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  1. Antop 800SBS, Antop 400BV, and Marathon Plus are similar variations of the same antenna. Good compact design with good reception reliability. With a UHF flat panel and VHF dipole and indoor stand. The 800SBS has an internal amplifier with adjustable gain, whereas the 400BV allows for an external amplifier. The Marathon has a built in amplifier but does not have adjustable gain. Larger antennas that perform well include Clearstream 4V/4MAX from Antennas Direct, and the classic 8bay antenna from Channel Master, model 4228HD Extremetenna.. The Channel Master is optimized for UHF but can also rece
  2. Also at WCNC in Charlotte anchor Bill McGinty signed off and announced his retirement after 32 years in the news business. Sounds like a sudden move not previously announced, but it seemed it may have been his choice and not a Tegna decision. He was at WCNC for 10 years as an afternoon and fill in anchor and consumer/ investigative reporter, known for his Get McGinty reports. Sad to see good, strong seasoned talent depart WCNC.
  3. Yes Carolyn Bruck is back, after her 2nd extended leave of absence in several years. Not sure if it was for health or personal reasons, or contract negotiations. But nevertheless she had developed a popular following, and had a good relationship and chemistry with coanchor Ben Thompson on the early show. Not sure why she was moved to evenings, but I guess it would be considered a promotion of sorts. I hope Sarah French remains on the morning news as she is a talented journalist and anchor, and has also developed a good rapport with Ben Thompson. Sarah was originally the evening anchor before
  4. WBTV-3 already puts a very strong signal into much of Western NC and Upstate SC, well beyond the official Charlotte market. In fact their signal comes in strong just like a local channel in Spartanburg and extends into Greenville. But of course WHNS will bring more Upstate SC focused news as WBTV focuses more on the main Charlotte metro.
  5. And I am not sure why they spent all the time and money building a nice new set only to have the talent doing live stand up shots from the parking lot and calling it a "satellite center." You can see the big dishes in the background. But seems a bit phony baloney to me. We never see any wide shots from inside the studio, nor the use of monitor walls or any other aspects of the new set. Just the tight shot of the 2 anchors in front of the video wall. Seems like they would showcase more. And a bit confusing as they are still using the FOX46 branding but some of the promos say FOX Charlotte.
  6. So far we have only seen a limited view of the 2 anchors sitting at the main desk in front of the big monitor screen that shows a live view of the skyline. Would be nice to see more of the set. And perhaps they will eventually use the nice monitor wall seen in that above YouTube video. Seems to be a slow transition so far without any publicity.
  7. At 4:00 they were in the new studio. But still old FOX graphics and FOX46 branding. Maybe they did have last minute change of mind. We'll see. As for the studio, so far it has a big monitor wall behind the desk with what may be a live cam pic of the Charlotte skyline. Need to see a bit more.
  8. Lindsay Clein may end up anchoring the noon news and 4pm as apparently Page Fehling is leaving at the end of the month. According to front page story in today's Observer. Supposedly family reasons but the revolving door at Nexstar continues.
  9. They are still heavily running FOX46 news promos Sunday night. So we'll see if they indeed change to FOX Charlotte on Monday. Maybe they wised up and decided to stay FOX46 as they are well known.
  10. Looking forward to the new set, but do not care for the rebranding. They should stay FOX46 as they are well known. And what has happened to Lindsay Clein? Seems like an abrupt departure for no good reason. But that seems to be the Nexstar pattern lately at WJZY.
  11. Well I hope they reconsider and keep the branding FOX46 instead of changing to FOX Charlotte. And I hope the Nexstar graphics look good because I think the current FOX graphics look very good an don't necessarily need to be changed. But i know they often change graphics when a new set debuts.
  12. Cherokee County is officially Greenville-Spartanburg/Asheville market, but Charlotte TV signals are very strong and carried on cable there. WBTV, WCNC, and WJZY broadcast from 2000 ft. towers in Gaston County west of Charlotte, so they put a very strong signal into Upstate SC that reaches into portions of Greenville County where I formerly resided in Mauldin before moving to Spartanburg County. WSOC and WCCB also reach Spartanburg if you have a decent antenna, and WSOC also has a translator on Crowder's Mtn. that reaches Spartanburg. I'm not sure how news ratings measure antenna viewers, and t
  13. Well if you use an antenna, most Charlotte signals are easily received in Spartanburg, especially WBTV, WCNC, and WJZY. And WSOC and WCCB also come in. WSOC even has a translator for an additional signal. And WBTV especially is super strong just like a local signal. So there is overlapping coverage if folks choose to watch. But cable/sat services dropped Charlotte years ago, despite antenna availability. Ironically 13-WLOS from Asheville is difficult to receive, and it is the primary DMA. But I get ABC via WSOC very easily.
