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  1. Is Rob Nelson ever coming back to weekends? I know he just had a baby but it’s been months.
  2. I think they should give Michelle Diana Williams spot. I have watched a few of the Facebook lives streams she has done.
  3. Thanks. I am glad to hear. I have been watching them for the last couple of years. . I always thought he was a bachelor. I remember awhile back Michelle and Amy teasing him they were going set him up on a date. Congrats to Rob. It’s funny how you watch these people and you feel like you know them.
  4. What happened to Michelle Charlesworth and Rob Nelson on the weekends? I have not been watching as much on weekends because of the summer. I turned it on last weekend and this morning and they are not on. I love Rob and Michelle. I see Amy is still on. I hope this is just temporary. I remember Rob saying awhile back Michelle was going to fill in on weekday mornings or something but do not panic she would be back.
  5. Yes why would Laura not get the job?I am sure this guy is fine. does she have a family and wants to stay on weekends? I would have promoted her that stinks if she wanted it and was passed over.

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