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  1. Almost nothing is working as planned in Boston. The new master antenna installed on the Cabot St tower for WBZ, WCVB, and WGBX to use temporarily during the repack, and WFXT to use permanently, suffers from a failed transmission line that cannot be fully fixed. WCVB therefore moved to a backup antenna on the CBS tower and is running only 1/3 of it's 900 KW licensed power. WGBX with its 7 subchannels (the primary is WBTS 15.1) has a badly limited signal, which resulted in NBC Boston duplicating 15.1 (WBTS) as 15.3, plus 15.2 (Cozi) as 15.4 on WNEU. WNEU is running under an STA on a side mo
  2. Needham is a very high end mostly residential town. Average home price is around $1 million. However this end of Needham, near the Newton line, and separated by the highway from the rest of the town since the 40's, mainly consisted of the Needham Industrial Park, with many buildings accessible by railroad track. It's changed into a high end office and condo area, with the smaller buildings replaced, and some of the largest like the NBCU building completely gutted and rebuilt.
  3. "NBC Universal Media Economic Opportunity Area" aka NBC Boston studios: https://patch.com/massachusetts/needham/nbcuniversal-breaks-ground-needham-hq-next-week
  4. The signals, if approved, actually overlap each other in the Brockton area. WCEA-LD has another problem, too. Their virtual channel 58 is now owned in the market by full power licensed WDPX 58-1, which since it began sharing on WBPX, after moving from Cape Cod, resulting in there being two 58-1's. Many TV's handle that badly. Low power stations in many areas are going to have problems finding a usable channel after the repack, maybe some of them should consider their own sharing.
  5. They can't use WBTS 8-1 for NBC Boston once moved to RI, unless WJAR is about to get a very big surprise... However it would keep a full HD Telemundo signal in the market, plus add CoziTV and TeleXitos. NBCU already owns WRIW-CD in Providence, which runs Telemundo now, but that will soon be shared on WPXQ with limited bandwidth.
  6. They are and the FCC approved the application. Guessing what they will do is risky, but they won't need the WGBX sharing once WNEU moves to Needham - and probably will move the 15-1 and 15-2 numbering from WGBX to WNEU.
  7. The PSIP data had the "Hide Channel" flag set accidentally to "True". They fixed it today.
  8. Actually they didn't. Mr. Swaggart is still preaching there. However they have done something to their PSIP info and some TV's no longer see the channel. 2 weeks ago the FCC granted WMFP yet another 3 month extension to stay on 18. The reason - some cable operators or other providers are unable to receive the anemic WWDP signal that WMFP will be sharing on, so they will need to have fiber lines installed to get a hard wired version of the signal: https://enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov/dataentry/api/download/attachment/25076f916267d43b01628be74663203f WYDN did shut down on Monday
  9. Definitely. It would have at least made a unique identity for the market. People involved in, or interested in the business, are far less likely to be confused than the average viewer. As far as the cable numbering is concerned - it's not all 10 or 810, etc., either. The link "Click for your channel" on the WBTS main page: https://www.nbcboston.com/contact-us/tv-listings/boston-channel-finder-400035841.html
  10. Hopefully they can tell the difference. But if they do find themselves accidentally on WJAR, will they head directly to WBTS, or settle for possibly simpler 4, 5, 7, or maybe 25 ?
  11. As for what the viewer sees... During the local news - they see a bug in the lower right consisting of the peacock and a number "10" - almost identical to the what WJAR uses.
  12. Kenny Plotnik VP and News Director is leaving NBC Boston per Ad Week TV Spy: http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/kenny-plotnik-leaves-nbc-boston-this-week/202826 There had been some local speculation in the past 2 weeks.
  13. I still don't see the average person paying attention to those occasional announcements right up until the channel disappears. The guy with the 65" 4 K set with 4 antennas on the roof does - but not those with a 12" OTA kitchen TV who just tune the set to whatever it picks up - particularly the local news. There are a lot of those OTA kitchen, even bathroom, sets in homes with cable in other rooms - and a lot of local news is watched on them.
  14. The FCC extension to remain on the air expires approximately 4/23. The exact date is in a PDF doc on the FCC site that is corrupted and won't open. They appear to have pulled the encoder that provided the subchannels out of the chain - so they may be moving equipment to WWDP.