  14. Ted Phaeton may have overlapping viewers from Upstate SC as he moves from one studio on I-85 up to another, as he is leaving WHNS-21 FOX Carolina to join WJZY in Charlotte. Both WHNS and WJZY overlap antenna signals in Spartanburg County and parts of Greenville County. He has previously hosted morning news and weather on WHNS. I guess he will be the replacement for Nick Kosir, the popular "dancing weatherman" who departed. Now I wonder if a Charlotte station will try to lure evening anchor Cody Alcorn from WHNS, as he is one of the more popular GSP/AVL personalities.
  15. Lazy, bland and generic. Doesn't provide an identifier for what station you are watching. Both the channel number and call letters are missing. Only the national network is identified. Not sure how this helps them promote a local news product that is just now gaining some traction, new set or not. Not a fan of this new branding. I like the current FOX graphics package that Nexstar inherited, but I guess they will change that too. And I am speculating we may see all the big changes on Tuesday.
  16. The strongest legacy analog branding is indeed Channel 3 and Channel 9, with 18, 36, and 46 a bit weaker. And WBTV does identify more by the call letters, although the 3 remains prominent in the logo. I would say Channel 9 used by WSOC is the most prominent channel number branding. And the Circle 9 logo is classic, and one of the first and best looking in the country. However, WJZY has always been well known as Channel 46, so I don't quite understand why they would want to drop this identifier. I guess they don't want to look like a FOX O&O anymore, I don't know. But their current FOX logo
  17. They probably want to de-emphasize FOX based national reporting in favor or Nexstar regional reporting or their NewsNation brand. But they should keep the familiar FOX46 identifier. FOX Charlotte is very generic and does not indicate or promote the channel/station you are watching.
  18. Well looks like I will be disappointed with the rebranding. New promos indicate the FOX46 logo is being replaced by FOX Charlotte, which was previously used by WCCB back when they had the FOX affiliation. Disappointing since WJZY has always been known as channel 46, from the independent days and through the UPN and CW eras. While 46 does not quite have the legacy branding of WBTV channel 3 and WSOC-TV channel 9, it is still familiar, especially to those of us who watch via an antenna. I generally dislike when stations drop their channel numbers from their branding. I was also disappointed when
  19. The Today Show had the best combination of personalities with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric and then Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera. But Ann Curry was an excellent reporter and news anchor. And I miss Kathie Lee Gifford on the 4th hour, and I appreciate the way they allowed the legend Regis Philbin to make guest appearances. But I agree the best morning show now is CBS This Morning.
  20. Same in Charlotte at WSOC which is also branded Channel 9 Eyewitness News. The 11pm show is still WSOC Tonight, however all other graphics indicate Eyewitness News. I think their current graphics upgraded last fall look good.
  21. Glad to hear the update. Sounds like they continue to expand and improve news coverage. Hope they keep the branding FOX46. Well established and no need to revert back to FOX Charlotte or something like that. And the current FOX graphics package looks good so they should leave that alone. And don't see the need to change the call letters.
  22. I think the news product has continued to improve at WJZY under Nexstar. I am just a bit perplexed why they have lost some good talent, although they have recently hired some good talent as well. I guess things just evolve. As for the set delay, perhaps it's supply chain issues. And then they have to train the talent for the new set, particularly if it is more of a stand up set, which remains to be seen. I do like their regional news coverage from sister stations in the Carolinas, such as WSPA, WGHP, and WNCN. And national coverage as well.
  23. More top talent leaving WJZY. Just saw last show for sports anchor Josh Sims. Sports coverage is good on WJZY, so not sure why he is leaving. Nor why popular weatherman Nick Kosir left. Or morning anchor Brigida Mack. Or investigative reporter Matt Grant. Why can't Nexstar keep their top talent? While the news product seems to be improving, it just seems to be a revolving door over there. And still waiting on the new set.
  24. Raycom installed nice new sets at flagships WBTV amd WWBT a few years before the sale to Gray. They are nice, modern style with a big background monitor wall and are both very similar. But some of the other stations need upgrading.
  25. Thanks for the clarification, I thought I read it was designed by FX but perhaps it was their previous set or some other Nexstar station. But it does have a modern look with multiple monitors. But do we know who is designing the WJZY set?

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