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  1. Look G called, they want their rainbow back.
  2. Although following trends this would be an indicator along with whatever disgusting alternation to the CBS Package they have currently, the current package transitions are still present in the current system, it’s safe to say them getting new graphics isn’t a strong indication by what is present in this video.
  3. Greg Mill, who worked at the duopoly in Southern California announced Saturday, September 6th, that he is leaving Los Angeles for Phoenix. Mills has worked in the LA broadcasting field for almost two decades. Greg is not leaving for a new job in Phoenix, however wouldn’t mind working part time. See here:
  4. Of course. New era for them. They have the systems to do it now.
  5. What I’ve learned about all this is... the LA DMA is too big. Poor coverage for what has happened in the south land tonight. Too hyper focused on Los Angeles.
  6. Party preference isn't a requirement for sharing media.
  7. Interesting execution of the new Enforcer V3 music, KCNC is the only station.... I believe.... that uses it at the moment. It's the morning cut!
  8. Any pictures of the lower third?
  9. Can’t believe they deleted the channel
  10. Don’t know the authenticity but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this? sure as hell sounds good.
  11. It’s a lot cleaner than previous package. However, I’m seeing a lack of creativity, I wonder what the open will look like to be honest. They shine there when it comes to new graphics.
  12. What a wonderful improvement from their previous package! I, personally, think that they need a little more gloss added. Let me know what you think of the new package!
  13. [quote name='rkolsen']Here’s something @CaptainNews pojnted out it appears that the Orange County Radar data is appearing on KABC and KCBS newscasts. The radars in the same spot where KNBC has it on their map. Wonder what’s up with that. [ATTACH=full]6282[/ATTACH] [B]Edit: It’s the KSOX radar from the NWS which is in the Santa Anna Mountains. [URL]https://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar.php?rid=sox&product=N0R&overlay=11101111&loop=no[/URL][/B][/QUOTE] Interesting how they brand it exclusive when it isn’t. Not that it matters to the public but it does to us news junkies. Thanks

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