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  1. “As a result, News 12 devoted more than 200 hours, including significant amounts of executive management time, to the process of securing coverage for McDonough’s sudden and unexpected absence,” and paid “premium compensation” to cover his on-air shifts, according to the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages." Oh, boo hoo hoo. Station execs actually had to do some work?
  2. But apparently only starting on Tuesday per her Twitter.
  3. That explains the head shots she recently posted that she had taken for the first time. Good for her.
  4. Bianca wasn't on for the 6am hour this week, but she still wasn't anchoring with Rosanna in the 9-10. She did have a feature segment in that hour today. Not sure what's going on.
  5. So obviously I was incorrect in my thinking that Alice was moving to the network. She just posted that it was her ninth anniversary at WCBS.
  6. Well, Monday morning should be interesting, with Chris Cimino starting and possibly Vanessa returning, and the snow being forecast. And will we have a new traffic reporter finally?
  7. Not sure what your reference to "down the block" is, since WNBC is at 50th and 6th, so nowhere near WPIX.
  8. Chris posted on FB that he'll be doing weather from 4-6am and lifestyle reporting from 10-11. No word on who's doing traffic.
  9. Some clown replied to Jill's FB post today, accusing her of leaving early and not being on the air to report about today's major traffic mess. Jill replied that she has a full-time job and is only doing WPIX as a favor. Interestingly, he accused her of leaving at 8:15, but she said that she leaves at 7:15. Very odd.
  10. I check LinkedIn and social media to see if the folks have updated their position info there.
  11. No, was never announced as the replacement. And she hasn't changed anything online. Maybe just an extended trial or simply a fill in when Emily wasn't available. But she hasn't been announced as the replacement, either. Alex Lee is changing jobs, so maybe it's going to be her.
  12. So, just when it seemed like Adelle Caballero was the permanent traffic replacement, we have Emily West this week with no mention of filling in for Adelle.
  13. That voice sounds almost digitized, although it is excellent quality if it is.
  14. A friend just posted on Chris Cimino's FB page that he will be doing morning weather on WPIX starting 1/17. Not sure if that will be the entire morning, or just the early morning, or what. Wishing my good friend Chris Cimino much success on his new meteorology gig at WPIX starting January 17th after a relatively short hiatus from morning TV - tune in for your morning weather update!! I’m looking forward to it!! That's actually her stage name. Her real last name is Leberfinger. Alexandra Leberfinger (Alex Lee) | LinkedIn And her Linkedin photo is tagged #opentowork, so I guess she was (is?) looking for a job. Job titles Anchor · Reporter · Co Host · Host · On Air Personality Job locations (On-site) New York City Metropolitan Area Start date Immediately, I’m actively applying Job types Full-time · Contract · Part-time
  15. Brittany Bell did the weather from home on Friday.
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