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  1. So WFAA will do an 8.4 channel. At least they're keeping AccuWeather.
  2. ...and a few less Christmas decorations to take down
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I really wasn't aware of the exact details other than here-one-day-gone-the-next. Guess I could have looked closer at unclebarky's site, he's usually pretty good at getting departure info. Archer was an asset to KXAS' newscasts, and it's too bad he's not there anymore.
  4. That was too bad that KXAS lost him, he was really good.
  5. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/technology/2017/12/07/irving-based-tv-station-owner-nexstar-buys-digital-video-ad-firm-90-million Nexstar is acquiring LKQD Technologies, a digital video advertising firm.
  6. I wonder how much of this is Shipp really wanting to be in public office, and how much of it is Tegna continuing to trim long-time (cough-highly-paid-cough) staff at their stations.
  7. Sometimes a great notion.... https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/185199538/nancy-zieman
  8. http://www.cbs19.tv/mobile/article/news/cbs19-is-brand-new-in-the-mornings/485419384 KYTX has made changes to its morning show after the departure of previous co-anchor Clint Yeatts. The news show will now be dubbed "The Morning Loop" (other than KYTX being located on Loop 323 in Tyler, I'm not sure why that name). A new co-anchor, Mike Davis, will join recently-promoted Jen Moynihan (previously a weekend anchor at KYTX); the new anchors and new name will begin Oct. 30.
  9. After 34 years in TV, Clint Yeatts has called it a day. He spent many years in the Tyler-Longview market; much of them at KLTV, but more recently co-anchoring the morning news on KYTX. His last broadcast was this morning. He has accepted a position with a Tyler accounting firm, and will still do shows for 2 Tyler area radio stations. http://www.cbs19.tv/mobile/article/news/local/clint-yeatts-signs-off-the-air-after-34-years/483060220
  10. >woah-d'oh!< Where's my Dramamine? Is that supposed to be a newscast, or a bad amusement ride? >ugh< #nightmarenews If that's all I've got to choose from, I'll stick to the stills and articles on the website.
  11. During NBC's primetime schedule on March 9, 1987, their list of affiliates grew by one, as KETK-56 made its debut that night. With the addition to the Tyler-Longview market, there was finally a standalone NBC affiliate there after 33 years of KLTV's cherry-picking (they and sister KTRE could air anything from any net until KLMG (now Fox affil KFXK) came along with CBS, then 2 1/2 years later, KETK snatched up NBC). The past 3 decades have been eventful: original license-holder filed bankruptcy, call letters changed after that, broadcast tower damaged by ice before completion, a construction worker fell off the microwave-ENG tower at the station and died before that tower was done, a tornado hit the studios building 8 months after KETK went on the air, 4 years later the station left its COL city for a former men's clothing store building in Tyler, later on after ownership changes KETK ends up sharing the building with former competitor KFXK, as well as the acquisition several months ago of the station(s) by Nexstar. Well, never a dull moment as they say, so happy 30th anniversary to KETK-56!
  12. Wow, I didn't realize... thanks for the update.
  13. That would have to be the first time I've seen a Fox station locally alter the network logo like that.
  14. That's either a very heavy necklace or quite a bulky jump rope...
  15. IIRR, unclebarky.com has reported lower ratings the last couple of sweeps for WFAA's newscasts.
  16. KYTX has sure gone the cheapie-cheap/whos-that route at 6 & 10. Not the way to go up against KLTV, I'm afraid. Meanwhile, at least WFAA isn't quite that bad, but oh has there been the revolving door there since the sale (not that the other north TX news stations haven't had their own dizzying amounts of talent changes lately).
  17. From what I've read locally, AT&T felt that time was of the essence in making (and announcing?) a deal, before any other suitors could come along and scoop up TimeWarner. I don't know if the election, or its proximity to a merger deal date, was considered as a factor.
  18. I could maybe see doing this if it were a scene filmed for a movie, but a local TV news setup? Sorry, I don't get it. If TV stations are getting their budgets cut, wouldn't this kind of arrangement add expense and complication for a news department? Plus, didn't I hear that technology for TV stations is available (or coming along) and more advanced than what green-screens do and offer?
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