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  1. I'm not sure how long Tom could have done MTP prior to his cancer diagnosis.
  2. The longtime PBS station (and associated FM's) in north TX will be getting new/replaced facilities as a part of a redevelopment of KERA's longtime site just north of downtown Dallas. Developers plan an office tower and residential tower on the site, with new studios/offices for KERA and the FM's. News just broke earlier today, so no artwork/mockups for the station yet, just for the towers. It will be strange to not see the buildings that made up the original pre-KERA facilities there anymore (KBTV, Dallas' DuMont affiliate was there before being sold to A.H. Belo for WFAA's first station site). Story: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2023/09/28/dallas-high-rise-development-planned-for-kera-uptown-site/ Site renderings: https://www.kaizendp.com/projects/Chalk-Hill
  3. A cure/treatment has to be found for Alzheimer's. It has taken too many good people.
  4. I just watched the Monday repeat of the Bob Barker special. At the end of the credits, they referenced Haven Studios, which means there was already enough preparation there to have Drew there doing the introductory segments of the special. Nothing was mentioned during the special about naming anything at Haven for Bob.
  5. KXAS is beginning their 75th anniversary celebration with features airing on their newscasts all month. They will have a special section about the anniversary (including the features airing on their newscasts) on the station's website. KXAS' actual anniversary is September 29. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/the_history_of_channel_5/1838273/
  6. I could maybe see it for a weather segment (yeah I know, CBS O/O's and Gray), but not the name of a whole newscast.
  7. As for the topic.... Is there any sense the non-O/O ABC stations are accepting of the changed logo? As far as I can tell, WFAA, KLTV, and KTRE are still using the previous version.
  8. Just wondering, is anyone seeing any pushback on early local morning news times? I've noticed that KXAS has given up on 4:30am starts recently (they're doing 2 runs of Early Today instead, strangely). I'm not trying to encourage the dreaded list thread, just asking if this might be a trend.
  9. The A.M. show was before Iola, but he had to have been at WFAA during Iola's time there also.
  10. Just heard about this on the radio. Longtime DFW anchor John Criswell has passed. He anchored at WFAA for 17 years, then moved to KDFW and anchored there for 7 years. Criswell is likely the most notable for starting WFAA's regular feature "Wednesday's Child", where a child is profiled who has been fostered and would like to eventually be adopted. "Wednesday's Child" is still a weekly feature on WFAA. Criswell was 83. https://www.wfaa.com/amp/article/news/local/wfaa-anchor-john-criswell-dies/287-84a009b0-db4e-4457-a2f5-22416b476aba
  11. CBS is partnering with The Weather Channel to provide weather segments/reports during CBS' morning shows and their Evening News. There will be a viewable Weather Channel feed through CBS' website, also. https://cordcuttersnews.com/cbs-teams-up-with-the-weather-channel/
  12. According to the posted link, Ron was 67. Either way, a sad surprise.
  13. The article I saw said that they would throw in some occasional weekend showings of series that didn't last as long (and therefore didn't really get the full syndication treatment) like Square Pegs, for example.
  14. ...and may I add, sorely missed. His laughs with his stage manager alone were worth the price of admission.
  15. Laura Rojas, a previous reporter and anchor with KFDA in Amarillo (both the station's main news team as well as with KFDA's Telemundo channel) has died. The video mentions that she worked in other markets including San Antonio as well as in Colorado. https://www.newschannel10.com/video/2023/01/29/video-remembering-laura-rojas-former-nc10-anchor/
  16. I'd heard that J.D. had been at KLMG but I figured he had to have been a reporter, not an anchor. These clips must have been from later in their CBS timeframe, as one clip talks about the 1990 TX governor's race. Also, none of the other on-air folks in the clips were there prior to KLMG cutting their news department and newscasts twice due to financial troubles. WTG KnoxvilleTVFan. You ran across some incredibly rare content.
  17. Very interesting. When I did my search of K21PE, I didn't see (then) that K31PR is *also* located at KLTV's tower, which is several miles north of Tyler. Now, with the extra wrinkle of K14NR. Its tower is currently on the ESE side of Tyler, but it has a CP to move to a site NE of Tyler, just north of I-20, and just a few miles away from KLTV(/K21PE/K31PR)'s tower. I have to wonder what Gray is trying to do. The Tyler/Longview market's topography is somewhat hilly. The 3 LPs have co-channel issues in both DFW (all full-power) and Shreveport (all LP). If Gray really wants to keep all 3, and not duplicate coverage contours amongst them, I'd guess that 1 could orient mainly north, 1 could do something east/SE, and the other could concentrate south/SW. If they can do that, and have just enough tower/antenna height, it would cover a lot of the north half of the market without much interference in DFW or Shreveport. Meanwhile, KTRE has the same VHF issue as KLTV. We haven't heard anything about whether Gray wants to have an LP in the Lufkin area or not. I'm not the engineer in the family, so I may not be as well-versed for the subject as someone else. Just trying to guess how Gray is approaching this.
  18. Found this recently, a YT that dates to 1980. *Very rare* end-of-newscast compilation from KLTV. Most of the content looks to be from different parts of the 1970s. KLTV was saying goodbye to 3 of their employees: Bobby Perdue, their main news anchor; Steve Lee, sports director/anchor; and Robert Hilliard, photographer/cameraman. All were departing to start their own local production company. Many parts of the video are bloopers. There isn't much online from the early days of KLTV (much less the other Tyler/Longview stations). Hilliard's YT channel is the source. (Keen eyes will notice the backdrop of the studio as a hand-me-down from a set previously used by KXAS. KLTV was using "Move Closer to Your World" as a newscast theme at this time, also.)
  19. I just saw that K21PE is coming from KLTV (Gray's existing full-power station)'s tower. Seems convenient enough.
  20. I just saw a promo on KXAS within the past week that syndie Dateline will start in September at 1pm the same week as NBC News Daily starts up.
  21. Tim Ryan, the longtime Good Day co-anchor at KDFW, has announced his retirement from the station after 33 years. His last day will be August 26. https://www.fox4news.com/good-day/longtime-fox-4-anchor-tim-ryan-announces-retirement
  22. Dan, just wondering, which KDFW theme did you do, and when?
  23. Dan True, who spent many years as a weatherman at KFDA, has died. He was 97. https://www.newschannel10.com/2022/03/17/local-weather-legend-dan-true-dies-peacefully-surrounded-by-family/ https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/easternnewmexiconews/name/dan-true-obituary?id=33662672
  24. I guess since Weigel has a DFW presence (KAZD), and enough channel room (4 right now), they'll probably have Story TV there. Will be good to have a docu-series choice without a lot of the reality fluff.
  25. https://www.rabbitears.info/search.php?request=network_search&network=Me-TV+Plus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MeTV So far, these is the only MeTV+ lists I've found.
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