?
  2. Come on now! I actually like this 5! The logos for KALB in Alexandria, LA (which is now a Gray-owned station) in the 70s were uglier!
  3. Brian Williams was anchoring Nightly News from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan when this happened in '08 (info from Vanderbilt News Archive).....
  4. There's also Robin Read at WDBJ in Roanoke, VA. He has been meteorologist there for almost 40 years, but he currently anchors the 6p news as well (he took over as anchor after Chris Hurst left to make a successful run for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates; Hurst was dating Alison Parker when she and Adam Ward were shot to death live on WDBJ in August of 2015). Here is the 2017 story announcing the move: https://godanriver.com/news/state/reed-moving-over-to-wdbjs-co-anchor-chair-as-hurst-departs-for-political-career/article_e90001bc-05d1-5b61-841b-5d68d2fd1aa2.html
  5. That's not nearly as bad as when the Season 12 finale of Dallas (in 1989) was interrupted twice, first by the declaration of martial law in Beijing, then by live video of officials with the Chinese government ordering the CBS crew to leave the hotel where they were staying (they had been there for the visit of then-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to China; the pro-democracy demonstrations there really started to take off around that time). In this case, CBS considered rerunning the episode, but chose not to, although they did air a short 3-minute recap of the episode before airing a scheduled movie in Dallas' time slot the very next week (at that time, CBS aired movies on Fridays during the summer when Dallas & Falcon Crest did not air). On the other hand, in the example of CSI:NY, the network rebroadcast the episode in full two nights later. FWIW, I did get a chance to see the Dallas episode in question on DVD years later, and it clearly was not one of the show's best episodes or season finales, although it was notable for being Linda Gray's final episode as Sue Ellen Ewing....
  6. This also means the end of WPIX’s reporters being featured on Newsy’s programming (Newsy is owned by Scripps). But, this also opens the door for the station’s reporters to appear on News Nation on WGN America (it’s not likely they would appear on the program until after the sale of WPIX to Mission goes through, however)...
  7. I just saw an advertisement for News Nation on KLFY. With that said, I wonder how many other Nexstar stations are running advertisements for the program. If News Nation promos are running on the company’s stations, I wouldn’t be surprised if they also advertise for it on Antenna TV, also, since Nexstar owns it. (If so, I wonder if this would be an issue for stations not owned by Nexstar that have Antenna TV...)
  8. To me, Fox and golf did not mesh well; golf tends to have a quiet and serene atmosphere, and for some reason, it just didn't fit Fox at all. As for Joe Buck, he was OK calling golf, but he's no Jim Nantz or Pat Summerall (two of the all-time best commentators when it comes to golf). I think Fox's preference is more towards sports with aggressive competition, e.g., NASCAR, college football, MLB, and of course, the NFL.....
  9. What did you not like about Reena?
  10. What do you mean by that? Is there some kind of beef you have with Giant Octopus, or do you have any kind of beef with KTBS in general? Or are you just not a fan of these graphics at all? So far, I don't see anything wrong with them....
  11. I like ABC World News Midday better. I think this would be the first attempt at a national long-form midday newscast here in the United States. I know the other ABC in Australia has a midday newscast, and I know the BBC has a midday newscast as well in the UK...... It's worth noting that just like Nightline came in the midst of the Iran hostage crisis, What You Need to Know came in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic (although in What You Need to Know's case, it replaced an hour already produced by ABC News [Strahan, Sara, & Keke])....
  12. This could mean one of two things: 1. The 2-hour block of "Judge Judy" which KTAL has from 3-5p (info from TitanTV) could be slid back to 2-4p, with an opening for a possible 4p newscast 2. The station could have a new hour-long program in the afternoon (or double runs of an existing half-hour show debuting on KTAL's air), cutting the "Judge Judy" block down to one hour, and again, a possible 4p newscast could air I know I'm just theorizing, but being that a lot of stations are going with local newscasts at 4p (regardless of time zone), such a possible move would make sense.......
  13. Not familiar with the abbreviation MSR; what does that mean?
  14. The program is back in the CBS Broadcast Center as of this morning (with a number of changes in regards to anchor location & safety)....https://www.newscaststudio.com/2020/06/22/cbs-this-morning-returns-studio-57/
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