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  1. KCBS has a different monitor setup and is more glass. Whereas, WBBM has more brick, city inspiration, and different monitor set up. KOVR, for example, is a little more WBBM than it is of KCBS. WFOR’s is KCBS.
  2. This set can’t be different and any better than the others because it’s the same as the other CBS Enforcer sets. It’s the same set family as WBBM it looks like. As there is currently two types: KCBS and WBBM and boy am I glad they chose the WBBM route because you can see a little more Baltimore in it.
  3. That’s right! It can’t be Din, can it?
  4. Here’s the first official trailer for the Tokyo Olympic Games on NBC. [MEDIA=twitter]1021768882514747392[/MEDIA] Note that it is mostly flat. Anyways, just wanted to get this out there on the TVNewsTalk forums. If you want to read more in-depth, Newscaststudio has an article that you can find here: https://www.newscaststudio.com/2018/07/25/nbc-tokyo-olympics-promo/
  5. Storms develop anywhere in Los Angeles-literally anywhere, so I guess it’s fair enough to have a radar down there. Now why it’s being marketed for Los Angeles puzzles me, as mentioned: All LA Television Stations market themselves as far south as Oceanside and as far north as Santa Barbara.
  6. Wow. Now that’s the “Hard Hitting” news section I’ve been on the hunt for.
  7. WSMV got a knock off Look N package. A very poor one, must I say.
  8. Or cbs stations can use the cbs graphics, nbc stations can use Look N, but you know, it’s okay to be different.
  9. My opinion states that if a package uses blocky Helvetica-esque typefaces, it’s trash.
  10. If WFSB does not get the O&O package and gets this other trash, I will be dramatically disgusted.
  11. That’s literally inaccurate on many levels... that “Orange County” radar on that map indicates it’s in San Bernardino, 43 minutes from Silverado (which is essentially North Tustin). That map makes me chuckle. Orange County site: (33.7964801,-117.6232371) >Based on KNBC app and registered FCC document. Including my own eyes... LA, Mt. Luke site: (34.2686601,-118.2374127) >Based off of FCC and KNBC, KNSD, KVEA App. Future San Diego site: (32.6975000,-116.9341944) >Needs Verification
  12. He’s on 9 too still? Ugh.... you got me
  13. Whatever happen to those bozos? I mean I know those clowns weren’t all traffic and rain.
  14. The common society of the people who have access to LA Stations, really only call our stations, “Channel #” or just the network name. So if anything, it actually faded itself out already.
  15. Oh.. people. Relax, Tegna and anyone smart enough who works at Tegna wouldn't distribute their music (A Custom theme song for their stations, specifically) to anyone that does not work for the company-at least for now. They aren't blind to the internet. Clearly, broadcasters want to see the criticism from us nerds on the internet, not the Graphical mocks we create with the music they asked for, specifically for them without an actual reason. Obviously this will change farther into the year. "Just saying"
  16. Can someone relay this to ‘JZ? I think we can get them some fancy promos with this.
  17. Non O&O station: WNEM, received the graphics package, although incomplete without Gotham. Calibri just can not stay.. It also seems that there’s is half tendered and hey removed the gloss and reflective particles to it. The transition animations don’t transition to another topic/roll either, instead it fades very quickly when exiting the screen.
  18. 5:45 PM / 8:45 PM ET British Aircraft have taken off from Cypress Airbase. 6:00 PM / 9:00 PM ET United States President Donald J. Trump announces launch against Syria. 6:14 PM / 9:14 PM ET No further comments from the White House. 6:20 PM / 9:20 PM ET Civil Defense missiles in Syria take aim at US missiles. — 7:00 PM / 10:00 PM ET Pentagon makes announcement regarding US-Led attack on Syria. — 6:00 AM / 9:00 AM ET Pentagon makes announcement regarding US-Led attack on Syria.
  19. Hmm.. I can’t seem to put my finger on where that lower third comes from. It looks awfully familiar to something, I just can’t think of it. Hmmm...
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