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  1. KCAL has essentially become a competitor with KCBS in itself, which is not a good thing, for obvious reasons (just look at KCAL's 10pm and KCBS' 11pm ratings)
  2. KCAL 9 news at 4am begins December 5, not sure what the branding will be. I've been seeing KCAL | CBS News Los Angeles at 4 am and KCAL 9 at 4am so.. we will see.
  3. Lynette will be going to KNBC, unknown when the start date is though.
  4. Look G called, they want their rainbow back.
  5. Of course. New era for them. They have the systems to do it now.
  6. Any pictures of the lower third?
  7. It’s a lot cleaner than previous package. However, I’m seeing a lack of creativity, I wonder what the open will look like to be honest. They shine there when it comes to new graphics.
  8. What a wonderful improvement from their previous package! I, personally, think that they need a little more gloss added. Let me know what you think of the new package!
  9. Look N Update Weather icons have been overhauled and have been animated like Tegna. The rain and snow, however, are at a moderate speed where it’s noticeable that it will rain. (Small change but noticeable) OLD [MEDIA=imgur]a/WjmSn[/MEDIA] NEW https://www.nbclosangeles.com/weather/Southern-California-Current-Forecast-Weather-320116271.html
  10. That's a modified version of Nobel.
  11. Tgey are also using Nexa Bold which looks very similar to DIN in some ways. Also, I think they used Roboto on some occasions.
  12. Bumping! What font are they using for this package? I've noticed a Look N V1.2 update they are using 2 different fonts. Also, the mysterious white bar has reappeared on most stations I've noticed.
  13. Those Dastardly computers. Anyways, they need major help there I've seen some of the malfunctions and at this point it's annoying.
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