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  1. I never understood that. Either Rosana didn't want it or Bianca had a really good agent.
  2. So, it turns out that she's pregnant. Not sure if it's the main reason for her switching jobs (I'm sure that better hours probably factored in), but I know from having chatted online with another rFox5 reporter who had a child not long ago that they (or maybe their union contract) does not have a generous maternity leave (apparently Fox News is much better). I'm sure that NYC has a much better policy.
  3. She ended up in Atlanta. Her IG now says "@wsbtv Anchor-Reporter "
  4. Care to go back and see what he said when Brittany joined the station? He's not going to be able to say if someone is leaving, so that's really the only answer that he can give. But we'll see. PIX11 does morning news until 11am and Chris Cimino is the co-host of the 10-11am show. In fact, he wasn't even on the early news today, but was on the 10am show.
  5. And Lee Goldberg just posted a welcome to Dani Beckstorm, whose FB page says that she's joining WABC from Las Vegas. As when Brittany joined and Amy subsequently left, odds are that someone will be leaving in the next few months.
  6. Update -- he was back last night.
  7. Kayla Mamalak posted on social media that she is leaving WNYW (and TV news in general) to become deputy press secretary for Mayor Adams.
  8. Jennifer Bisram posted a farewell to PIX11 on IG and said that she's taking the summer off but will be back elsewhere. Related to Candace McCowan leaving WABC and their needing a replacement? Of course, there have apparently been a bunch of News12 folks who quit recently and would be candidates to replace both.
  9. Kirstin Cole posted a farewell and said that she was moving closer to her family.
  10. I hate spunk! (Sorry, I just had to)
  11. Does anyone know where Arthur Chi’en has been? He hasn't been anchoring the weekend news for several weeks now. They have reporters taking his place. You seem to be a big fan of hers. Seems like she'd be looking for a weather job since she recently got her meteorology degree.
  12. The 10-11am show that Chris Cimino alluded to when he was hired begins on Monday. Here's what he posted on FB. Unfortunately our on air announcement today was preempted by breaking news but here’s what we wanted to tell you…. We've got news! ! New York Living is a lifestyle show that celebrates the food, fashion, people, and secrets of New York City. The new show airs on PIX11 TV from 10-11 a.m. Monday through Friday. @marysolcastrotv and @chrisciminoweather will be hosting this daily show to offer you a break from the day-to-day hustle of the city by sharing humorous, inspiring, and uplifting stories. We will also be joined by @benaarontv, @theojinika @alexleemedia & @starharveywx. See you Monday morning on TV at 10AM.
  13. Indeed, she did start anchoring this morning.
  14. I wonder if she'll be joining the morning news? Katie Corrado just posted that she's moving to the 10pm news starting next week.
  15. David and Natalie anchoring together tonight for what seems like the first time in weeks, if not months. Not sure if anyone here noticed, but last Friday's 4:00am TINY went on seven minutes late. They kept showing station promos until then, and they did not acknowledge the delay when they went on the air.
  16. If they edited it, it would have been much shorter than it needs to be. I wonder who is taping these, whether they send a crew or if a family member is recording it. He's doing it in his living room, it seems.
  17. Does anyone else watch Saturday Today in New York? They really need to get someone to do the produce segment with Produce Pete. I used to love watching him, but the episodes he is doing from home are getting painful to watch. In this week's segment about broccolini, he repeated the same thing multiple times. He doesn't seem to have a script and just rambles. If he doesn't want to go back to the studio, then Pat Battle or Jen Maxfield should go over and record segments with him, since they both live in NJ and have worked well with him in the studio. Or they should just get him to have a script and stick to it.
  18. Stephanie Bertini just joined Fox5. She's from Canada but has been in Florida for the past several years. Here's a story about her from 2021. Broadcast Journalist Stephanie Bertini: From Toronto to Miami to the National Stage | Inspicio (fiu.edu)
  19. That seemed odd given the new alert level in NYC.
  20. WABC has an oddity going on right now. I heard a sports game (basketball, I guess) being broadcast at the same time as their evening newscast. Very weird. Just stopped. But it went on for a couple of minutes, started during commercials.
  21. Yes, I was going to mention this. Morning anchor Michael Garguilo was there for WNBC. Not sure how their reports differed.
  22. Yes, that's too bad, I always liked her. I wouldn't be surprised if her leaving is why Kiran was hired.
  23. Thanks. I was wondering whose newscast that was.
  24. Kiran Dhllon has joined WPIX from WCBS. She was on the PIX11 Weekend Morning News today.
  25. Every day, it seems. Normal image first in the 5:30-ish time, then the half size with huge map around 5:46. Check it out today.
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