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  1. Party preference isn't a requirement for sharing media.
  2. Interesting execution of the new Enforcer V3 music, KCNC is the only station.... I believe.... that uses it at the moment. It's the morning cut!
  3. Any pictures of the lower third?
  4. Can’t believe they deleted the channel
  5. Don’t know the authenticity but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this? sure as hell sounds good.
  6. It’s a lot cleaner than previous package. However, I’m seeing a lack of creativity, I wonder what the open will look like to be honest. They shine there when it comes to new graphics.
  7. Looks like long-time ABC 7 (KABC) reporter Darsha Phillips is off to KNBC. Per her Twitter:
  8. Wait. I love the new one. This is definitely better than previous ones. Excluding the London olympics logo, that one was awesome!
  9. Most Los Angeles stations draw and brand their DMAs in their call sign as: Los Angeles-Anaheim-Riverside Or Los Angeles.
  10. What a wonderful improvement from their previous package! I, personally, think that they need a little more gloss added. Let me know what you think of the new package!
  11. It’s going on the fourth year. February would be the month they would get it-if they do stick to annuality.
  12. KTVN has gotten the CBS O&O Graphics! http://www.ktvn.com/story/39024010/fire-closes-portion-of-highway-395-near-walker-in-mono-county2 The bug is a little iffy, but it’ll work.
  13. Interesting choice of lower thirds. Very WTVD though so I’m not surprised.
  14. Just pointing out that Kim Tobin is in LA....
  15. Alysha Del Valle MIA. Belen De Leon filling in for her. -Kim Tobin has recently transferred from Arizona’s KNXV TV to KNBC.
  16. I want to say it is cell service and transmission for military and emergency services. This mountain is quite similar to that of Santiago Peak in the Cleveland National Forest of Orange and Riverside counties. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)
  17. Stop it. None of this purple neon mess needed to continue any longer than it did. One wise one said, “If it’s over 8, it’s time to replace!” And he was right
  18. Ask and you shall receive... During the mornings the time & temp is on the bottom. Original tweet: [MEDIA=twitter]1027881252966359041[/MEDIA] Chopper bug:
  19. By the time they get a new set. A new generation of technology and “standardized” sets would be crafted. No need to worry.
  20. [quote name='rkolsen']Here’s something @CaptainNews pojnted out it appears that the Orange County Radar data is appearing on KABC and KCBS newscasts. The radars in the same spot where KNBC has it on their map. Wonder what’s up with that. [ATTACH=full]6282[/ATTACH] [B]Edit: It’s the KSOX radar from the NWS which is in the Santa Anna Mountains. [URL]https://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar.php?rid=sox&product=N0R&overlay=11101111&loop=no[/URL][/B][/QUOTE] Interesting how they brand it exclusive when it isn’t. Not that it matters to the public but it does to us news junkies. Thanks for the info rk!
  21. The 3 looks really round now... is that correct gradient I’m seeing? Also, is it weird to like WJZ’s graphics the most now, they seem better than the others already!
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