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  1. Thanks for the clarification, I thought I read it was designed by FX but perhaps it was their previous set or some other Nexstar station. But it does have a modern look with multiple monitors. But do we know who is designing the WJZY set?
  2. Nexstar also took a long time building the new set for WSPA, which finally debuted back in December after almost 5 months. There were supply chain issues, and they had to await shipment of robotic cameras. And they had to train the talent for staging in the new studio, which is more of a stand up set rather than a traditional sit down anchor desk. It has a modern look with multiple monitor walls and I believe it was designed by FX. Not sure what the issue may be at WJZY or who has designed the new set. But I hope they still have a sit down anchor desk. And speaking of which, I don't understand
  3. WLNK remains Hot AC, now rebranded as Mix 107.9 rather than The Link. Afternoon hosts Matt and Ramona moved to mornings and former hosts Bob and Sheri have now moved to Beasley owned K-04.7, with more of a variety hits format. Speculated flip on 107.9 has not yet occurred, just a temporary tweak to see if ratings improve. But since 107.9 remains one of Charlotte's strongest radio signals, I could see Urban One making further changes down the road if ratings remain stagnant.
  4. I understand they are also moving their broadcast transmission tower from DC to Bethesda in Maryland.
  5. WSOC now uses the same graphics package on all newscasts, including the circle 9 logo. They discontinued the different graphics they had for 11pm, although the late show is still branded WSOC Tonight. All other newscasts still identify as their legacy Channel 9 Eyewitness News, which is a good decision as the station is historically best known as either Channel 9 or Eyewitness News, rather than by the call letters WSOC. They remain the top Charlotte newscast and do the best job with live coverage of breaking news, especially with chopper coverage. Recently they had exclusive coverage of a poli
  6. Yes that was my point, not sure why they would want to shake up a seemingly successful program that was apparently gaining viewers. They had a good combination of personalities and nice balance of news, interviews and features. Now it is mostly news as they seemed to have phased out some of the interviews and cooking segments. And no more live reports from FOX News, although I knew that would change after FOX sold out to Nexstar.
  7. This remains a key question, as Urban One does not seem like a typical producer of conservative talk radio. Most of their stations have an urban format with a more diverse listening audience. But changes have already begun down the hall on the FM dial at sister station 107.9-WLNK, which also was acquired in the Urban One deal. Longtime morning show hosts Bob and Sheri are leaving after almost 30 years at their original flagship station, as a format change is expected. Speculation is Urban One may move some of their current programming from 92.7 or 105.3 over to 107.9, which has a much stronger
  8. Well if they let him go that seems like a big mistake by Nexstar. He was one of their more popular personalities and did a good job with an entertaining style weather segment that seemed well suited for the morning show. They previously had a good mix of hosts for the morning program, but now have lost Nick Kosir along with Chuck Roads, Paige Fehling and Brigida Mack. Not sure why they wanted to dismantle a good team that seemed to be working well. But holdover Jason Harper and Ann Wyatt Little seem to make a good team moving forward, so we shall see. But the show now seems to be more news ori
  9. WJZY has been on the temp set in the newsroom since February. Wonder when the new studio is set to debut. I would guess perhaps in time for the May ratings period. Meanwhile WSOC looks decent but dated. They should be next to upgrade, perhaps similar to flagship WSB in Atlanta which is more modern and impressive. But I think Nexstar continues to do a good job upgrading the news product at WJZY and hopefully the new set will be an improvement.
  10. I think WSOC should be next to build a new set. Their current set debuted in 2012, so it is almost 10 years old. Although they modified the skyline backdrop about 2 years ago. It looks decent but dated. Needs something more modern like Cox flagship WSB in Atlanta.
  11. I thought the WJZY set which FOX had recently renovated looked good. They had a nice scenic backdrop news desk, a video wall stand up area, a sit down interview area, and the old kitchen area for the morning show. But I guess Nexstar has other plans. I wonder if it will look similar to WSPA in Spartanburg which has a lot of video walls designed by FX. As for the graphics, the current FOX package looks sharp and I hope they don't change it. And the temp set up in the newsroom actually looks pretty good. I guess we'll see what the future brings.
  12. I like the current FOX graphics package, but I am unfamiliar with the Nexstar version. But the Nexstar graphics on WSPA are a bit large and overbearing. I get both WJZY and WSPA OTA in Spartanburg with a very strong signal, as WJZY recently boosted their power post repack. But my preference from Charlotte is WSOC then WBTV, and fortunately WSOC has a western translator. WBTV also has a strong signal here, just like a local, and I can also get WCNC. But WYFF is the much better NBC affiliate. But both WSOC and WYFF coud use a new set, IMO, as they both look a bit dated. The new set Hearst built
  13. A short tenure as apparently Morgan Norwood was released after accidentally using the F-word on the air. They had moved longtime morning host Page Fehling to the new noon and 4pm newscasts, and Norwood was the replacement on the morning show. She was a recent hire from ABC O&O WTVD in Raleigh/Durham. Not sure why Nexstar wanted to risk changing an established talent mix in the morning, where Page Fehling and Jason Harper had good chemistry, and they released former WBTV anchor Brigida Mack and veteran traffic reporter Chuck Roads as strong support personalities. Not sure the logic here, bu

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