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  1. Oh, I don't know. My guess is, based on my interpretation of your response to the fact that Ms. Barrett will be working in Charlotte, either you: a. are not a fan of the decisions she made at KDVR/KWGN, b. met her once and she kind of rubbed you the wrong way, or c. worked under her and were driven bananas by her. That's just my interpretation; I guess I should have thought first before I posted my response....
  2. That pales in comparison to the A&P grocery chain's famous motto of yesteryear (no joke), "We watch our P's & Q's!" (Now that's a motto a certain Scripps-owned station in the Big Apple could adopt LOL...)
  3. KTXA did have a prime time newscast starting when they went back to being an independent in 2006 up until 2011. It started as a 2 hour broadcast before eventually being cut to one hour (it was cancelled soon after).
  4. Something weird occurring on KLFY in Lafayette, LA again: They are running the new Nexstar close, but mentioned in the background are cities/towns in the Nashville, TN viewing area. Should be for WKRN in Nashville (WKRN & KLFY are longtime sister stations going back to the Young Broadcasting days)... Anyway, here is a screenshot (I didn’t take the photo this way; somehow that’s how it came out after I uploaded it, and you’ll also have to zoom in closely to look at the cities in question).....
  5. Not sure how this happened, but KLFY in Lafayette used the 2017-19 Nexstar animation to close their 5p news (it does have the 2020 copyright, BTW). Does any other Nexstar market (including the former Tribune ststions) have this close as of today??
  6. A horrible loss for not just the McCord and Ensminger families, but for WDSU, Cox Sports Television, the New Orleans Saints, the New Orleans Pelicans, and all of her colleagues in every entity she worked at. She was amazing at what she did. A horrible loss for the Louisiana sports world, and sports reporting in general.
  7. I won't go so far as to say it's one of the worst, but as I've said a few times, this package sounds more like it is for Newsy. I see your point about this package for broadcast stations, though.....
  8. I agree. BTW, Jacques Doucet, WAFB’s weekend sports anchor (and who has covered LSU sports up close in some form since he joined WAFB in 2001!), was in New York covering the Heisman ceremony and the awarding of the Heisman to Joe Burrow....
  9. More than likely, no. I don't think CBS would like the idea of having no news on an affiliate in market #28. Now, on the other hand, Nexstar does have WGNO in New Orleans, which has its well-documented issues. But I think WGNO's affiliation contract with ABC requires them to have local newscasts, whereas when KDNL in St. Louis (owned by Sinclair) closed their news department in 2001, their affiliation agreement with ABC didn't have such a requirement (and I don't believe it has one to this day).....
  10. Actually, they have no syndicated programming during the day, with the exception of "Funny You Should Ask" in overnights (this is according to TitanTV's schedule for WBTV). Other than CBS programming & "Funny You Should Ask", everything else during WBTV's broadcast day is locally produced (newscasts and talk/lifestyle shows)......
  11. No question about WJZY & Nexstar for Charlotte. In New Orleans, on the other hand, the success story would be bigger for Nexstar if they can make WGNO into a success, and 26 somehow surpasses WDSU (and/or WWL, if Channel 4 continues to fall further than they are now).....
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