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  1. Here's this: https://info.katzmedia.com/natpe-2021-preview Speaking of updates, wasn't there supposed to be a talk show from Lauren Lake for this fall?
  2. Now he would make a great anchor!
  3. I wonder how some of the remaining staff over at WOIO/WUAB feel about them going from the biggest market stations under Raycom to being below markets that are bigger, with WGCL/WPCH being the new biggest market stations under Gray?
  4. There's always these options: 3News: What's Up? 3News: What's Happening!!! 3News: What's Going On? 3News: What's Wrong 3News: What Stinks? 3News: What Sucks? 3News: What's Good? 3News: What's The Deal With...?
  5. I would not be surprised if WKYC adds a 4pm newscast to replace Ellen. The station could once again have Dr. Phil as the early news lead-in, which used to be the case when Phil was on at 5pm, right before the 6pm news.
  6. WKYC was #2 at 11pm and #3 at 6pm. Not sure which demos, but that information was taken an article.
  7. I wonder where does KDKA stand in all of this?
  8. This was already posted in the 2020-21 Syndication News thread, but here is the first WBNX Fall Lineup following Angley's death: https://wbnx.com/fall-schedule-2021 It looks like 55 is staying put and operating under "status quo" for the time being. Didn't Phil Collins also poke fun at Angley in one of the Genesis videos?
  9. Any info on Cleveland's numbers? I have a feeling WJW is going to once again come in at #1 in all of its timeslots. I'm more interested in how WKYC, WEWS and WOIO/WUAB did.
  10. WBNX has posted its Fall 2021 Schedule this week: https://wbnx.com/fall-schedule-2021 New to the lineup are: Friends Relative Justice with Rhonda Wills Nick Cannon Young Sheldon You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno Chicago Fire Law and Order: SVU Bull Seal Team This will a return to Friends to the Cleveland market and WBNX. Everything else is new to the station. (Cannon was supposed to be on the station twice a day on weekdays last fall, but was pushed to this year due to his controversies.)
  11. I believe Maury is ending in 2022 as well. Steve should return to syndicated, but that could be up to the affiliates, production team and Steve himself. I barely remember George & Alana. I do remember Ali & Jack, which was one of the biggest turkeys to ever hit syndication.
  12. Smart move for the second Me channel.
  13. Some of the CW affiliates provide local programming on Saturday nights that are not sports or syndicated reruns. Could those shows end or get moved around? In Cleveland, WUAB has a horror movie program called "The Big Bad B-Movie Show." I can see that moving to a later time slot after the 10pm newscast if the station plans to continue the show. I also was wondering if the CW on Saturday nights could boost the affiliates programming or lack thereof? (WUAB has a ton of informericials they air on Saturdays and Sundays in morning through early afternoon, not counting rel
  14. Could MeTV and MeTV Plus (or MeTV+, though people might think it could be a streaming service since a lot of them have that "+" logo) adapt a format that is either: Comedies on one, dramas on the other 1950s through 1970's on one, 1980s through 2000s on the other It would like when Nick at Nite launched TVLand in 1996.
  15. WKYC in Cleveland carries both Ellen and Kelly. When Ellen ends, could Kelly move to 4pm, or could Dr. Phil take that slot? Dr. Phil did help WKYC find an even bigger footing in the market with local news right it was launched in 2002. That, along with WOIO's "Action News" format and WJW's dominance were all what contributed to WEWS' declines for a while. Then there's also Daily Blast Live. Could that replace Ellen?

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