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  1. Never liked it with this package. With the Gannett package, it flowed.
  2. [quote name='Conrad']Maybe I was confused. @CaptainNews Did you say that KXTV has the new graphics? That aside, KXTV will probably keep their current social media format...[/QUOTE] No. I was stating that KXTV has already been "TEGNAtized" for a few months and already had the 'new' Tegna Social media package that WTSP has. In relation to the new graphics package, no they do not have it yet. There seems to be something that is not talked about with Tegna. The, This is Home package, commonly referred to as the "USA Today" Graphics is Gannett. The graphics WTSP/KXTV/WFAA Mornings has is the '16 Tegna Graphics. Since then, they have been rolling out the brand new package. I refer to it as the, 'Tegster' package, for the music's sake.
  3. With a non O&O of course! With an O&O maybe once but it was probably corrected before receiving air time.
  4. http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/video/category/spoken-word-wjztv/3789840-healthwatch-childhood-mortality-rate/ New graphics might air tonight! If not, take that logo down now, it’s gross with those graphics. [MEDIA=imgur]a/qeScu[/MEDIA]
  5. Already has been for a few months.
  6. It had the logo animation just like the other CBS stations where the eye and number come in, in a glare and star.
  7. They need to call up the local Minnesota station, or even WDJT.... WBZ will work if they can't reach those stations.
  8. I just found it, I also realized that the 3 wasn't the correct one. I will put the "Fake News" hammer on that myself. EDIT: It was corrected.
  9. Ok, ok. I get we’re all waiting for the new WJZ graphics but, I still think they’re graphics look great, they just don’t belong at a big major station.
  10. I wonder if this package is specifically for DMAs with majority being younger audiences.
  11. They won’t, NBC will just yank the affiliation and WBTS/WHDH their ass.
  12. How many studios does ‘JZ have in their building? Is there enough space to be building a new set without being noticeable?
  13. Well. I meant with the amount of customization. WCCO is the only station to have such a custom package within the whole O&O group.
  14. The set The weather graphics The fonts being used Any rebranded names that come Any special vehicles? ChevyWeather Warn 13? Chopper13?
  15. I don't know why this is.... but I cant wait to see the mic flags and weather graphics the most.
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