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  1. There are also billboards up on NewsNation and I just find the campaign, whatever it is, a bit confusing. It's also confusing to see a channel known as NewsNation still airing reruns of "In The Heat of The Night" and movies like "Vacation." They were better off keeping it as WGN if the lineup is not going to be all news.
  2. The new graphics also look like that of WOIO in Cleveland and WGCL in Atlanta.
  3. Has anyone started watching "Jeopardy!" this week? The Mike Richards era has started this week. Here's an article that will be happy to see him gone from the TV screens. (By the way, the comments here are more pro-Mike than usual.) https://deadline.com/2021/09/jeopardy-host-mike-richards-review-1234832394/
  4. Why did The Talk bring on two male co-hosts? I never thought the show would do that, but then again, they might be in damage control after the episode that caused Sharon Osbourne to leave.
  5. Maybe Andy can move over to Kelly's show. Just an idea. I can see Kelly picking up where Ellen left off. Oh and speaking of courtroom shows, OWN (Oprah's cable channel) is now airing Couples Court reruns. I just saw them listed there in a marathon setting. I would not be surprised if that channel picks up Paternity Court.
  6. Longtime WJW Fox 8 sports director John Telich has announced his retirement. https://www.facebook.com/Fox8NewsCleveland/videos/1563560033984776
  7. Jeff Slawson is leaving WKBW in Buffalo for WOIO/WUAB in Cleveland. https://www.google.com/amp/s/buffalonews.com/entertainment/television/alan-pergament-jeff-slawson-joins-parade-of-wkbw-exits-headed-to-cleveland-station/article_857d6bc0-0911-11ec-bc46-cbc4ce401d87.amp.html
  8. Not much in Cleveland other than WBNX's big changes. Other than an extra People's Court replacing Springer on WUAB, there is WJW sticking with Judge Judy reruns at 3 and 3:30pm and WKYC switching Ellen and Dr. Phil. Ellen will now air at 3 and Dr. Phil moves to 4.
  9. Good riddance to Mike. He was no longer a good fit for both shows and became a distraction after news of his treatment towards others went public. Wonder if this changes plans on airing the five episodes he taped as host. I also wonder if both Wheel and J! will each get a ratings boost thanks to the controversy.
  10. WUAB is filling the Springer talk show slot with an extra airing of The People's Court
  11. In case anyone here has not heard, Mayim Bialik is the first guest host to fill-in on "Jeopardy!" until they find a new permanent host to fill Alex Trebek's spot. She will tape 15 episodes. https://deadline.com/2021/08/jeopardy-mayim-bialik-fill-in-host-of-syndicated-show-mike-richards-exit-1234820114/ This comes, of course, after the Mike Richards debacle.
  12. It's official!!! 'Jeopardy!' has announced that Mike Richards will host the weekday editions and Mayim Bialik will host the spinoff versions, particularly on ABC.
  13. Matt Standridge is rejoining KFSM as its new Chief Meteorologist. He comes from WKYC, where he was for about a year.
  14. WLFM-6 (former Franken-FM at 87.7) in Cleveland has been purchased by Gray. It will join up with WOIO-19 and WUAB-43. https://www.rbr.com/gray-gains-a-cleveland-lptv-property/
  15. Dr. Ian Smith appears to be out at "The Doctors" as news of a lawsuit hits. https://deadline.com/2021/07/drphil-viacomcbs-racism-cliams-the-doctors-ian-smith-george-cheeks-complaint-1234796316/#respond

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