  15. The average non-technical viewer was very likely still watching 60-5 until Saturday, and paid little attention to an occasional mention on the air of scanning for 15-1 when it debuted, and paid little attention to any mentions of 60-5 going away. If it was ch 4 or 5 maybe, but not the multi-numbered "NBC 10". I am sure the viewers survived missing the rest of SNL and may have figured things out on Sunday. But there are probably many OTA-only kitchen sets which still don't get 15-1, even in homes with cable in the den and bedrooms. So if they use that set for morning or evening news, they ar
  16. WMFP didn't have to post anything, but NBC Boston knew their deal ran out at midnight on March 31, and could have put a crawl on 60-5 all day Saturday, and perhaps put a slide up at 11:30 PM telling viewers they would need to switch to 15-1, scanning for it if necessary, to continue watching NBC Boston. Instead they let viewers of Saturday Night Live watch their screen suddenly go black half way through the show, most probably not knowing what had happened. Not a bright move on the part of NBC Boston, whether legal or not. The ironic part is that since "NBC 10" has been pounded into viewers
  17. Checking to see what NBC Boston might do at midnight on 60-5, they may have set a new low in cluelessness. Saturday Night Live was in progress, with no crawl running, and they (or WMFP) pulled the plug at 12:01. No slide directing viewers to rescan - just nothing. The virtual channel is there - with no video and or audio.
  18. The corrupted file on the FCC site for the 90 day extension is named "WMFP_Jan_23_Waiver_Request.pdf", so that would put the shutdown date at April 22. NBC Boston could pull the programming from 60-5 on April 1, put a slide there and be pretty close. Many TV's will have added 15-1 (and 15-2) already without re-scanning. Just tuning to WGBX once, will cause some of the ATSC chipsets to update all the subchannels.
  19. WMFP's 90 day extension to remain on the air expires in early April. The PDF doc on the FCC site is corrupted, making the exact date unavailable. NBC Boston seems to be once again determined to confuse viewers though. They aren't running a crawl on 60-5, and the web site has only this oddity: https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/Important-Message-for-Over-the-Air-Viewers-of-NBC10-Boston-477765763.html Odd because the video is old - from the addition of 15-1, and only the text below it is current. Maybe after April 1 they will temporarily have something on 60-5 telling viewers to rescan?
  20. The FCC today granted the application to move WNEU from New Hampshire to Needham.
  21. And while not statistically very important - it probably hasn't escaped Ansin's detailed notice that WGBX's master antenna location on the "CBS" tower is about 300 feet higher than WHDH's - which gives it a coverage area 10% larger - and that is also where WNEU is headed...
  22. The sharing was added sometime after 4 PM. They squeezed them all in: WGBX (main) 44-1 and WYCN-CD (NBC/Boston) 15-1 are both full 1080i Cozi 15-2, Create 44-3, and PBS Kids 44-4 all at 480p NBC/Boston is still on 60-5 (sharing on WMFP) - so right now, in the part of the Boston market mid-way between Needham and the NH border - NBC/Boston is available on 4 different channels on 4 separate transmitters: 8-1, 15-1, 60-2, and 60-5, not to mention cable 10 and 810....
  23. Right now, without 15-x added, WGBX main is full HD 1080i 16x9. Their 2 subchannels, PBS Kids and Create, are 480p 16x9. So they can fit NBC/Boston on there in 720p (or maybe 1080i) and still squeeze Cozi in. On 60-5 (WMFP) NBC/Boston is 720p, but on WBTS-LD, its 1080i.
  24. This has taken yet another odd turn. WYCN apparently shut down this morning, but has not shown up on WGBX's signal. Posted today is an FCC request for a notification waiver to allow the channel sharing to proceed, even though there have been some delays in the sale "hopefully for only a few days". https://enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov/dataentry/api/download/attachment/25076f9160e1af430161007728be622a
  25. The 8 (8.1) only applies to the current over the air signal of low power WBTS-LD 8.1. 8 can never be used on a full power station in Boston due to slight overlap with the Portland, ME market (their intent is to get WBTS on a full power station). Without repeating all of the gory details, they will eventually have to use either 15.1 or 60.x over the air. Phasing out the mention of 8 now is logical.

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