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  1. Now I wonder how many people are going to complain about the Tegna graphics on the next Talkback 16?
  2. Dang, end of an era. Here’s radioinsight.com’s version of the story. Here’s the question though: Will the WAAF callsign stay? https://radioinsight.com/headlines/184545/entercom-sells-waaf-boston-to-educational-media-foundation/
  3. Just saw a coming up promo for the Noon news, already in their new set. I bet it’s going to look awesome.
  4. WRAL is getting a new set! It’s set to debut by the end of October. https://www.wral.com/wral-news-look-is-under-construction/18692335/?version=amp
  5. In Raleigh-Durham.... WRAL-TV: The Kelly Clarkson Show will air at 11AM on September 9th, replacing the first airing of Dr. Phil, which will still be on at 3PM. WTVD: Tamron Hall airs at 10AM on September 9th, moving Rachel Ray to 2PM, replacing WWTBAM and RightThisMinute WNCN: No changes, only that their Noon newscast is expanding to one hour. WRAZ: 2PM and 3PM slots are to be announced, replacing Face The Truth at 2PM, and STEVE at 3PM WLFL: The Dr. Oz show airs at 9AM, taking the show from WRAZ, replacing The Steve Wilkos Show, which moves back to 10AM, replacing Harry.
  6. So I once again tried an animated gif on TVNT. I gotta say, The spinning CBS eye in the background almost fits the avatar circle completely.

  7. You are not the only one... The steamboat whistle sounding before the open was part of WMC-TV’s history for a long time. Gray should’ve recognized the steamboat relevance to the station.
  8. R.I.P WPLJ New York 1971-2019

    R.I.P WRQX (Mix 107.3) Washington DC 1990-2013; 2015-2019

    R.I.P WZAT (102.1 The Sound) Savannah, GA 2017-2019

    R.I.P. WYAY (Talk 106.7) Atlanta 2012-2019

    R.I.P KFOG Simulcaster KFFG San Jose 1995-2019


  9. Jack Diamond is going to do the Final hour of Mix 107.3 from 6-7 PM. So you’ll have one last chance to hear Jack Diamond.
  10. Whenever I come to the Susquehanna Valley to see family, I always remembered the unique 27 in WHTM’s logo, but now with the new logo coming, I will remember WHTM by it having the same layout as WNCN. Hope the branding is still ABC27 when the new logo debuts.
  11. A circular profile picture border that can fit a Circle 7? Interesting...


  12. I’m OK guys, I rode out the storm, power flickered a bit. I believe Michael was worse than Florence.
  13. As compared to WTVD, where Meckelenburg county is barely getting covered.
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