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  1. Very much doubt WGHP wants ABC back. Their brand is (or was, last time I watched them) based around being able to do local news when the others aren’t.
  2. WITN has placed ads on it in the past. It’s an electronic billboard so they would run a 3 day forecast, headline, and even election results on election nights. I don’t know how recently they did business with the billboard owner. Bet they won’t anymore!!
  3. 7 & 9 brand with their call letters and 12 uses them frequently (their website is just the calls). I don’t live far from this billboard. I’m embarrassed it’s making its way around the internet and I’m sad for the 20-somethings that make up most of the MMJs here who got their first job out of college and now see this. Also, 12 is owned by Sinclair. Someone didn’t do their research.
  4. WRAL rarely uses the peacock. It appears in promos and bumps, never during news. When it does appear it is just placed beside the big 5, not integrated in any way. The news is branded as “WRAL News” but the television station itself still identifies with the 5.
  5. And WSOC isn't in South Carolina. I mean, the market has 4 SC counties, but still, the vast majority is in NC.
  6. https://wcti12.com/news/local/meet-the-new-newschannel-12-evening-news-anchor Frank Fraboni has left WLOS/Asheville to become the new evening anchor at WCTI/New Bern-Greenville. Both stations are owned by Sinclair.
  7. Massive fail - as is expected - from WNCT, WITN, and WCTI in eastern NC. No on air coverage coverage of large protests in Greenville with property damage occurring. WNCT just lead 10:00 news with a live shot FROM THEIR PARKING LOT! Reporter said that they are following Greenville Police's request to stay out of downtown. That's not how news works.
  8. WRAL has had one for years at the transmitter site.
  9. That was awesome. Nexstar has run such crap over the years that I’m not sure ‘ol Perry knew what to do with actual personalities. Please oh please don’t screw up WGN!!
  10. They were very careful never to say that Brad Johansen would directly replace Crabtree. He was obviously hired to fill a vacancy that would be left by Crabtree leaving, but I was under the impression that Gerald Owens might move up to 6p and Johansen would be the 4p/5:30p/late night anchor. When Jeff Hogan was hired it was said from the start that he would replace Bill Leslie, but the same has not been said of Brad that I recall.
  11. Spectrum News in N.C. (née News 14 Carolina) is still on channel 14.
  12. https://www.wral.com/david-crabtree-delays-retirement-will-stay-at-wral-through-2020/17976679/ David Crabtree is postponing his retirement from WRAL for another couple years.
  13. It isn’t the tone but rather the “duck farts” that precede and succeed the tone and message. They are what activate the EAS on stations down the line. There would not have been a problem with KFMB airing a video of a phone going off today.
  14. That isn't a bad logo. I kind of like it.
  15. The North Carolina Spectrum News (née TWC News14 Carolina) runs a different feed for each market, but it’s all anchored out of the same studio in Charlotte I believe. They do have local stories relevant to each region, plus localized weather and traffic. Don’t see any reason why they couldn’t do something similar in Wisconsin.
  16. In that case I’d like a Carlos Amezcua and Barbara Beck podcast please... Mark Kriski too for good measure.
  17. That one has actually been at the transmitter for several years. They saved the larger one (still with red and blue N) that was on the building itself.
  18. It's never existed without Raycom's sponsorship so I assume they were instrumental in getting it going in the first place. Almost all of the ads during the game were for either Montgomery tourism or RTJ Golf Trail.
  19. Raycom has sponsored a FBS bowl game in Montgomery called the Camellia Bowl since 2014. Wonder what will become of this? Not sure if they are in an existing long-term contract for the naming rights.
  20. Raycom Sports may die after the coming season as the ACC moves to its own ESPN-produced network. I’m not sure what else they do besides ACC basketball and football games.
  21. I doubt it is possible for Gray to crater WIS/Columbia any more than Raycom has already done. Raycom is also cheap cheap cheap. Some of these stations won’t see any change. They did value WBTV though and I worry about that under Gray.
  22. News before heading out to catch the early bird special for dinner.
  23. Using a Gmail address on air seems really unprofessional, even worse for market #2.

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