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  1. Well, at least you don't look like your avatar.... right?
  2. Wow, amazing. A station actually *welcoming* a news veteran, and not trying to shove him out the door (rocking chair optional).... Congrats Mr. Bibb. Cleveland is lucky and fortunate to have you.
  3. Moonves may not be a celebrity, but he's been one of the more out-in-front and interviewed heads of CBS, probably ever. He appeared several times on Tom Snyder's Late Late Show back in the late 1990s. As for Chen's statement, it made me think of recent mess about supposed out-of-house behavior on the part of Wendy Williams' husband. Commenters are always wanting her to bring the issue up on her talk show, but it would be more than quite sticky if she did--her husband is co-EP of the talk show, is part of the team in her production company, and collaborates with her on several business ventu
  4. They had a USFL team for a minute didn't they? The Generals, or something? Too many dust bunnies on the brain I guess
  5. Evans retired in 1993 so it was beforehand. I didn't realize he'd been at Ch.4 that long. Sad to lose someone like him, but he had a long career, and retired on his own terms (especially without someone higher up telling him he's too old/long in the the tooth/overpaid, like what is likely happening now).
  6. Sony ended up with the rights to the older Pyramids? Didn't know that.
  7. So, now that the bidding war seems to be over, what will Disney do with all the assets? Keep the channels the same (names, content, etc) or not? Studio run separate and named different? Will be interesting. Hope they don't pull the plug on some of the shows being produced.
  8. I wonder how far into other markets Start TV will get, especially those with little to no room for more diginets, and/or those affected by repacking.
  9. Some switches *still* have some unsettled dust (Detroit and Atlanta among them). Some affected markets turned out better than others in that regard. You hear stories later on of stations that _could have_ switched and didn't but were approached about it, like KXAS was by CBS during the mid-1990s big switches. Even though there have been national ratings wins over the years by both CBS and NBC, KXAS was better off not to switch. There is something to be said for stability.
  10. Hard to believe Tim is at a "retirement" age. He sure looked young when he did weather in DFW. Good luck to him... hope he finds something fulfilling.
  11. I can see having 2 if there's a special/severe situation, but in regular plain-vanilla weather days, the #2 would have to do something else (a-la Samantha on KXAS) like swap out every other weather segment, or one be there while the other gets a swig of something or goes to the bathroom.
  12. The 4am start is one thing, but the additional hour to 10am is probably a bit much. Since Kelly & Ryan will move to 10am, it will be interesting to see what KDFW does at 11am. Wendy? The Real? I guess Uncle Barky didn't know that one yet.
  13. Hanna Battah, most recently in Bakersfield at KBAK/KBFX, has been snagged by KDFW to anchor their Saturday/Sunday Good Day newscasts. She starts June 11. http://www.star-telegram.com/entertainment/article211737604.html
  14. The way those build-ups were, I figured the station would have them doing the whole newscast. Oh well.
  15. These posts make me think about who could "reunite" in the north TX market. The group that goes back the farthest that's all still "with us", would have to be WFAA's Tracy Rowlett, Iola Johnson, Troy Dungan, and Verne Lundquist. I very highly doubt that WFAA would do that kind of thing next year (their 70th), especially since they feel that Tracy Rowlett's departure was a salt-in-the-wound moment. The other stations don't have any group that goes that far back or more without someone who's passed on. So, cheers to WBZ!
  16. KDFW used Eyewitness News during part of the 1970s, while KXAS tried out the Action News label in the late 1970s-early 1980s, but that was it. No station in north TX has used either brand since. KYTX tried the Eyewitness News branding when it launched in 2004, but I don't think it lasted a year. No Tyler/Longview station has used either brand before or since. Most stations seem to be in the "(call letters) News" phase (as WFAA just changed to) or "(network) (channel #) News", with a few exceptions. KVII in Amarillo just started using the "ABC 7 News" label since being acquired (by
  17. I wondered if the DFW market would see 4a starts or if they would be steadfast at 4:30a. I have noticed that rush hour traffic does start picking up between 4:30a and 5a. But why change starting on a Wednesday?? Hard to believe it's been nearly 8 years since KDFW led the way to 4:30a.
  18. I'd been hearing lately on KRLD several of the weather reports coming from KXAS' meteorologists instead of from KTVT, as well as a recent news report that came from a KXAS reporter. Too bad, but I guess it was somebody's business decision. The KTVT tie-in didn't seem like one that needed to go, but I guess having KXAS as a next choice will work out also.
  19. Huh? A Sinclair station that's 'united' *and* is part of a 'healthy dialogue'?? Amazing.
  20. I wonder if this news will do any better in the ratings than the KTXA newscasts did.
  21. According to the article, $650 million.
  22. Wendy revealed on her show yesterday, that after a recent visit to her endocrinologist, that doctor has decided that Wendy must take another 3 weeks off besides her recent days off for illness. She has Grave's disease and has had thyroid issues. So, more 'encore presentations'...
  23. According to this map I found, it doesn't quite get to the TX line; McCurtain Co., OK and the SW counties of AR that border TX are part of Shreveport-Texarkana.
  24. Also, Wendy took some days off because of illness. This is supposedly the first time in her talk show's 9 seasons that she has been off other than weeks when the show goes on hiatus or vacation.
  25. http://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/distribution/wendy-williams-comes-bounce/171845 Bounce TV will start airing same-day reruns of Wendy Williams' talk show, starting March 5. The article claims that this is the first time a deal like this has been made with a multicast (a-k-a diginet) network. The article doesn't say if Wendy will still air on BET or if there are any other changes to that arrangement. Bounce will air Wendy at 11p ET/10p CT.

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