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  1. Kala Rama returned from maternity leave on Thursday and anchored the early morning show. Still don't understand why they got rid of her from that show.
  2. They thought it was going to be an important enough event for them to schedule the news to begin early, and showed a graphic that included him. Lee is reporting from vacation. I don't really care one way or the other, Jeff is a fine substitute for Sam. It just seemed odd that their normal meteorologist would not change his plans to be there, whether he was scheduled to work or not. I think he had worked a Friday a week or two ago. Also, worth pointing out that Liugrad2020 had said "It may be Sam because of the Tropical Storm that’s expected tomorrow morning" when I wondered who would be work
  3. Lee was live from somewhere outside of Boston (where he was obviously vacationing) during the 6am hour. And the meteorologists in the studio were Jeff and Brittany, although she was just doing some secondary stuff. I figured Amy would not be there given that she's doing 4pm weather for Lee. And Sam took Friday off, as usual, which was a bit surprising.
  4. What fun is that? Yes, and they are starting early at 4am.
  5. You're talking about Sam, I assume? Monday was a pseudo-holiday, I figured he'd be off. We'll see who works Friday. Don't think it will be Amy, unless she returns from out west today.
  6. Really? Amy is very active on Instagram, and she never posts from the studio when she is not on air. Yes, they do work as backup when there is a big storm, but you will generally see them on air at some point.
  7. They showed Brittany during the 11pm show tonight. Apparently she was on the web coverage during the storms earlier (although I could be wrong, wasn't paying that close attention). Was surprised to see Sam on all week (so far). Amy is on vacation (again) in the west, so we may see Brittany on Friday morning. Update -- they had her on the 5pm newscast on Wednesday. Sade said something about being good to have a woman meteorologist. Maybe I misunderstood, but she must have forgotten about Amy.
  8. They have reporters they could bring in to co-anchor if they felt it was necessary to have two people. Jen Maxfield did at least one 4pm broadcast this past week according to her IG. They have not been using a replacement co-anchor on TINY recently, either. Maybe still limiting due to Covid-19? They do bring in Emily West to sub for Lauren on traffic during her frequent days off, so obviously not a concern there. But it's more important to have someone doing traffic than it is to have a second anchor.
  9. I do not claim to know how things work, but don't they have a weather producer who handles stuff like that? And it's not like she didn't already work at WABC for several months while Amy was out so she must have some familiarity with how things work. Can't imagine that she would post that she's starting at her new station on Monday if she was not going to be on the air. Makes perfect sense that she would be since it's a pseudo-holiday. PS we didn't really need to see images of her tweets, which were a PITA to remove when quoting your post.
  10. Natalie needs to try using one so she's not a foot shorter than her male co-anchors, especially Adam.
  11. They probably always have someone they're looking at as a replacement if a spot opens up, no?
  12. If you are referring to someone different doing weather at noon vs. the morning shows, I agree. Either Amy, or Brittany. Maybe they also do the 4pm show and Lee gets to start at 5?
  13. Hopefully not Amy. It hasn't been announced (at least not that I've seen), but if you follow her Instagram, there have been hints that she was recently re-married (one post going to Las Vegas had the tag #honeymoon) and she has posted photos with a guy with his own family (who were in the aforementioned post) and her kids, sort of a Brady Bunch situation.
  14. On a related topic, WABC is hiring Brittney Bell from NC. It's not yet clear if any of their current meteorologists are leaving (I certainly hope it's not Amy Freeze). If Sam were leaving, that would make sense. North Carolina Meteorologist Moves to ABC Flagship Station | TVSpy (adweek.com)
  15. I think that Greg has done enough at Newsmax to make himself toxic at any normal (call it mainstream if you insist) outlet. At least, I hope that is the case. And I really liked him on GDNY.

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