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  1. I saw that WJBF’s current studio used to be a Barnes & Noble.
  2. I think they could switch the music to In-Sink V6 if these gfx go live.
  3. So... the TEGNA graphics have made it to the Susquehanna Valley on August 19th.
  4. Hope WNCN gets to do a CBS Weekend News Newscast. Fingers Crossed...
  5. I was looking for We Got the Touch affiliate IDs, when I stumbled upon this video. It was a Newschannel image campaign for WANE-TV with a We Got the Touch ID at the end, also from WANE-TV back in 1985.
  6. Thank you for telling me that MyNewsArchive. The only thing that was new is that KOLO switched back to Locals Only.
  7. Locals Only has made it back to KOLO after a 4 year absence.
  8. At least WTSP’s logo looks better than this crappy logo.
  9. This is from WTKR’s TV3 year (because the station did this look for just over a year) in March of 1995. With the flashy open that synced with “Global Village” by SAM (which WTKR Commissioned), this is the only news music by Stephen Arnold that I like.
  10. Now I wonder how many people are going to complain about the Tegna graphics on the next Talkback 16?
  11. Dang, end of an era. Here’s radioinsight.com’s version of the story. Here’s the question though: Will the WAAF callsign stay? https://radioinsight.com/headlines/184545/entercom-sells-waaf-boston-to-educational-media-foundation/
  12. In Raleigh-Durham.... WRAL-TV: The Kelly Clarkson Show will air at 11AM on September 9th, replacing the first airing of Dr. Phil, which will still be on at 3PM. WTVD: Tamron Hall airs at 10AM on September 9th, moving Rachel Ray to 2PM, replacing WWTBAM and RightThisMinute WNCN: No changes, only that their Noon newscast is expanding to one hour. WRAZ: 2PM and 3PM slots are to be announced, replacing Face The Truth at 2PM, and STEVE at 3PM WLFL: The Dr. Oz show airs at 9AM, taking the show from WRAZ, replacing The Steve Wilkos Show, which moves back to 10AM, replacing Harry.
  13. So I once again tried an animated gif on TVNT. I gotta say, The spinning CBS eye in the background almost fits the avatar circle completely.

  14. You are not the only one... The steamboat whistle sounding before the open was part of WMC-TV’s history for a long time. Gray should’ve recognized the steamboat relevance to the station.
  15. R.I.P WPLJ New York 1971-2019

    R.I.P WRQX (Mix 107.3) Washington DC 1990-2013; 2015-2019

    R.I.P WZAT (102.1 The Sound) Savannah, GA 2017-2019

    R.I.P. WYAY (Talk 106.7) Atlanta 2012-2019

    R.I.P KFOG Simulcaster KFFG San Jose 1995-2019


  16. A circular profile picture border that can fit a Circle 7? Interesting...


  17. I wonder who would want to merge with them... *cough* *cough* Meredith *cough* *cough*
  18. If they do rebuild the news department, it would be produced by WSYR since WWTI is a semi-satellite of WSYR-TV.
  19. Take a good hard look at this logo... Because Nexstar unveiled a brand new logo for WWTI. What do you think?
  20. Today (May 23rd) marks 70 years since WCAU-TV channel 10 signed on the air in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. To celebrate, here is a WCAU open from 1977.
  21. I like that Scripps brought back WMAR’s 2 that was used from the 1970s-Early 2000s
  22. OrthenetworkcouldcomebacktoitsverybeginingasCNN2whereeveryanchorwastalkingspeedyquicklikethis. Iwouldreallyliketoseetheanchorstalkingnonstopuntiltheyrunoutofbreath.
  23. Yay! CBS North Carolina is gone at last!! I’m guessing new graphics too, also they finally dumped Canvas for CBS Local by SAM.
  24. I wonder how WTVD got on the list? I don’t see anything that Peters communications did for WTVD on NMSA. It could be the WTVD 1979 news theme.
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