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  1. Actually, they have no syndicated programming during the day, with the exception of "Funny You Should Ask" in overnights (this is according to TitanTV's schedule for WBTV). Other than CBS programming & "Funny You Should Ask", everything else during WBTV's broadcast day is locally produced (newscasts and talk/lifestyle shows)......
  2. No question about WJZY & Nexstar for Charlotte. In New Orleans, on the other hand, the success story would be bigger for Nexstar if they can make WGNO into a success, and 26 somehow surpasses WDSU (and/or WWL, if Channel 4 continues to fall further than they are now).....
  3. Geez, that was fast! How long do you think it might be before WAAY, WTVA, and all the other soon-to-be-former Heartland Media stations will have the Allen Media Broadcasting copyright at the end of their newscasts?
  4. Very true..... BTW, since you brought up Office 365, I do have a tech question I would like to ask (however corny it may sound): When your station was owned by Tribune, did they make you fill out your time sheets electronically, or were they making employees fill out time sheets in paper form? I ask because when I was working at KADN (when it was owned by ComCorp) we had to fill out our time sheets on paper, and also, we had to put the time of our shifts in military time (e.g., 1500 to 2300 [3p-11p]), if you can believe that! (I can only go by my experience at KADN; I don't know how many, or if any, other ComCorp stations used paper time sheets.) After the sale to Nexstar, their manner of having employees filling out time sheets electronically (which I'm assuming is at every one of their stations) was a huge improvement!
  5. He is a contributor to both the Huffington Post and New York magazine.....
  6. Oh, OK. Never thought of that......
  7. I think it's actually the Nightline set (based on the backdrop looking like Times Square during the evening)......
  8. My guess is (and it is possible, but not probable) that KCAL did not receive the episodes of Hot Bench that they were supposed to receive for that day (and it's a CBS-distributed show). Usually, a station would have had a backup episode or two ready to go if that was the case, but I guess KCAL did not, hence the rebroadcast of the noon news......
  9. Just saw it. I know their morning show ends at 10a, so I went to their website to see the Nexstar ID for WGN for the first time (this was preceded by an excellent performance by the cast of Newsies, which is playing at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, IL)... Funny fact: Berwyn is on the list of cities in the WGN viewing area that is listed in Nexstar's closing ID for the station! (I guess there are people at Nexstar that are fans of Svengoolie LOL)..... "BERWYN?!"
  10. Wow. So once the sale closes, TheRob, do you think the Nexstar closing animation/ID will appear on your station the next day, or do you think it will appear first on the evening/primetime newscast on the day the sale closes (assuming one of the anchors mentions it that day)???
  11. J1975am

    The "3" Thread

    KALB in Alexandria, LA, had a similar logo in the late 70s, although theirs was either drawn or designed rather poorly.....
  12. In the Lafayette, LA, area: KATC: --Kelly Clarkson's show airs at 2p, replacing Wendy Williams KLFY: --no changes, other than the cancellation of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" KADN: --Justice w/Judge Mablean replaces Divorce Court at 11a (which moves to MyAcadianaTV; see below); Funny You Should Ask airs at 4p, replacing Face the Truth; Comics Unleashed airs at 10:30p, replacing a run of DailyMailTV KLAF: --Dateline stays at 11a; The Doctors airs at 2p, Tamron Hall's show follows at 3, and then Access Live airs at 4, with Access (the main show) remaining at 6:30p MyAcadianaTV: --I'll give the full schedule, being there's a lot of changes: Pawn Stars (2x) at 7a, Impractical Jokers (2x) at 8a, Right This Minute at 9a (with another run at 12:30p on KLAF), Caught in Providence at 9:30a, Chicago P.D. moving to 10a (from 2p), Forensic Files (2x) at 11a, Protection Court (2x) at noon, Divorce Court (2x & moving from KADN) at 1p, Paternity Court (2x and moving from 5p), America's Court (2x) at 3p, The People's Court at 4p (with another run on KADN at noon), TMZ Live at 5p (moving from KLAF), Dish Nation at 6p & TMZ at 6:30p, MyNetworkTV at 7p, Last Man Standing (2x) at 9p, How I Met Your Mother (2x) at 10p, Mom at 11p Yes, 3 Byron Allen-produced programs get prime daily spots on a Fox affiliate's schedule (and Allen's company owns KADN/KLAF/MyAcadianaTV)!!
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