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  1. WCNC is most likely getting a new logo.
  2. It most likely is KARE. We have the Olympics AND the Super Bowl coming up. I think they’re logo is unique. A KTLA alike logo with the same font and NBC Mix would be AWESOME!
  3. KING’s new music is absolute sh**. Their ticker has actually been refreshed, the text isn’t so scaled anymore. I will say the weather graphics on the in-studio screens look really good.
  4. The lower thirds need to be correctly animated. That white background when they are on weather graphics needs to go. I don’t know what’s with the lower thirds but this impressive package shouldn’t have a PowerPoint style animation in it at all. However, the package might not actually be done. It is for NBC Networks as we’ve known, so this might’ve been rushed.
  5. 21st Century Disney? I had to, sorry....
  6. Here are some more pictures of he graphics. Not a fan of the way the lower thirds are animated. Also, the NBC logo, the KGW and NBC peacock need to be bigger. [MEDIA=imgur]a/t8Dvo[/MEDIA]
  7. I meant opens. I don’t know why I typed promos Didn’t think of it that way.
  8. I was scanning YouTube when I saw these promos. It looks to be new B-Roll. Judge for yourself. [spoiler=Speculation]My Speculadar 5000 says, that this B-roll will be used with the next mandated graphics. It looks edited to appear better with the lights shining off windows, like other stations have done.
  9. All I can say is don’t expect anything further this year. It wouldn’t make sense to just mandate in the middle of December at the end of the year. The new year would be a “fresh new start”.
  10. I can see them putting a flat with no gradient, or even the slightest of gradients version of that ‘new’ logo.
  11. Not surprised. It’s a VERY big market. Extremely dangerous weather at some points in time.
  12. Those Lower Thirds don’t fit at all and neither does it’s font. The L3’s animations need to change and the color scheme is ok. However, the ticker should be black or a darker blue.
  13. Social media style graphics... I like it.
  14. I’m still curious as to why it said Telemundo Las Vegas... Edit: I was unaware the Telemundo station in Las Vegas was an O&O.
  15. Pretty good use of both graphics. I think it looks better than Look N personally. However, the weather graphics I don’t like. The almanac is fine but the mid-upper third with the Radar/satellite title needs to be redesigned.
  16. Just seen the one I was wanting to post for awhile, did a little trick and outsmarted the YouTube TV app.
  17. I mean NBC should’ve just had NBC:B on WNEU’s transmitter in the first place and put NEU as a sub. I mean that makes the most sense. Last time I checked only about 22.3% of the population in New England were Spanish speakers.
  18. As in promotions that are promoting a company. I haven’t seen any topicals. They look Homemade though...
  19. They aired some promos with the current 2017 CBS O&O Graphics awhile ago, just saw some again.
  20. Found it! There is a second version like this with the Doppler Domination tag named “Powerful”
  21. I will wait till I see the promo again, or until it gets posted to YouTube.
  22. I have Spectrum, would’ve used their app but you can’t reverse within the app.
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