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  1. Greg Mill, who worked at the duopoly in Southern California announced Saturday, September 6th, that he is leaving Los Angeles for Phoenix. Mills has worked in the LA broadcasting field for almost two decades. Greg is not leaving for a new job in Phoenix, however wouldn’t mind working part time.
    See here: 


  2. 3 hours ago, DENDude said:

    I'm a little surprised that the NBC & ABC O&Os would allow there video on OANN, seeing how the networks news divisions lean to the left and OANN leans towards the right..  

    Party preference isn't a requirement for sharing media.

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  3. On 2/7/2020 at 11:02 AM, CBS11 Weatherboy said:

    Not yet. CBS is using the new graphics on the some of the stations CBS 2 NY , CBS 2 LA , CBS 2 Chicago , and the new Lowe 3rd has been teased on CBS 4 Denver.


    Any pictures of the lower third?

  4. I don't think Alysha is MIA. She is on vacation in Hawaii according to her Instagram @AlyshaNBCLA. She goes to Hawaii a few times a year it looks like. She was wildly popular when she was at KABC, so it was only wise for KNBC to snag her. Kim Tobin announced her move to LA on social media as well. Nothing to see here.

    Just pointing out that Kim Tobin is in LA....

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  5. [quote name='rkolsen']Here’s something @CaptainNews pojnted out it appears that the Orange County Radar data is appearing on KABC and KCBS newscasts. The radars in the same spot where KNBC has it on their map. Wonder what’s up with that. [ATTACH=full]6282[/ATTACH] [B]Edit: It’s the KSOX radar from the NWS which is in the Santa Anna Mountains. [URL]https://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar.php?rid=sox&product=N0R&overlay=11101111&loop=no[/URL][/B][/QUOTE] Interesting how they brand it exclusive when it isn’t. Not that it matters to the public but it does to us news junkies. Thanks for the info rk!

  6. So I’ve received no response to my tweet about their long delayed San Diego radar when it will go active. Maybe they’re keeping mum because they’re embarrassed at the length it took


    However it’s puzzling why they’d put one down there. I haven’t seen KNBC zoom in or show San Diego on their general maps. How does weather flow on the coast? Do LA storms typically come up from San Diego or develop along the LA coast?

    Storms develop anywhere in Los Angeles-literally anywhere, so I guess it’s fair enough to have a radar down there. Now why it’s being marketed for Los Angeles puzzles me, as mentioned: All LA Television Stations market themselves as far south as Oceanside and as far north as Santa Barbara.

  7. Here's a map of the three radar sites.



    That’s literally inaccurate on many levels... that “Orange County” radar on that map indicates it’s in San Bernardino, 43 minutes from Silverado (which is essentially North Tustin). That map makes me chuckle.



    Orange County site: (33.7964801,-117.6232371) >Based on KNBC app and registered FCC document. Including my own eyes...


    LA, Mt. Luke site: (34.2686601,-118.2374127)

    >Based off of FCC and KNBC, KNSD, KVEA App.


    Future San Diego site: (32.6975000,-116.9341944) >Needs Verification

  8. Do you think it'll be the same way if KABC and WABC do it (which I don't think they will, that title having been ingrained into the consciousness of L.A. and NYC for ages)?

    The common society of the people who have access to LA Stations, really only call our stations, “Channel #” or just the network name. So if anything, it actually faded itself out already.

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  9. Oh.. people. Relax, Tegna and anyone smart enough who works at Tegna wouldn't distribute their music (A Custom theme song for their stations, specifically) to anyone that does not work for the company-at least for now. They aren't blind to the internet. Clearly, broadcasters want to see the criticism from us nerds on the internet, not the Graphical mocks we create with the music they asked for, specifically for them without an actual reason. Obviously this will change farther into the year. "Just saying"

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  10. here's KYTX look at the font! now that is very unusual.


    Did someone import that into After Effects and not download the font from the package again? Ugh Nancy, can you just follow simple instructions.

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  11. We're getting closer to WFAA getting the new graphics.


    Have you seen or heard the new graphics or music in ads for other TEGNA stations (billboards, print ads, radio ads, commercials on cable channels, banner ads online, etc.)?

    Last I checked, this was 2018 and billboards and print ads did not have audio and print ads for sure didn’t have motion graphics... Give me this train ticket to your year.

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