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  1. This morning they did a report on A.I. and it opened with a clip featuring Deborah Norville. https://youtu.be/OFWuX3XOT5A
  2. Watching the show this morning and Hoda is still out. Hopefully she is alright. Savannah and Sheinelle opened the show but at the 7:30 half hour Sheinelle said that Savannah had to leave so it was her and Al anchoring. Guess they didn’t have anyone else to fill in. Craig was out on the scene. covering the Alex Murdaugh trial. Update: Willie joined the show after she tested positive for COVID.
  3. I think WFMZ 69 will still air it. They air it in prime time every night at 9 and they need programs that aren’t too expensive.
  4. When they did the prime time special, Rick quickly mentioned that Monica had retired. This isn’t the case since she’s now a reporter at Nasdaq so it feels like that something negative happened between her and 6. Yes, she got a farewell mention but it seemed small considering she had been at the station for a long time and had become a popular household name.
  5. https://apnews.com/article/entertainment-arts-and-entertainment-natalie-morales-6ccfeb949e2c9544651f54d2be9942c6 Not a big surprise since she’s now on The Talk.
  6. This morning Frances Wang is anchoring solo.
  7. I’m watching right now on WCAU and am enjoying it. It’s a fast paced newscast. It’s 12:25 and they’ve cut in for “The Line Up” with Sheila Watko.
  8. Tonight they are devoting the whole show to one night of gun violence in America. They had Kate Snow and other reporters around different cities showing things that happened last night.
  9. Brian James was doing the weather this morning. I’ve never seen him before. It looked like he was doing the weather from home with a green screen.
  10. Not sure if it was mentioned elsewhere but the article also mentions that Drew Barrymore will be split into two half hour episodes and that a new 9 a.m. newscast will launch on the CBS O&O’s.
  11. Saw a promo this morning, that they will be celebrating 70 years on Friday. It will be interesting if any people show up. Katie might but would Jane since she’s working for CBS? Bryant? Obviously no Matt and I’m sure clips will be chosen carefully so that he’s not in the picture.
  12. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/chris-wallace-fox-news-channel-departure-1235131514/ Chris Wallace is leaving.
  13. They tried Piers Morgan and it flopped. Joy Behar was on HLN with a similar show and it wasn’t a success either. What host would succeed?
  14. On this morning’s show Peter Alexander said that they were broadcasting from the second floor because work was being done on Studio 1A.
  15. Tom Llamas filled in for Craig this morning.
  16. Tom filled in for Craig this morning on Today.
  17. Just caught the end of the noon newscast and it had a female voiceover saying “brought to you by Patio Enclosures” and then there was a full ad for it. Not sure if 6 has done this before but I haven’t seen it and thought it was strange.
  18. Yes. She was on the ABC O&O’s.
  19. Thanks! I fixed it. Of course I am aware of his hosting duties over at CBS and watch it regularly but someone posted here that he was being persuaded possibly for when his contract was up. I think he would be great and better suited for daytime.
  20. https://pagesix.com/2021/01/25/kelly-clarksons-talk-show-could-take-ellen-degeneres-spot/ I’ve always believed that NBC saw Kelly as a potential replacement for Ellen when she leaves so this makes sense. However, Telepictures wants to keep the 3 P.M. slot on NBC O&O’s and is pushing to get another host. I know James Corden was rumored but I’ve heard he is keen to move back to the UK in a few years due to homesickness.
  21. I don’t know but Erin and Keith will be a strong anchor team and will definitely give them some competition. I think it’s a great move.
  22. They just announced that Erin and Keith are the new anchors of the morning show. Tracy is moving to 4 and 5 in the afternoon.
  23. This morning I saw a promo for a special that they will be running tomorrow following the Eagles Game. They are commemorating 25 years since the changeover from CBS to NBC.
  24. https://deadline.com/2020/07/today-streaming-nbc-peacock-1202984374/ NBC is launching a Today channel that will be available through its new streaming service.
  25. Watched the special and enjoyed it. Even so, as someone else mentioned, they could have done a two hour show and gone into more detail about the history. I thought it was interesting that Monica Malpass was barely mentioned though. With her quick departure a few months ago, it seems like they had a falling out but who knows. Rick mentioned that Monica is retired but that isn’t the case since we know she’s at Nasdaq.
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