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  1. Yet another episode of If It Isn't Broke, Don't Fix It.
  2. The first thing that comes to mind, oddly enough, is Aldi, if they had a single-color logo. One of the big stations in a sizable market, and they go the SMH route. Would be good to see if the station actually caves from all the reaction and tries again with another logo.
  3. Looks like RabbitEars did the dreaded listing for us.... https://www.rabbitears.info/search.php?request=network_search&network=Court+TV
  4. Currently, in Dallas-Fort Worth, KDFW airs Access at 6:30pm, while KXAS shows Extra then. If KDFW starts airing Extra in the fall, wouldn't KXAS be interested in having Access (an NBCU show) on to replace Extra since KDFW wouldn't have the 6:30pm slot available to air Access anymore? The only timeframes KDFW would have for Access, were it to be retained, would be mid-afternoon before Judge Judy, or late late at night after the news and TMZ and Dish Nation. I can't see some dumb true-crime thing doing any better up against the other mags and Wheel.
  5. Ooops. Guess I haven't been keeping up, but Tegna hasn't exactly made them get rid of the hashtag, either.
  6. KXAS has found its replacement for the departed Mark Fein on their morning news. It's Laura Harris, who comes to Fort Worth by way of Atlanta, Charleston (SC), and Tampa. She will co-anchor with longtime KXASer Deborah Ferguson, making up a rare all-female anchor team in the market. https://www.guidelive.com/tv/2019/04/29/laura-harris-nbc5-kxas-channel-5-new-anchor-two-woman-morning-show
  7. KYTX has changed their morning show branding since being part of Tegna, to The Morning Loop. Initially a head-scratcher, but in a slight way it's catchy, as the station is located on Loop 323 (basically a big circular street that surrounds Tyler) at one of its major intersections. I guess you can also think of it as being "in the loop" when you get up in the morning and watch their news. Meanwhile, up the road, WFAA's Daybreak kept their name after being Tegna-ed but makes a huge deal of their hashtag, #IAMUP.
  8. I kept telling some of the Facebook and YouTube commenters just how intertwined Wendy and Mr. Hunter have been regarding the show, her production company, and oh yes--something I've forgotten--the Hunter Foundation, their charity. So, in many ways, Wendy spilling any/all of her own "tea" could have been disastrous for her situation, her show, and the charity. Some were like, "oh yeah, haven't thought of that..." while others weren't ready to stop calling for Wendy to finally be verbal about her own life and situation. The divorce won't be quick, or simple. But Wendy already sounds happier. And, another thing, she revealed this past week she'll be leaving the confines of that sober house she's been staying at in Queens.
  9. 1 or 2, maybe. Definitely less than 5. Without knowing the full scoop, I'm guessing the reason that most exist is that Colgate-Palmolive must have had them archived prior to NBC getting control of the show in 1980. SFM Entertainment was given the syndication deal rights by Colgate-Palmolive/Channelex, and for quite a while they said they were working on a rerun deal. The rampant rumor was that SFM was in talks with Hallmark Channel. But that never materialized. Then suddenly news came that Retro TV got the rerun rights. The airings started, not at the first of the series in April 1963, but in December 1967. I asked a big-wig with SFM about the time of the start of the reruns what timeframe would be the start of the episodes. He said that they were concerned that starting them any earlier than with the December 1967 eps would bring tape quality into play. There was talk initially that there could be a DVD release (or releases) but so far, just the reruns on Retro TV have been what's available to see. They've double-run them since the start, around 5 years ago. If my figuring is correct, the 1977 episodes are likely what is on now. When the news came out that SFM had practically all the episodes of The Doctors, I was astounded. It would be wonderful if other shows, including Another World and The Edge of Night, were suddenly available in full (or nearly), but as of now, thanks to NBC and Procter & Gamble (and CBS/ABC in Edge's case) and their short-sightedness, we have what we have.
  10. Not only has "Big Kev" been shown the door at Wendy, but Wendy is already talking during Hot Topics in the past week by referring to herself as "single", and to her immediate family as "me and my son". So even though the divorce surely isn't final yet, in her mind and on her show, Wendy has moved on. She's even getting contacted for dates and outings already, including by DJ Boof--her show's DJ.
