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  1. Didn't look like a rerun as it had the new logo.
  2. The funny thing with The Doctors right now is that I saw some of last season's hosts appearing in an episode yesterday. I didn't see the new host at all. I thought Dr. Ian was replacing everyone, but apparently not.
  3. Rob Finnerty is now over at Newsmax, where he is also doing the morning news. Ironically, Rob was briefly paired with Jackie Fernandez on the morning show at WTSP after she left WEWS (she wasn't at the Cleveland station long and her departure got a lot of press).
  4. Frank Wiley has left WEWS from his role as reporter and 5pm co-anchor this past Friday. He announced he's moving to Tampa for a role on a morning newscast, though he did not say which station he's going to. He's not the only person to leave the station as weekend morning meteorologist Bryan Shaw left several weeks ago. He plans to stay in Cleveland.
  5. WOIO seems to be in the ratings basement. Outside of CBS lead-ins, they are dead last. Overall, they are doing horribly. WJW is tops and WEWS is doing well and much better than before. WKYC keeps dropping as a lot of people are not responding to its current approach.
  6. This was posted in the Gray thread, but another one has left WOIO/WUAB. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/2/10/another-cleveland-station-staffer-is-arrested
  7. Turmoil at WOIO in Cleveland! https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/2/10/another-cleveland-station-staffer-is-arrested
  8. My question is how will this impact WDLI and WVPX in the Cleveland/Akron/Canton market? WDLI carried the soon-to-be shut down ION Plus, while WVPX will likely still air ION TV. If ION reduces its hours and with ION Plus going away, what could happen to those two stations? I know they will get separate owners since Scripps is not keeping either of the two. Could WEWS still operate and program them through a JSA (like the situation between WOIO and WUAB from 1994 until 2000)? I can also picture TEGNA or Nexstar making a play for WDLI or WVPX to team up with either WKYC
  9. Some new hires coming to WKYC this month. https://wkycdirectorscut.blogspot.com/2021/01/january-keaton-joins-3news-team-this.html https://wkycdirectorscut.blogspot.com/2021/01/wkyc-adds-jorge-ramos-pantoja-as.html
  10. If there is still a lack of syndicated product for the 2021-22 season, could Sony consider adding daytime repeats of Wheel of Fortune like they do with Jeopardy!? Given that Celebrity Wheel is doing really well on ABC, it could increase demand.
  11. CBS could buy any of the other stations in Cleveland. Nexstar wouldn't give up WJW and neither would Scripps with WEWS. Maybe Tegna might surrender WKYC. Then there's WBNX. Not to mention WVPX and WDLI. The last thing WOIO needs though is another affiliate switch. It was a rough go the first time in 1994. Not sure they would want to repeat it again.
  12. The revolving door continues at WOIO as Kendall Forward is the latest to leave the station.
  13. Unfortunately, WGCL has kept that one female meteorologist who has made the news for all the wrong reasons, including posting a video agreeing with terminations and saying that the revamped morning show was centered around her.
  14. Erin Logan appears to be out at WOIO/WUAB in Cleveland. Her bio is already gone from the WOIO website and Chris Frye was co-anchoring the 5pm and 5:30pm newscasts in what was her spot.
  15. WOIO/WUAB tried adding at least one veteran investigative reporter after Carl Monday left, but it didn't work out too well. First came Alan Cohn from Sarasota, then he quit to try running for office in Florida, yet didn't make a good impression in the newsroom. Then Ronnie Dahl from Detroit was brought in, but was shown the door after only two months. The two stations have not brought in anyone on the same level as those two as of right now.

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