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  1. WCTI is running The National Desk in place of local news. They are actually running local spots and promos in the breaks.
  2. Love this. I miss stations doing these.
  3. That looks amazing! How did they cram all that in there?!
  4. If ratings tank? How much lower can they go?
  5. I’m watching the Tulane/Oklahoma game and the ABC bug is still the old logo. Promos for shows in the bottom right uses the new logo. The bug on the left is the old embossed logo.
  6. That's new, they had the red Gray graphics up before. Looks pretty nice all things considered.
  7. The only reason I haven't been watching WDSU is lack of their own Roku app (WWL and WVUE have their own) and the NewsOn app wouldn't show their live feed for some reason, just the standard newscast time slots. I need to download the Local Now app; I wasn't aware of it before.
  8. WVUE’s studio is completely offline, I guess their generator failed. The morning team is working out of WAFB.
  9. WVUE lost their generator power and once the batteries went, that was it. There are anchors stationed at WBRC/Birmingham doing coverage for WVUE right now. I went between WVUE (most of my viewing) and WWL (here and there) today. I remember watching WWL during Katrina and how awesome they were. My goodness Tegna has destroyed that station. The product I saw looked like it belongs at least 25 markets down. I was very impressed by WVUE’s reporting team, seemed a lot more mature than WWL.
  10. I’ve long thought that Gray’s group packages look bad, but watching WVUE for hurricane coverage and seeing how much better the Raycom graphics still in use look has made me wonder. What does Gray lack in this department? Their packages look so bland, one dimensional. The font doesn’t look much fancier than Arial. The animations are slow. It doesn’t look much better than what someone can make at home with a video editing package. What’s the deal?
  11. Nice SpringHill Suites. Why’s a TV station in it?
  12. FTVLive reports that Christin Severance and Dan Haggerty are leaving KGW for WRAL. Dan will be an anchor. Wonder if David Crabtree is retiring (for real this time?) and Dan will be his replacement. Christin will join WRAL Investigates and the documentary unit.
  13. Was this even from anyone who genuinely wanted to save this building? When I read the GM’s editorial about this originally the first thought that came to my mind was some media haters playing chess with KMGH.
  14. WITN/Greenville, NC has hired Star Derry from WTTV as their new chief meteorologist. She replaces Matt Engelbrecht who moved to South Bend and WNDU. https://www.witn.com/2021/05/10/meet-witns-new-chief-meteorologist-star-derry/

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