  11. ...which is still being re-run on Retro TV. Currently it is the only past soap getting re-run. I can't believe that almost all the episodes were saved.
  12. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/its-one-and-done-for-face-the-truth
  13. I wonder how this will affect Wendy's talk show, since "Big Kev" is an executive producer, as well as a major part of her production company. https://pagesix.com/2019/04/11/wendy-williams-files-for-divorce-from-husband-kevin-hunter/
  14. >ugh<.... I'd really like my :53 back. Low. Point. If WFAA does this, Marty Haag really will spin in his grave.
  15. Interesting. I wonder how many other stations (radio, TV, etc) would consider a solar array.
  16. WFAA's Dale Hansen has received the Lifetime Achievement award from the Radio Television Digital News Association, in a ceremony this week in Washington. https://www.dmagazine.com/frontburner/2019/03/dale-hansen-came-prepared-to-accept-his-lifetime-achievement-award/
  17. Just checked KDFW's site, this is much better than what they did have.
  18. (There's already movement for next fall, so here's a thread for the new season.) Looks like all that work Jerry O'Connell did standing in for Wendy on her show (recent months, as well as a year or so ago after her fainting spell), has finally paid off--at least initially. Debmar-Mercury (a production partner on Wendy) and Funny or Die are collaborating on Jerry O, a new comedy bits/celebrity interviews show, which is getting a 3-week test-run on several Fox O/O stations. It begins August 12. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/jerry-oconnell-talk-show-fox-1203159960/ https://deadline.com/2019/03/jerry-oconnell-talk-comedy-show-jerry-o-fox-stations-test-run-1202573094/
  19. As the Revolving Door Spins....
  20. Three recent departure announcements in Dallas-Fort Worth: * Lexie Houghtaling, a KXAS reporter, is leaving after 2 years. * MaryAnn Martinez, a KTVT reporter, is leaving after less than 2 years. * Edward Egros, sports reporter/anchor at KDFW, is leaving after 5 1/2 years. None of the reports reveal where any of the talent is going, to another station or to do something else.
  21. >ugh!< Oh well. IMO, ads like that are better off being pesky online banner ads, but they didn't ask me. At least the combined company doesn't result in forced slanted news reports given to every station they own, or other similar ridiculous mandates.
  22. I read this in the last couple of days on one of the major soap news sites. Most comments I've seen since are either yeah-right or I'll-know-it-when-I-see-it, or similar. It's been a while since their broadcast finales (All My Children in 2011, One Life to Live in 2012) so there would be some storyline catching-up to do. Who from the casts would be available? Good question. Is Susan Lucci wanting a regular acting grind again? Or Erika Slezak? Would it be on TV, online, or both? The big *big* question: production costs. Will they have to resort to the mass improvising that Guiding Light had to do before it was cancelled (taping shows with small non-studio-traditional cameras, using offices and basement storage space at CBS as sets, taping on location in a small hamlet like Peapack, NJ, etc.)? It would be nice to see a cancelled soap come back (there are at least 2 I'd like to see again, but, oh well....), but a lot of moving parts would have to come together and Disney (because ABC owns the rights to the 2 soaps) would want to see revenue. There are many soap fans out there that want those 2 and other cancelled soaps back. Too bad there aren't some good writers out there that can write AMC or OLTL or soaps in general, past this cliffhanger. "And now, the continuing story of....."
  23. Are there any big-market (O/O, or otherwise) Fox stations left that aren't 6 hours for their morning show, or knocking on it?
  24. This after-newscast/party was posted online, it includes brief chats with John McCaa, his wife, his father, as well as past WFAA veterans Tracy Rowlett, Troy Dungan, Gloria Campos, and Byron Harris. Also interviewed were GM Carolyn Mungo, current anchors Cynthia Izaguirre and Dale Hansen (who cleared up a misunderstanding). Cake and wine were served, and McCaa sliced the cake. All who spoke were heartfelt about having worked with and known McCaa. I didn't realize it would be tonight for John McCaa's last newscast. Best wishes and happy trails, John. Cheers!
  25. Sounds like my years in the hotel business before a QA inspection. Don't want to put any $$$ into the property or give a flippin' toss till they think they're going to flunk a QA inspection, and then, "oh we've gotta this, oh we've gotta that!!" >ugh!<
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