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  1. Here's a preview of what to come on the new GMA 3 this afternoon
  2. This desk made it's debut on 20/20 using TV3 tonight and I wonder if it'll be the desk we see for WNT? Possible GMA too, but I assume they'll have a more branded desk. {With the world falling apart, I know no one is paying much attention to this thread anymore. However, my college graduation from j-school was just cancelled so I need something to make me happy.}
  3. There were desk and chairs still covered in plastic, but not much else to report. It was hard to see in to the space where I assume the studio will be. All the windows are fully covered except a window in a flowerbed that I wadded through to grab a sneak peak.
  4. I just had the opportunity to pass the new street side facility and peek through a few cracks in the paper covering the windows. It appears the street side space will be a combination of studio and newsroom. Almost a horseshoe type set up. The aesthetic of the space appears to be similar to take of the nearby Union Station for those of you who maybe familiar.
  5. Do you have any idea when any shows will move into this new set permanently? And if so which is coming first?
  6. NewscastStudio is also out with an article! https://www.newscaststudio.com/2020/03/03/abc-news-new-studio/ __ I'll be super interested to see how this grand studio comes to life on the simple 30 minute World News Tonight vs This Week vs Nightline
  7. My guess is no updates. Or at least none regarding Super Tuesday coverage from Washington DC. Chuck Todd hosted Meet the Press from studio 6A in NYC today and called it the “Election Headquarters.”
  8. The new EP of Evening News joined CBS last year from CNN
  9. Too bad Meet the Press is on NBC. I think you mean Face the Nation It is the same desk (or an identical one) to the desk they used on the debate stage last night.
  10. Here’s another sneak preview. Straight across the studio from the main desk on the left is the annex into the ABC Live set
  11. Was scrolling through the “ABC News” location tag on Instagram and came across this preview. This looks sweet
  12. I’m assuming this is the space they’ll use for World News Tonight and Election coverage? Also I would bet it would be ready by Super Tuesday
  13. These pictures from WNT's stage manager show that like we suspected, WNT tonight is on temp set with an L shaped video wall while their normal space is renovated. I bet the space will be ready by the Iowa Caucus coverage on Feb 3
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