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  1. [quote name='rkolsen']Some of the late news opens look like they are the same exact shots from the previous opens @CaptainNews posted (but different order) but set at night. I’m can’t post the open but I’ll give you a shot list. [LIST=1] [*]Slow zoom with logo looking towards the World Trade Center. [*]View opposite World Trade Center showing the promenade of the harbor and Harbor Place [*]A shot looking out at the harbor. [*]A moving shot looking towards downtown from the harbor starting roughly at the National Aquirium and again the World Trade Center center screen and logo reappears. [/LIST] [/QUOTE] I feel as if they don’t like the current graphics package’s Open. It looks like they want the current on screen graphics of the current generation, but want the previous package’s Open and customization.
  2. These graphics are trash and half-assed I can no longer stand watching it. Message me when they decide to go to with the Next, star-studded package.
  3. I love the whole SkyRanger idea. Good name. Anyways, as we were covering the lunar eclipse we had Alpha cover Traffic and Bravo covering the moon. [MEDIA=imgur]a/mEsiR[/MEDIA]
  4. UGH and not the lower thirds? No, please overhaul something that animates nicely with something that has a PowerPoint animation.
  5. All of this would’ve been acceptable with the last package. Now, it just doesn’t work.
  6. I believe Evening News used it for awhile in 2012 to ‘13 and in 2013 they used, ‘Expect More Orignal Reporting’ before switching to just Original Reporting.
  7. Could they fine every tv station for using “Shithole” to continue to stay open? Ahhh I see. Trump uses a very controversial word to try and fine the media.. which by the way he hates, to bring in money to prevent a government shutdown. Call me Einstein, but I’m definitely Alfred Wegener.
  8. I don’t see what is wrong with these sets. Sure, that anchor desk could use a display but overall, it’s a nice set design.
  9. The Race on Television Hill: A Special Report, Only on WGBH’s Beat the Press.
  10. So yes. It’s confirmed to be Look N via NBC Arthouse. I just think those L3’s need to be redesigned.
  11. Well this package’s Open looks like it can be customized for a Talent Open.
  12. This package is so good. As much as I like look N, this package beats it by a mile. I love how Hearst knows how to correctly refresh graphics. Good Job Hearst!
  13. Looks to be doing well! I think it deserves a good ‘ol Techno Celebration!
  14. Here’s the first 3 minutes of the package.
  15. Well I mean, that three letter station is already on its way to getting the new look.
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