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  1. Spectrum serves Houston...but only very little of it.
  2. #ComcastBringBackNews24Houston Surley Comcast will listen to it's customers. Surley....
  3. Or do the way WEWS does it. Drop a very popular-ish branding, replace it with some basic branding. While they're at it, use a basic logo. ABC Action News to News 28. Never do a WEWS.
  4. Maybe...or they could make a sneak attack like in 2014 and 2017. R.I.P. Alabama's 13 (2009-2015)
  5. Hearst is a clean fit with Cordllera...plus KSBY will reunite with KSBW... KSBW & KSBY:The Twins Separated at Birth
  6. Nexstar has a few conflict markets with Cordillera...one of them is Billings, but it would be a major upgrade. Q2>ABC6
  7. Maybe Raycom can bu- oh wait. But Cordillera seem like a good fit for Raycom. Possibly the only maket of conflict is Tucson.
  8. I'm from Houston...and I'm supposed to hate the Cowboys. It's just a Houston thing.
  9. Oh, forgot about them....I can't NFL correctly.
  10. I think the closest NFC teams are the Falcons in Atlanta and the Cowgirls in Dallas
  11. Or Spectrum NY may become an independent provider...or maybe not as some companies like to aquire anything and everything. But for some reason if SpNY became independent from Charter, I would want it to take the Dimension Cable or Dimension name.
  12. Looks like a cheap department store logo..
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