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  1. Erin Logan appears to be out at WOIO/WUAB in Cleveland. Her bio is already gone from the WOIO website and Chris Frye was co-anchoring the 5pm and 5:30pm newscasts in what was her spot.
  2. WOIO/WUAB tried adding at least one veteran investigative reporter after Carl Monday left, but it didn't work out too well. First came Alan Cohn from Sarasota, then he quit to try running for office in Florida, yet didn't make a good impression in the newsroom. Then Ronnie Dahl from Detroit was brought in, but was shown the door after only two months. The two stations have not brought in anyone on the same level as those two as of right now.
  3. At least things are looking up for WUAB. You have to give the station effort putting more into its programming from the CW affiliation to the new monster movie show. Even the syndicated daytime lineup today is better than several years ago on 43. I will add that Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune has added some stability for WOIO after the 7-8pm slot saw a revolving door of shows come and go for ten years between 2002 and '12. What both stations need are stronger anchor teams for its newscasts with a stronger set of reporters to boot, and not the ones that will leave in dramatic fas
  4. WOIO/WUAB has been a mess for quite some time now. The revolving door is the worst, especially with on-air talent. Any of the attempts to replace some of the longtime personnel has not worked out too well, and some new hires have come and gone. One reporter from Detroit was let go after only two months. Another from Florida left after nine months. The weather and sports teams have been a lot more stable than the news anchor and reporting teams. What is funny is that the management behind the "Cleveland 19" fiasco wanted Jeff Tanchak gone, but gave up on that idea when got out
  5. I tuned in to the networks around 1:30pm eastern to see which of the three would start their reports, and have the best coverage when it came the grand jury announcement of whether or not any or all of the officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor would face any charges. I saw NBC came in, then ABC started. CBS, however, was still airing soaps. Does anyone feel that the "Eye" should have cut away sooner? Also, who had better coverage among the two that actually broke in?
  6. Now let me ask this: Will any of the stations that were supposed to carry Nick Cannon's talk show this year (before it got pushed back) remain committed to him next year? There could be a change some of the affiliate list might change. Not to mention, he (or others) might not want to do the show anymore. Anything can happen.
  7. Apparently, WKYC is in third place (even fourth at times) according to this email. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/15/the-inbox
  8. WOIO just launched a new one-hour 11am newscast on WUAB with Jamie Sullivan anchoring and Jeff Tanchak on weather.
  9. Has WOIO hired a new investigative reporter? I know their last two attempts after Carl Monday's departure (the guy from Florida, the woman from Michigan) didn't pan out too well. Speaking of 19, they brought back Ronnie Duncan, who used to do sports from 1995 to 2001, but as a news reporter.
  10. Is it safe to say that WBNX is doing just fine, maybe even better, as an independent station now that they have acquired a lot of shows from other stations? It looks like they have survived losing the CW affiliation.
  11. Here's what is happening in Cleveland as of September 14: WKYC No change on weekdays/weeknights. WEWS RightThisMinute moves to 2:07am as News 5 at Noon expands to a full-hour. Tamron Hall and General Hospital flip-flops with TH at 2pm and GH at 3pm. WJW Dr. Oz will already have moved back to the station to replace Mel Robbins at 11am. WOIO 19 News at 3pm is launched to replace both episodes of Family Feud. Cribbs in the CLE: Josh and Maria LIVE will filp-flop with 19 News at 9:30am the following week on the 21st w
  12. I thought WBNS would go after Mark Taylor after he left WCMH to replace Revish. Wouldn't a more familiar face be a better option to join the evening desk as opposed to someone from another market?
  13. What is going on with Personal Injury Court? Wasn't that show renewed? Its Wikipedia page says it has been cancelled.
  14. (Cross posted from another thread) According to TV Passport, WOIO 19 in Cleveland is launching a new 3pm newscast on September 14. They are also launching a new 11am newscast on WUAB 43.
  15. According to TV Passport, WOIO 19 in Cleveland is launching a new 3pm newscast on September 14. They are also launching a new 11am newscast on WUAB 43. Speaking of WUAB, Maury moves to 7am, daytime Jeopardy! joins the line up at 6:30pm after Cribbs in the CLE moves to 6pm from 7pm, and Inside Edition moves to 7pm. Personal Injury Court is not the schedule.

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