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  1. 5:45 PM / 8:45 PM ET British Aircraft have taken off from Cypress Airbase. 6:00 PM / 9:00 PM ET United States President Donald J. Trump announces launch against Syria. 6:14 PM / 9:14 PM ET No further comments from the White House. 6:20 PM / 9:20 PM ET Civil Defense missiles in Syria take aim at US missiles. — 7:00 PM / 10:00 PM ET Pentagon makes announcement regarding US-Led attack on Syria. — 6:00 AM / 9:00 AM ET Pentagon makes announcement regarding US-Led attack on Syria.
  2. Hmm.. I can’t seem to put my finger on where that lower third comes from. It looks awfully familiar to something, I just can’t think of it. Hmmm...
  3. Did someone import that into After Effects and not download the font from the package again? Ugh Nancy, can you just follow simple instructions.
  4. Last I checked, this was 2018 and billboards and print ads did not have audio and print ads for sure didn’t have motion graphics... Give me this train ticket to your year.
  5. Hmm. I do certainly like the Orange. [MEDIA=twitter]981639159600308226[/MEDIA]
  6. We reported this and found out the bug debuted on their 5 pm. Honestly, I think I do like the Gold numbers but I hope there is still stations that are unique with their logos.
  7. Orange 5, welcome to the Bay! http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2018/04/04/police-youtube-shooters-family-didnt-warn-of-violence/
  8. I’ve seen and heard that a couple on KABC.
  9. Based on this Google NewsRoom article, Google is partnering with MSNBC to create a dynamic television network. Launching new topics like Technology and Science aswell as investigative research. Along with politics, MSNBC is looking to redo their programming to fit in more political oriented programming on Sundays. New shows like, “White House Hunt” and, “Is the White House Down?” Are said to be launched. Article: www.google.com/newsroom/google-nbcuniversal-partnership/ Happy April Fools Day!
  10. Look N Update Weather icons have been overhauled and have been animated like Tegna. The rain and snow, however, are at a moderate speed where it’s noticeable that it will rain. (Small change but noticeable) OLD [MEDIA=imgur]a/WjmSn[/MEDIA] NEW https://www.nbclosangeles.com/weather/Southern-California-Current-Forecast-Weather-320116271.html
  11. Font font go away, never come back another day.
  12. In this case, it was outdated. I’m an AVID user of the Microsoft Paint plugin in After Effects, they should to!
  13. So they ruined their own package with powerpoint animations. What a shame Tegna.
  14. Wonder when KFMB is updating everything... including website.
  15. The Open In this broadcast is not bad at all. Surely, a little color change could be needed but aside it’s fairly well.
  16. Well... KYW does really need it so the drastic change would be worth it.
  17. First Coast News. If a teaser as a fake TV counts... yes. If you’re talking about the type of AR like KNBC’s weather dial, I don’t believe so.
  18. Umm... no. He was messing with us. Clearly you didn’t read the rest lol. They got a new antenna.
  19. Megyn Kelly Today never seemed to work out. To me, when I first started watching Kathie Lee and Hoda I thought that there was a live audience. So this already feels natural. With Megyn, she is the type of journalist that sadly belongs on MSNBC or NBC News’ Meet The Press. Now don’t get me wrong. Sunday Night W/ Megyn Kelly is a great show! I just feel that if that was in a time slot every Sunday night and not during the summer only, I believe that they can actually compete with 60 Minutes.
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