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  1. I was coming here to post that Joelle Garguilo was leaving WNBC/Today with Hoda and Jenna/E! News and I wondered if she was going to be replacing Sandy, since I couldn't see her leaving those jobbs for anything else. Then I found this article, dated today. Joelle Garguilo Joins WABC-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News New York as an Entertainment Reporter - (laughingplace.com) BTW, here's an interesting article about her from the SUNY Albany magazine (she's a graduate). UAlbany Magazine - University at Albany - SUNY
  2. Bill Ritter doing the Sunday 11pm news tonight. He wasn't on at 6. Can't be because of high viewership, since ABC didn't have the Super Bowl. I'm assuming that WCBS will have their regular weekday crew when their news finally comes on (update - they are).
  3. I always used to enjoy The Debrief where he'd go around the newsroom talking to different reporters about their stories. Is this the same format? I guess I'll record tomorrow morning's 10am TINY and see.
  4. Did anyone watch the streaming to see if they ran it? I didn't see any mention of it when they signed off just before 7am. They did start at 4:30, but made no mention of the later start time. And amusingly, WABC started their news at 4am on Tuesday because of the weather.
  5. Today in New York at 7 a.m. — Watch Live Coverage From NBC 4 New York on the NBC New York app and streaming channel – NBC New York I do not intend to be watching live :). And their own schedule also shows the broadcast show starting at 4:30 starting tomorrow. WATCH LIVE: News 4 New York - NBC New York And the ad in the 11pm news says 4:30-7. Have yet to see anything advertising the streaming portion.
  6. Rana said they were starting at 4am Monday on the Sunday 11pm news, so either an old script, or the program guide is wrong. I can't see them making the change mid-week. Will have to check the DVR, since I certainly will not be up at 4am to check live!
  7. Did you check Tuesday and after? It's Early Today at 4am.
  8. Unless the program guide on FiOS is wrong, they're dropping the 4-4:30am segment of Today in New York and will start at 4:30 like everyone else (except WPIX). It shows up for Monday (probably an error), but is showing Early Today after that.
  9. They've switched the 6-7am hour back to the early morning anchors, and Dan and Hazel are now only doing 7-10.
  10. Update - Stacey-Ann was back on Monday and Star says on IG that she'll be back this weekend.
  11. I wonder if he will co-host all three hours instead of the two that Bianca was doing? Always seemed odd that she did not do the third hour, but maybe it said something about how Rosanna or the brass felt about her (but if so, why would they have promoted her to that spot)?
  12. They seem to be short a couple of meteorologists. Stacey-Ann Gooden's sister passed away so she's been out, and Star Harvey seems to be MIA (posting occasionally on IG, night be out in LA). Byron Miranda is working weekends, and Chris Cimino has had to go back to the early morning.
  13. I guess it allowed John to work closer to home for the day.
  14. Exactly what I was coming to say. Teresa has been screwed over more than once there. And I don't see Bianca as an evening anchor type. Very odd. That said. I learned about this change from Teresa's IG story feed.
  15. WNBC didn't even have anyone for the Today local news breaks at ~25 and ~55. GDNY actually had their regular traffic reporter Ines Rosales in, which seemed really strange. Seems like they could do without a traffic report at 5am on Christmas Day when few people are watching. Maybe she gets paid extra for working holidays? Mike Woods (weather) was also in, but you need someone to do that.
  16. Well, her versatility of being able to report as well as do weather makes her more valuable, I suppose. She posted a screenshot of her reporting a story this week.
  17. Is she, though? Raegan posted that her "#CommercialBreak OFFICIALLY OVER" (that's what she had been calling her time away from TV). If it was just a temporary gig, I don't think she would have worded it that way. I hadn't noticed this reply before mine, but I absolutely agree.
  18. Did CBS have some sort of buyout or retirement incentive? Lisa Rozner just posted that nine people from CBS2 were retiring. Four photojournalists, director, editor and three from engineering.
  19. Don't see this posted here, but Arnold Diaz recently passed away. Arnold Diaz, TV Reporter Whose Beat Was to Shame, Is Dead at 74 - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  20. Her LinkedIn shows that she is "open to work" and doesn't have any current plans. I'm not sure where I'll be on the "other side of this commercial break"...but for the time being, I'll still be available on social media, consistently checking-in with all of my INCREDIBLE fan-friends!
  21. David Ushery is co-anchoring the 11pm Saturday news, presumably because of the situation in Israel. He wasn't there at 6pm.
  22. Did not realize that Raegan was on TWC as I don't get it. John Elliot isn't exactly a low-key personality, either. But I do like him. As for Craig Allen, when he posted that he was coming back, I think he said that it was temporary. On a different topic, Andrea Grymes is back on the weekend morning news, but posted that she is just working that for now. Staying home with her three kids on weekdays.
  23. I can't see Megan moving back for a weekend morning slot. Not clear that she would at all, but it would be great. I could see Raegan getting the weekend morning slot. But remember that they already dumped John from the weekday morning slot when they gave it to Elise. Does her unfortunate death change their mind, or is he just there temporarily? I would be surprised for Raegan to get the weekday slot, so they would probably look for someone else. Also, while Craig Allen is great, I think that's just temporary.
  24. Any word yet on who's going to replace Elise Finch? Raegan Medgie from FOX5 posted that she's leaving the station after today. She got her meteorology degree a year or so ago. Personally, I'd love it if they could convince Megan Glaros to come back. The folks in Chicago got rid of her during a purge a few years ago. She does not appear to be working (at least not regularly) based on her IG account.
  25. Well, WCBS needs a meteorologist... Separately, Michelle Ross moved from PIX11 to FOX5.
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