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  1. I just got done watching the noon news open....I'm shuddering at the this is WFAA News.
  2. I am so glad they are not doing away with the 8.
  3. At least they aren't trying to do a KYTX and not load the fonts making it look even worse.
  4. And notice....they apparently don't want anyone going to their website because the bug (as far as I could tell) stays on their CBS 19 ident.
  5. Well I can see them using the 8 and the ABC logo part of it, but not the WFAA part. If I remember correctly, didn't ABC tell Belo or Gannett (I don't remember when it was) that WFAA needed to start having the ABC logo prominently in their logo instead of just the 8 logo by itself?
  6. I think it was the simple fact that since KRLD is now owned by Entercom and not CBS, besides the fact of CBS News Radio, they wanted to distance themselves from their former CBS brethren.
  7. Reminds me of when the Dallas Morning News (after WFAA and Belo was sold to Gannett/TEGNA) went to KXAS and now WFAA is partnered with the Star-Telegram.
  8. Maybe it may catch those who just get home from work/caught in traffic but I think it would do better if it was more than just a rebroadcast. I remember when KFWD used to air rebroadcasts of WFAA as well as when KPXD aired rebroadcasts of KXAS....I don't think it'll register much more than a slight blip.
  9. I remember those and....eventually, they just kept cutting the newscasts shorter and shorter until it was just a sports show. I liked the newscast even more than KDAF's News @ Nine.
  10. Wow it has been too long since I've heard a Mattress Giant commercial. I remember hearing those every day especially with the "Oooh Ahhh" smh wow
  11. I didn't realize Jim Douglas was at KXAS as well. Is it just me or has just about everyone been with at least 2 of the 3 majors in DFW (KXAS, KDFW & WFAA) except for Clarice at KDFW?
  12. I always figured that to be WFAA's unofficial title...especially after the Kennedy assassination (although I wasn't around then). With them being Belo's flagship, it suited them...and even now being owned by Tegna, I can see them being the regional leader for Tegna. (More on that idea in a few)
  13. Thank you!!
    1. Georgie56


      You're welcome! Hope you like it here!
  14. Very similar here in Dallas....and yes I know 3 out of the 4 primary stations are O&Os but even before KTVT & KXAS were O&Os, they were still referred to as CBS 11 and NBC 5. The only station that is not referred to by its' network is WFAA. It's always been Channel 8 as long as I can remember. However, I do know that before KDFW became FOX 4 it was also referred to as Channel 4 with no CBS identifier.
  15. Here is a link to the video with Brandi: http://www.thedailybeast.com/watch-houston-tv-crew-saves-truck-drivers-life?source=twitter&via=desktop
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