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  1. You win. Per her IG, Gilma Avalos will be co-anchoring 11am and 5pm with Adam. Rana Novini will be taking over weekends.
  2. Went to WCBS. Mentioned in their thread, but not here. She was on this weekend (maybe before, I rarely watch WCBs during the week).
  3. Audrey at noon the majority of days, and then either Mike or Reagan the others.
  4. Mike Woods has been out recovering from back surgery. Reagan had been doing GDNY, but they've brought in Cheryl Nelson (whose IG says that she's a freelance meteorologist) and the video she posted said that she'll be there for a few months, so I guess Mike is going to be out for a while longer. Update -- corrected the name.
  5. So Vanessa Freeman is apparently pregnant and will probably be going on maternity soon. Rebecca Soloman showed the two of them together on her last day there before her maternity leave.
  6. Maybe they'll start doing a late Sunday sports show like CBS2 (for the Jets), NBC4 and FOX5 already do? Do any local ABC stations do that? That's also a big reason why the regular sports anchor works on Sunday there. Seems a little odd to make the change after the local football season is over.
  7. They had Natasha Verma in to anchor the 5pm news on Saturday before the Giants game. Arthur Chi'en anchored the news after the game. And it seems like Theresa Priolo is the official 6pm anchor now.
  8. Or just wishful thinking that it was still him instead of Bruce Beck.
  9. ABC is showing five straight basketball games starting at noon on Christmas Day with no news breaks. So the newsroom gets the day off after the early morning broadcasts. That's one way to avoid having to get people to work on the holliday.
  10. Seems like they didn't do their usual singing in front of the Rock Center Prometheus this year. Instead, they have a bunch of kids from Queens singing. Disappoiting.
  11. There was a fire in 30 Rock this morning, sometime between 4:30 and 6:30am. I recorded TINY at 6:30, and they started with the NBC Early Today show, but then Michael Gargiulo came back on and said that there had been a fire alarm that went off elsewhere in the building, and they had to be evacuated.
  12. She left several years ago to host the NJ version of Restaurant Hunter on FiOS1 News. I loved the Westchester County version of that show, the one thing I really missed when the channel folded.
  13. And today she posted on IG that she is full time at CBS2.
  14. I suspect that the News12 spot was just a quick fill-in spot before moving to WCBS. Or else things quickly soured, and she had another offer that she had initially turned down.
  15. Perhaps, but she did say "Happy to be back", and when Bruce Beck said "how did I miss this", Sibila responded "You're next! I'm coming for you Bubba!". So it doesn't seem like it was just some random visit. She also liked a comment that said "please please tell me that you're coming back". Time will tell.
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