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  1. So strange how they and the Dallas Morning News treat him. It's almost as if the DMN thought he'd just dry up and blow away when they showed him the door years ago. The other DFW stations don't seem to mind Uncle Barky that much. And stupid, since he can get the information elsewhere that they think they are blocking from him. It reminds me of hearing how Tracy Rowlett was excluded from the framed pictures of past/present on-air talent in the lobby of WFAA. Very parched-earth, very very sour grapes.
  2. So weird that in all of their 14 years, they've never had midday news on KYTX. They've dubbed it The Noon Show.
  3. The forum at AARoads.com would love this....
  4. (cross-post from Out & About...) Latest local ratings report after WFAA's first GMA Day airing, and midday news move to 11am: http://www.unclebarky.com/dfw_files/f2b5f10d183240fce6f2b0bcb2e69c52-4270.html WFAA's GMA Day airing was 3rd in its slot, while their midday news at 11am was 4th in that slot.
  5. Latest local ratings report after WFAA's first GMA Day airing, and midday news move to 11am: http://www.unclebarky.com/dfw_files/f2b5f10d183240fce6f2b0bcb2e69c52-4270.html 1. Y&R; B&B (KTVT) 2. Noon news; TMZ (KDFW) 3. GMA Day (WFAA) 4. Days of Our Lives (KXAS) The WFAA midday news at 11 was fourth, but the other 3 in the top 3 weren't listed, but were likely a mix of KXAS' midday news, KTVT's midday news and first 1/2 of Y&R, and Wendy in her relocated timeslot on KDFW.
  6. More of the loss of Morning Dose and NewsFix: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/jobs/2018/09/11/permanent-job-cuts-cw-33-kdaf-tv-after-decision-cancel-morning-dose-show http://www.unclebarky.com/dfw_files/aaa1694d222f4046384746852a24d89c-4267.html Bark says last Wednesday's Morning Dose was 'hashmarks' in the local ratings.
  7. IIRR, Uncle Barky's blog has had postings referring to some ratings for KDAF's news (current iteration or previous, I'm not sure) as 'hashmarks', basically not even enough audience to register.
  8. Poor Jenny Anchondo wasn't at KDAF very long after bailing from KDFW, wonder what she'll do now. Meanwhile, >yay!< the unwatchable newscasts have finally been put out of their misery. It would be nice if this actually led to a return to a set of traditional newsgathering and presentation, but I guess I won't be holding any breath over it.
  9. http://www.fox4news.com/news/man-arrested-after-crashing-truck-into-fox4-building-in-downtown-dallas https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2018/09/05/pickup-crashes-into-front-of-dallas-television-station-building/ https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Truck-Reportedly-Intentionally-Crashes-Into-Fox-4-Studios-in-Dallas-492482871.html More pics and video, including the driver (aka the next contestant at the jail down the street)....
  10. Thanks for the update J. I wasn't a regular All My Children viewer then so I wasn't aware that was the timeslot situation on WFAA.
  11. I wondered what WFAA would do since all I'd heard about timeframes for "GMA Day" was Noon central-time at the earliest, and a show like that you really can't get away with time-shifting like with entertainment or reality programming. IINM, this will be the first time ever that WFAA has aired a midday newscast at a time other than noon.
  12. Just checked KLTV and KFDA, neither website has flipped their switch yet.
  13. So far, no one (KXAS, WFAA, KTVT) has announced any plans to expand their morning shows to 4am; they all seem content for now, starting at 4:30am. I know why, but IMO, a 6-hour morning show is just overkill, really.
  14. I just checked last night if TitanTV or any other online listing would know what KDFW would do when the expanded Good Day starts on September 4. Local media reported that Live! would shift to 10am, but nothing else was said. According to TitanTV, KDFW is shifting Wendy to 11am and The Real at 1pm. Looks like Dr. Oz is staying and will shift to Harry's slot at 2pm.
  15. 3pm news?!? At this rate, Houston (and likely DFW eventually) won't have to wait much longer for a 24-hour or all-day local news source.
  16. Austin, DFW, and Tyler/Longview are the only TX markets not listed on the P&B site. I'm sure somehow, that north, east, and central TX will survive without them. Somehow.
  17. One website? I've not seen or heard of one before. You get scattered reports from industry mags, local papers, and blogs, but it's very likely that's as much as you can hope for, for now. Especially since a certain firm named Nielsen likes to be tight-fisted with their data.
  18. I wonder what Nexstar could do with KDAF, after their mixed approach to news up to now--and Nexstar (strangely) never having owned a station in its own area before.
  19. Well, now, 'never' is a long time, but likely in some ways, you're right. Other than not having a general-purpose alternate like NY1 or the new Spectrum L.A. news channel, DFW does fair-to-pretty good with quality and availability of news. There should be more than the big 4 English-language/big 2 Spanish-language for news in north TX (including a WPIX/WGN/KTLA-quality CW station), but still... For DFW to not have any more than it does, you still see veteran anchors/reporters moving up the food chain to the networks from there.
  20. It's too bad, but 4 1/2 years is a long time for a news & local show on a diginet-subchannel. Most news in the DFW area that was made for (or repeated on) an indie or subchannel there hasn't lasted very long.
  21. He does pretty well with Pyramid, but on interviews, ehhh, not so much.
  22. OK, you whippersnappers... try halfway through 53. You'll be wanting that 20 or 30 back, I'm sure.
  23. Wow, not pompous or full of himself at all. Sounds like Jason is really down to earth. He would be deserving of the chair (if they let him sit ); at least he wouldn't be one of the new crop of no-name who's-that talking heads that are coming along at some stations.....

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