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  1. In this case, it was outdated. I’m an AVID user of the Microsoft Paint plugin in After Effects, they should to!
  2. So they ruined their own package with powerpoint animations. What a shame Tegna.
  3. Wonder when KFMB is updating everything... including website.
  4. The Open In this broadcast is not bad at all. Surely, a little color change could be needed but aside it’s fairly well.
  5. First Coast News. If a teaser as a fake TV counts... yes. If you’re talking about the type of AR like KNBC’s weather dial, I don’t believe so.
  6. The open for the NBC Package is great! [spoiler=But...]GET RID OF EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!
  7. These graphics are trash and half-assed I can no longer stand watching it. Message me when they decide to go to with the Next, star-studded package.
  8. UGH and not the lower thirds? No, please overhaul something that animates nicely with something that has a PowerPoint animation.
  9. Never liked it with this package. With the Gannett package, it flowed.
  10. [quote name='Conrad']Maybe I was confused. @CaptainNews Did you say that KXTV has the new graphics? That aside, KXTV will probably keep their current social media format...[/QUOTE] No. I was stating that KXTV has already been "TEGNAtized" for a few months and already had the 'new' Tegna Social media package that WTSP has. In relation to the new graphics package, no they do not have it yet. There seems to be something that is not talked about with Tegna. The, This is Home package, commonly referred to as the "USA Today" Graphics is Gannett. The graphics WTSP/KXTV/WFAA Mornings has is the '16 Tegna Graphics. Since then, they have been rolling out the brand new package. I refer to it as the, 'Tegster' package, for the music's sake.
  11. Already has been for a few months.
  12. I wonder if this package is specifically for DMAs with majority being younger audiences.
  13. They won’t, NBC will just yank the affiliation and WBTS/WHDH their ass.
  14. The graphics package is a great design but it just looks half-assed. Hopefully a v2 rolls out to the other stations after the Olympics/super bowl.
  15. How did we not see WGRZ last month with the new graphics? That just slipped past everyone on here...interesting... Or... could it be a typo?
  16. WCNC is most likely getting a new logo.
  17. It most likely is KARE. We have the Olympics AND the Super Bowl coming up. I think they’re logo is unique. A KTLA alike logo with the same font and NBC Mix would be AWESOME!
  18. KING’s new music is absolute sh**. Their ticker has actually been refreshed, the text isn’t so scaled anymore. I will say the weather graphics on the in-studio screens look really good.
  19. The lower thirds need to be correctly animated. That white background when they are on weather graphics needs to go. I don’t know what’s with the lower thirds but this impressive package shouldn’t have a PowerPoint style animation in it at all. However, the package might not actually be done. It is for NBC Networks as we’ve known, so this might’ve been rushed.
  20. 21st Century Disney? I had to, sorry....
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