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  1. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    Looks like the new Lunch Break is not doing too well in the ratings, according to FTVLive. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/10/11/this-is-tegna
  2. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    Don't forget Hometeam 19/43, 43 The Block, numerous attempts from WKYC (5:30, Weekday Fever, multiple attempts at a one-hour 6pm newscast), Today's Morning Exchange, any of WEWS' in-house attempts to replace Ted Henry, Cleveland Television News (WOIO and WUAB's merged newsroom circa 1995), and so on. Am I missing anything? Speaking of ei8ht is News, here are commercials from when WJW was transitioning from that branding to FOX 8. Even the announcer was calling it "Fox ei8ht is News."
  3. WJW already has a 4am newscast, meaning they start their morning news from 4am, and it goes until 10am. That alone is six hours. Add in the 3am repeat of the 10pm newscast, and that would be seven hours. Speaking of WJW, they now have the Nexstar closing on their non-news shows too, including The Rizzo Show and The Big Chuck and Lil' John Show. BC and LJ used to have a special closing with "is that all there is?" Not anymore.
  4. At least the current graphics package at WOIO are a lot better than the "Cleveland 19" look and any of the "Action News" looks.
  5. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    Here's the premiere of "Lunch Break" that went over-the-air on WKYC. They are broadcasting the Noon newscast on Channel 3 (or just simply "3") and both its YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages. They will have guest co-hosts joining Jay and Stephanie.
  6. I was thinking more along the lines of shinking the Noon news to a half-hour, or perhaps moving it to a half-hour midday version at 11:30am.
  7. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    And now, here's "Lunch Break with Jay Crawford!"
  8. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    Here's the latest from Cleveland.com on WKYC's new look: https://www.cleveland.com/arts/2019/09/wkyc-studios-attempts-to-bring-a-much-more-informative-breezy-vibe-to-all-of-their-news-formats.html
  9. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    I can see it now. A 2:07 am newscast called "3 News: Let's Go Get Some BBQ and Get Busy" or "3 News: A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich." It would feature TV and movie clips fitting to news stories with popular tunes as news music. It would be dope! (By the way, I'm being sarcastic)
  10. Could WJW end up adding an 11pm newscast under Nexstar ownership, especially with the political dollars coming in?
  11. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    I actually like the Channel 5 logo more than the new Channel 3 logo. Like you said some love it, others hate it. Then there are those who are indifferent, and just want the news. Even Channel 19's current logo (a HUGE improvement over the Cleveland 19 logo, which was the "Cleveland's CBS 19" logo but with a different color scheme that was more of the Wolverines and even the Warriors) is better than 3's new design. That's just my opinion.
  12. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    Hey, if WKYC's new open doesn't work, maybe this could be Plan B: Imagine the anchor teams in this!
  13. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    Now the question is, who will benefit in the ratings if WKYC's new image and format doesn't pan out? WEWS, WJW, or WOIO/WUAB?
  14. CLETVFan

    The "3" Thread

    Now WOIO has gone back to their "Action News" roots sort of. Back to WKYC, here's an article on the new look and design. The comments section is not too kind on the changes. They just want the news. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/09/channel-3-becomes-wkyc-studios-newscasts-get-new-names-in-station-rebrand.html
  15. Oh yes, I remember "EyeOpener." It was such a success that the Dallas station would later copy the approach for its primetime newscast called "NightCap." That one flopped. Did that become "NewsFix?"
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