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  1. Whenever I come to the Susquehanna Valley to see family, I always remembered the unique 27 in WHTM’s logo, but now with the new logo coming, I will remember WHTM by it having the same layout as WNCN. Hope the branding is still ABC27 when the new logo debuts.
  2. A circular profile picture border that can fit a Circle 7? Interesting...


  3. I’m OK guys, I rode out the storm, power flickered a bit. I believe Michael was worse than Florence.
  4. As compared to WTVD, where Meckelenburg county is barely getting covered.
  5. Also if you look at Pittsburgh (24) and Raleigh-Durham (25), Pittsburgh beat Raleigh-Durham by only 70 viewers.
  6. It has come!!! https://www.nielsen.com/content/dam/corporate/us/en/public%20factsheets/tv/2018-19-dma-ranker.pdf Big Shocker: Houston (7) has jumped up a spot over San Francisco (8)
  7. Florence is now here in Raleigh, I’m safe and haven’t lost power yet, but I think Florence is worse than Matthew back in 2016.
  8. Just looking at the L3s made me think that it is a mashup of the Hearst L3s and WRAL’s current L3s.
  9. As a person They also expanded the Raleigh newsroom as well.
  10. SALE ALERT: Scripps is selling its stations in Boise, Omaha, Knoxville, and Wichita to SummitMedia. https://radioinsight.com/headlines/169977/summitmedia-acquires-scripps-stations-in-knoxville-omaha-springfield-wichita/
  11. As of July 26th, WSHA is now airing K-Love as WRKV.
  12. MORE INFO: Bustos Media will acquire KTGV while Family Life Corporation will acquire KQTH https://radioinsight.com/headlines/169894/lotus-spins-off-kqth-and-ktgv-tucson/
  13. Here is when Boise and Tucson start getting Spanish radio stations. EDIT: More info: Lotus will divest KQTH and KTGV in Tucson in order to meet FCC standards.
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