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  1. KFDA weatherman Cameron Venable has announced his departure from the station. He'll be moving to Wichita, where he will get in some storm chasing. He didn't mention what station he'd end up at. https://www.newschannel10.com/2021/04/09/good-news-meteorologist-cameron-venable-embarks-new-career-journey/
  2. On-air talent Blake Holland showed off a couple of pics of KLTV's recently-redone news set. https://www.facebook.com/100050928181159/posts/273253024382302/
  3. WFAA in Dallas still has one, on 8.2. It was partnered with AccuWeather until a few months ago. Even though "everyone has smartphones", IMO it's good to still have a TV option, if you don't have satellite/cable/streaming, and if you are watching in-between newscasts. KXAS also had one for a time, but it went away when WeatherPlus folded.
  4. Meanwhile, KYTX's previous chief, Joel Barnes, reported on his Twitter that he didn't stay at KYTX. He will now be chief meteorologist at WBBJ in Jackson, TN, and get started in the next couple of weeks there.
  5. He also co-anchored at KAMR for a time. Sad news.
  6. Friday, KDFW marked reporter Shaun Rabb's 30 years with the station. Not many clips of Rabb with his now-trademark fedora, but they didn't let him finish the interview without his signature closing ("Fox 4 ..... News"). Congrats Shaun on 30 years. https://www.fox4news.com/video/875235
  7. Sad news from Amarillo, as former longtime KAMR weatherman Roy McCoy has passed away. He was 87. https://www.myhighplains.com/news/local-news/roy-mccoy-amarillo-forecasting-pioneer-dies-at-87/
  8. Earlier today I saw an FB post by Ashley Claster. She is saying that the DFW area is getting a Spectrum News 1 channel starting the middle of next month. So far I'm only finding more social media about it from her, although she claims another reporter has been hired to work with her. Her FB post shows a picture of Ashley holding a Spectrum News microphone. Her Twitter post shows a pic of Ashley holding a Spectrum News 1 cap and standing in front of the downtown Dallas skyline. I'd like to hope this is true, but her posts seem to be the only thing I'm finding about a DFW news channel launc
  9. I don't understand why those in the font department can't quietly delete Times New Roman as part of an update of some kind. That font has needed to go away for the longest >ugh<....
  10. I remember back when KDFW was a CBS station, they'd buy up Dallas Cowboys tickets so there wouldn't be a blackout. Sometimes there was anyway; many with antennas would try to swivel them around to try to pick up KXII from Sherman, or even KLTV (back in their cherry-picking days) in Tyler.
  11. It's a nice change from the blue-and-white-in-your-face look of the main KTVT set.
  12. New D Magazine article online interviewing Perry Sook. I haven't read it yet to see if it's just fluffy or if it actually has some newsbits in it. https://www.dmagazine.com/business-economy/2020/05/d-ceos-may-2020-digital-edition-now-available/ ETA:::: Sorry, didn't realize the first link was an intro. This one takes you to it, but it's digital pages, not text (sorry again). Flip to "pages" 34-35. https://issuu.com/dceo/docs/dceo_0520
  13. Wow, mind-blowing promo. I wonder what other markets would do this. Guess it would depend on how long the virus is the story, and how cooperative local stations would feel (especially the way certain owners are or might be).
  14. I'm not sure when they started doing this, but apparently KXAS has decided to move back to their old 5am start for their morning news (with Early Today at 4:30am). I haven't heard them mention why, but I'm guessing with so many of the anchors at home, they didn't want to wake their families up at the earlier hour. Grant Johnston's weather segments were especially of the hushed-tone variety early on.
  15. Just checked, and the main page on WTHR's website shows their live link at the top of the page as the "Eyewitness News 13 Live Stream".
  16. This morning I noticed KXAS was the most-distanced I've seen since all this started. Laura Harris (co-anchor) was at home (first time I'd seen her off-set), Grant Johnston was still doing weather from home, and another first-see, Samantha Davies was doing traffic from her home. Deborah Ferguson (co-anchor) was the only one of the 4 in-studio.
  17. I would think as new as KXAS/KXTX's facilities are (it's an all-mixed-together complex that also includes NBCU regional functions and the relocated NBC News-Dallas bureau), that they could handle something like what CBS just did over the weekend (having KTVT "host" the CBS Weekend News, which even included main anchor Doug Dunbar doing the anchoring (something KTVT would likely not have been ready for when they flipped to CBS in 1995)).
  18. I turned on KXAS after getting home from work, just in time to see morning meteorologist Grant Johnston do the Today almost-top-of-hour weather update from his home. First time I've seen anyone do at-home versions since all this started (didn't realize WFAA was doing at-home anchoring till I saw the stills upthread).
  19. In this episode of As the Tegna Bidding War Turns, Trinity Broadcasting and Najafi, a Phoenix investment firm, are together offering $20/share. Nothing is said in the article about why TBN's parent is interested, unless they want to flip some of the stations to TBN in a mid-90s style Fox-New World type of deal. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/03/18/texas-broadcaster-teams-up-with-investment-firm-to.html
  20. KXAS has been doing a mixture of anchors at each end of the desk, split screening, and alternating anchors. No coming up to the main desk alongside the other anchors for sports, weather, or traffic anchors.
  21. And after all that big buildup about their show having an audience...
  22. Surely one good thing could come from this: no more C-Clarity or the other Tegna side-effects!
  23. Gray owns KLTV & KTRE (which they just got by acquiring Raycom). Tegna owns KYTX. Nexstar already owns KETK & KFXK, so they couldn't be buyers. Hard to believe the little out of the way Tyler/Longview market goes from local and/or regional owners, all the way to the big kahunas, who themselves want to tussle or at least get bigger, in a relatively short time. Of course, we don't know yet whether this will be approved or not. But amazing and interesting.
  24. *$10 billion*?!? He's either printing money, or getting other investors. His little syndie shows alone can't be making that much $$$ for him.

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