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  1. WCEA-LD Boston and WBTS-LD Providence will both be moving to channel 36 after the repack; how close is too close for LD's on the same frequency?
  2. Unless WNEU is still planning to move to Boston.
  3. Rabbit ears dot info shows a repack listing for WBTS changing from channel 46 to 36, with Providence as it's city.
  4. WMFP vacated rf 18 (channel 62) last night.
  5. WMFP is still broadcasting 62.1 on rf 18; how much longer until they channel share with WWDP?
  6. WBTS is scheduled to cease their 60.5 WMFP simulcast on April 1, 2018.
  7. In honor of TB 12, Comcast could use 12 as their new # (if WJAR is ok with 10, WPRI could give a pass to 12).
  8. WYCN is on air on 15.1 (NBC Boston) and 15.2 (Cozi) channel sharing on WGBX.
  9. WLVI has moved off of rf 41 and is channel sharing with WHDH on rf 42.
  10. Wikipedia is showing that WYCN 13 (rf 36) will shutdown on 1/16/18 and commence broadcasting NBC Boston on rf 15.
  11. Do you predict NBC Boston will keep the WYCN calls letters? How soon would you guess the switch will occur?
  12. So WYCN would channel share with WGBX rf 43 (on their present channel)? Presumably, WGBX can't move to their post-repack channel 32, until 2020, when it's vacated by WBPX. The rabbit ears dot info listings show all channel sharing stations in their post repack designations, including for ones like WBIN and WLWC which have already occurred. Note: Since WLWC has already vacated rf 22, could WBPX move early to 22, freeing up 32 for WGBX?
  13. WGBH is going to be useless on VHF low channel 5 (in 2009 WHDH had to abandon digital VHF high channel 7 and return to their pre-transition UHF digital channel 42). The present WBTS will go off the air on rf channel 46 as does everything above rf channel 36, by early 2020.
  14. WDPX in Vineyard Haven is listed as channel sharing with WBPX Boston, which makes no sense as both were merely translators for ION. WYCN is listed as channel sharing with WGBX.
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