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  1. I like the logo. It's unique and perfect for an app icon. And I assume that's what they were going for.
  2. https://www.wcnc.com/article/news/local/helicopter-crash-interstate-77-charlotte-north-carolina/275-516aeaad-01d0-4227-a87c-9523e5ace28a FlightAware data leads me to believe it is WBTV’s chopper that crashed. They haven’t said yet at the time of this posting.
  3. The Disney channels are back on Dish. That was a very short lived dispute by Dish standards.
  4. Only the eight O&O markets are affected as far as ABC.
  5. I've been a Dish subscriber for many years but I think I'm about done. IMO Dish is playing with fire here and getting a lot of customers that otherwise may have just stayed customers out of momentum to explore streaming services.
  6. Yes they did. News is done from the old channel 47 building on Cushman Drive.
  7. The overall presentation makes me think they use WTVD as a template. The set is new I guess. They just moved to a new building - the old WZRB building - but I don’t know if they took the old set with them or built something new.
  8. WITN is launching a 3pm newscast called “ENC at Three” https://www.witn.com/2022/09/03/eastern-carolinas-only-3pm-show-brings-news-that-matters-you/
  9. I don’t get the hate for that old logo. It’s better than a generic 8.
  10. The blue and white floating/rotating squares remind me of the package WCTI used for 15+ years until Sinclair standardized them.
  11. Apparently there is a contract in television even more ironclad than the one keeping The 700 Club on Freeform: the one Tribune signed to keep In The Heat of the Night on WGNA. WTF Nexstar? Do they just want NewsNation to fail as a news operation?
  12. The Gray looks are so bad that WVUE looks good in comparison. I watched them again recently when tornados came through NOLA. Those ancient Raycom graphics still look better than WBTV does after having been “Gray-ified.”
  13. ImagiComm obviously sees value in programming to geriatrics or else they wouldn’t have positioned INSP the way they have. I don’t think this is purely a spectrum play nor do I think they’re going to wipe out stations they just purchased just to put INSP on the primary sub channel.
  14. A family member of mine frequently watches INSP. If there is any religious content whatsoever I haven’t seen it. It is just a male Lifetime now. If they aren’t airing a western, they’re airing a rerun of something male/macho focused. I’ve even seen what I can only describe as male Lifetime movies.
  15. WTVD hasn’t entirely abandoned this. The graphics are updated but they’ve still got the rapid speed city shots.
  16. https://forums.digitalspy.com/discussion/2216313/bbc-style-upside-down-faders I’ve never heard of this before, every board I’ve seen has been the normal way. The BBC manufactured or commissioned their consoles though so…this could be something only they do. Lots of speculation in that thread on why.
  17. I loved the KCBS early/mid-2000s look. I believe KCNC had it too. Probably my favorite music package as well. I’m not sure how I feel about KCBS using a soft lens on all the studio cams but it absolutely matched the graphics. I was also a fan of KTLA’s 1997-2004 look where everything was a weight of Franklin Gothic. It was simplistic but good. Blue accents at night and orange accents in the morning.
  18. I personally vote for Supercalifragilisticexpialidoppler.
  19. Gray holds a trademark on the “First Alert Weather” branding. It was Raycom’s brand and Gray inherited it and that’s why so many Gray stations have switched to using it. I can’t think of a Gray/CBS overlap market but CBS must be paying Gray for this privilege. https://trademarks.justia.com/789/44/first-alert-78944371.html
  20. The first station having the calls is who controls anyone else getting them. Permission can be granted - and charged for the privilege - by the original station with the calls. Depending, the original station may have to make a license modification. An AM never has a suffix, AMs are always “WXXX”. This allows for a FM, TV, and AM with the same calls. WXXX-FM, WXXX-TV, and WXXX. LPFM always has the -LP suffix. There could be a WXXX-LP owned by a fourth party and all four stations share that same call sign. If there is no AM but there is an FM & TV, one of them can be suffixless. example, in Greenville, NC: WNCT 1070 WNCT-FM 107.9 WNCT-TV 9 They originally had the same owner but all three are owned by separate parties now. another example: WCMC is an AM in Wildwood, NJ and WCMC-FM is in Raleigh, NC (technically Holly Springs licensed) they have never had any relation to one another, so WCMC in Wildwood would have had to give the Raleigh FM permission to use those calls. Let’s hypothetically reverse that last one and say that WCMC existed first on FM in Raleigh, without the -FM suffix. If the AM in Wildwood wanted those calls the Raleigh FM would have had to grant permission, and change their license to have a suffix - becoming WCMC-FM - since an AM never has a suffix.
  21. WCTI is running The National Desk in place of local news. They are actually running local spots and promos in the breaks.
  22. Love this. I miss stations doing these.
  23. That looks amazing! How did they cram all that in there?!
  24. If ratings tank? How much lower can they go?
  25. I’m watching the Tulane/Oklahoma game and the ABC bug is still the old logo. Promos for shows in the bottom right uses the new logo. The bug on the left is the old embossed logo.
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