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  1. They’re gonna have to put a LOT of work into those websites! That site is so far behind the times, it’s pathetic! Reminds me of when I worked in radio in the 2000s, the AM station I worked at was still using reel-to-reel and cart machines, and using a severely outdated computer system for automation on the FM side! Both stations have since been sold: the AM is now an EWTN Radio affiliate, and the FM is now a country station (one of 4 in the market)!!
  2. No. I believe Mary Hart is enjoying retirement, and had it not been for COVID-19, we would be seeing her this MLB season seated behind home plate at L.A. Dodgers home games, as she has been a presence at their games for years! (I'm guessing she and her husband are Dodgers season ticket holders)
  3. Not to mention a POSSIBLE entry for Nexstar in the Atlanta market, had Tribune kept WGNX (WGCL).....
  4. The website looks fine; they could make the logo a little bit bigger, though....
  5. Being that it's probably going to be an L.A. based show (due to O'Dell and [I'm guessing] Silverstein based there], I can see scrabbleship's point. But then again, Right This Minute, when it first started, solely aired on markets with three different station groups (Cox, Scripps, and the now-defunct Raycom) and it has somehow managed to last nine years, and it originates from Phoenix! (Weird, I know)
  6. I think this may have a shot. If Newsy can succeed with their no-frills, no-bias approach, just the right amount of promotion on WGN America over the summer (and over the internet and through word-of-mouth) may give News Nation a chance.
  7. In that case, I will ask you, TVNewsLover, what are the chances of Colleen Campbell moving to a bigger market than where she is at now (WDTV in Clarksburg, WV) in a few years? Would that viral video from 3 years ago still be a factor in her possibly going to a bigger market, if she decides to??? That infamous quote from her on the CBS Morning News in the mid-‘80s is NOT how Phyllis George would want to be remembered.....
  8. Roly, I am sure you have heard of the case of Colleen Campbell, who was fired from WPHL after going on epic-filled expletive tirade against a Philadelphia police officer that was caught on video. She eventually wound up at WDTV in Clarksburg, WV the next year, and this year will mark two years for her there with thankfully no trouble (she is now chief forecaster on the station's main newscasts). In Campbell's case, what do you think the chances of her moving to a bigger market would be within the next few years, if she wanted to? Do you think that viral video of her would still be a factor, even though it's been 3 years since it happened?
  9. In their case, it was for an ongoing series they do....https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lex18.com/news/state-of-the-commonwealth/lex-18-wins-regional-edward-r-murrow-award-for-state-of-the-commonwealth-series%3f_amp=true
  10. Back on the Scripps discussion: One of their most recent acquisitions (KATC in Lafayette, LA) was just honored with two regional Murrow Awards....https://www.katc.com/news/katc-receives-two-regional-edward-r-murrow-awards-for-the-list
  11. And you're telling us this because......?
  12. Here is the first half of a 1979 broadcast of the 6p news on KLFY in Lafayette, LA! If this is not a great find on YouTube, I don’t know what is! Enjoy:
  13. On the contrary, I’ve been turning increasingly to Newsy throughout the pandemic. They live up to their motto, “Be informed. Not influenced.” They do so in that they present news without having to be loud, aggressive, in-your-face, or by letting emotions get the best of them. Now on the subject of “News Nation,” is it my understanding (at least from what I’m inferring from the posts on this site) that there are some reports throughout the broadcast that may be presented by anchors/reporters from Nexstar stations throughout the country? Let’s hope this is the case; Newsy does the same with Scripps-owned stations throughout the country during one segment of their 7p ET show, “The Why” (as Scripps is Newsy’s parent company).
  14. I think such a change like this can happen when a station is bought by a different group (in this case, Nexstar). HulkieD wrote an excellent post not long after the sale of WKBW in Buffalo to Scripps was announced on some of the changes he predicted would happen once the sale went through, and the process the station goes through when a group wants to make said station operate better (for the benefit of the group and to the station as a whole). It’s in the thread “Granite sells stations to Quincy & Scripps” on this website (not sure if it’s General TV or Corporate Chat), and it’s worth reading. If you can’t find the thread, just Google “tvnewstalk ‘lighthouse closing animation,’” and it should take you to the respective page....
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