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  1. I agree. Both the colors and the size of the letters in the graphics are just not pleasing to the eye (the human eye, that is).......
  2. For the Lafayette, LA market: --KATC: no changes, with the only exception being the new Jay Leno-hosted You Bet Your Life at 1:05am (there is another run on KATC 3.2 [CW] at 1p) --KLFY: no changes (and they're airing reruns of Judge Judy at 3p, too) --KADN: no changes so far, but Young Sheldon reruns do start two weeks from today at 5p as per youngsheldonweeknights.com (that is the only change I know of; there should be more if I see an updated lineup for the 27th tomorrow because as of now, Zap2it only goes to the 26th) --KLAF: no changes thus far UPDATE: Young
  3. Wait, Daytime Jeopardy!'s episodes were from the previous season? I always thought they were from the current season or at least several weeks prior (I know Weekend Wheel of Fortune's episodes are always from the previous season)..... I've always wondered this: when it comes to double-runs of syndicated shows, for secondary runs, are there any reasons certain episodes are picked? Is it because some episodes won't hold viewers' interest, is it because someone does or says something on air that might run the risk of either offending viewers, or do those reasons fit under the "we're
  4. My guess is they probably needed authorization (i.e., paperwork) to drop off the fruit basket and cake LOL.... Reminds me of the time David Letterman, during his days at NBC, once tried to bring a fruit basket to GE's headquarters only to be told he needed authorization, and he and his crew were later thrown out of the area by the company's rude security people; this was right around the time GE bought NBC in the mid-'80s On that note, if you watch the Letterman clip on YouTube, right when Dave and his crew start filming near the GE building, you'll see at least 3 or 4
  5. The song that opened up the 10p news on KTLA at the time is "Now That You've Gone" by Chicago (from the album Chicago V; this song, Saturday in the Park, and Dialogue, are three of the best songs on the album, as well as some of Chicago's best songs overall!) Also, aside from his TV work in L.A., Clete Roberts was probably best known nationally for his appearances on M*A*S*H, where he interviewed the members of the 4077th (The Interview and Our Finest Hour are the episodes in question)
  6. KLAF in Lafayette, LA, airs Funny You Should Ask, which is produced by Entertainment Studios, the sister company to Allen Media Broadcasting (which owns KLAF and Fox sister station KADN) For KPLC in Lake Charles, it's a repeat of their 10p news, which, to my knowledge, is the first time that's happened since the late '80s-early '90s (back then, it followed Later with Bob Costas at 1am, and this lasted until the debut of the long since cancelled NBC News Nightside sometime in '91)
  7. Let’s not also forget WTVQ is also the station that hired Erica Bivens not long after she and Chelsea Ambriz were fired after they came to blows in public during their time at WSAZ. (Ambriz, meanwhile, is doing well over at WeatherNation)
  8. As if this wasn’t bad enough....https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/8/10/the-les-nessman-of-news-nation
  9. (reposting reaction here)
  10. Yeah, you're probably right......
  11. All I can say is thank goodness for CBS This Morning!! (Newsy is another worthy alternative, with Alex Livingston doing a wonderful job in mornings on the channel!)
  12. Is it the fact that she has so many hashtags in her tweet, or is it the way the video starts that's troubling you (w/her putting her makeup box down)?

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