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  1. Could there be new anchor teams coming to 19 News? Back to the new graphics, I love them. Much better than the Cleveland 19 look. I will add that nothing can top "Hometeam 19/43 News" as the most disastrous branding those two stations had. Plus, Dawn Kendrick appears to no longer work at WKYC. Maybe she can return to 19.
  2. Hey, I love it! Keep it up.
  3. In honor of the new logo and name, let's remember the last three-plus years of "Cleveland 19 News" on WOIO with this video: Wouldn't it be funny if the station read a statement on the "Cleveland 19" ear saying "it was all a dream" like Dallas (and even Saturday Night Live) circa 1986? The "Cleveland" branding was the brainchild of the management that was around in 2015, and it never paid off. The news music sounded too similar to what WEWS has been using, the logo and its color scheme reminded people of both the Golden State Warriors and University of Michigan Wolverines, and some of the new anchor teams were boring. The new image seemed to have been built around a team, whose anchors once worked together at WKYC, but only appeared together on WOIO on two newscasts, while those who initially stayed from the "Action News" branding eventually leaving or reassigned to other slots. There were also new morning and midday teams that never quite clicked with viewers, and didn't last very long. Neither did some new reporter hires during those three-plus. Hopefully, "19 News" with throwbacks to "Action News" can find success and get the station (and WUAB) competitive again.
  4. Could Natalie end up at CBS This Morning?
  5. WKYC's director of content has tweeted that the station will air the Kelly Clarkson Show this fall.
  6. WKYC had 5:30 in the early 1980's. Oh, and don't forget ei8ht is News!
  7. I think the new logo looks great. Layout reminds me a bit of ABC 15 in Phoenix, and even WOIO circa 2002-15. It looks they're going back to full on red considering how blue WEWS and WJW are. I love the idea of going back to the "19 News" name. "Cleveland 19" and "Cleveland 19 News" just never clicked. Now I am wondering if there are going to be more changes beyond logos and graphics at WOIO (and WUAB). It's safe to say that the last three-plus years have not been going well for WOIO, and a better branding is needed.
  8. Chris Tye is leaving WKYC after this weekend, while Denise Zarrella left WOIO/WUAB yesterday.
  9. Nick Camino is the new weekend sports anchor at WKYC. He comes from WTAM radio across town. https://www.wkyc.com/article/entertainment/television/wkyc/nick-camino-to-join-wkyc-sports-team/95-e4929180-a2cc-43bc-abc4-4efbda7197fc
  10. How is WKYC doing in the ratings between the morning and evening newscasts?
  11. With WJW winning and dominating every time slot, how did the other three stations do in each slot. I know WKYC might have done better in evenings than in mornings. Their 6pm, 7pm, and 11pm team is way better than their AM team. WEWS is looking a lot better in all slots at the expense of WKYC. WOIO, however, I'm curious with after some of their weeknight anchors had left at the beginning of new year's.
  12. Wasn't Yolanda supposed to have been paired with Jeff Hogan once Jerry Ravish retired if that was to happen? I think Jeff got impatient and bolted for WRAL. Speaking of WSYX, weren't they #2 when WCMH had Duane Pohlman co-anchoring the 5pm news? Just curious, because he was there when Cabot Rea retired from the station around the same time.
  13. Robin Swoboda is returning to Cleveland television and WKYC. She doing to do a YouTube series for them called "Going Rogue," and will interview celebrities and newsmakers. She made the announcement on their morning show earlier today.
  14. MeTime is leaving WUAB and Cleveland after this week. It's current time slot will be replaced by informercials.
  15. WKYC had Duji from the "Rover's Morning Glory" morning show on WMMS-FM fill-in at the anchor desk this morning, and she even gave a weather report as well. https://www.wkyc.com/article/entertainment/television/programs/wkyc-morning-show/duji-of-rovers-morning-glory-joins-wkyc-as-guest-co-host-watch-what-happened/95-84b9b1ac-a6ae-4892-9b2c-ab92fd0f933f?fbclid=IwAR3QINhbqsuFQAWy4C9Zx6Zif2IUnxX183peU18WvciML_Y7oULYiVc7EZI Tomorrow is going to be Robin Swoboda filling in again.
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