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  1. Telemundo 20 is doing 10 day forecasts and just recently NBC San Diego mentioned a 10 day forecast (It was possibly referring to their website.) How accurate has the 10 Day forecast been in other cities where an NBC O&O has a 10 day? http://www.telemundo20.com/el-tiempo/?zipCode=92101
  2. I mean 50% is apparently a continental threat and 60% is an international threat....
  3. KNBC has all the same tech except replace the hummer with a Jeep. That pro master with a Ford Transit Van. That helicopter with a Eurocopter H125. I believe that set is faster than KXAS? Not to mention how many Dopplers they have.
  4. KNTV/KNBC Share their little tonka trucks. However they have all I thought they used the Orange County Doppler that KNBC has...?
  5. That's a modified version of Nobel.
  6. Tgey are also using Nexa Bold which looks very similar to DIN in some ways. Also, I think they used Roboto on some occasions.
  7. Mmmmm Yes I believe now they do.
  8. Bumping! What font are they using for this package? I've noticed a Look N V1.2 update they are using 2 different fonts. Also, the mysterious white bar has reappeared on most stations I've noticed.
  9. Those Dastardly computers. Anyways, they need major help there I've seen some of the malfunctions and at this point it's annoying.
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