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  1. east-tx-tv

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    I've been reading this same kind of explanation on Uncle Barky's site about how WFAA still has Good Morning Texas even though it never wins its timeslot. Apparently the paying-for-play outshines any amount of ratings the show might be getting.
  2. east-tx-tv

    2018-19 Syndication News

    In recent weeks, Wendy Williams' show has been without Wendy. Her Christmas-New Year's break has been extended once. Just before the break for the holidays, it was mentioned that some kind of fracture had happened to her shoulder. The last few episodes prior to the break showed Wendy with her right arm folded without the use of a sling, and she was seated for most of those shows. The initial extension of the time away was supposed to end last week, but it was revealed that another week was necessary for Wendy's condition to heal. So the producers improvised with the episodes this week being a "hot talk week" and 4 different on-stage co-hosts each day. Now, today, comes word that the return by Wendy to her show will take much longer, per this Facebook post: Social media, of course, has been wildly buzzing of alternate reasons why Wendy is really away from her show. But in the meantime, it is strange that now there is no clear timeframe mentioned for Wendy to be back with new in-person episodes. Hopefully she is on the mend and will be better soon. I wonder how much the improvising/repeats/guest-eps are having on ratings and the future of the show. IIRR, it is on contract through the 2019-2020 season.
  3. east-tx-tv

    KPRC Houston Life New Set

    The "before": The show was trying too hard to cram the show logo in everyone's face, and tooooo chrome-y/metallic. The "after": Much, much, much better.... warmer, more inviting. I get this Hoda-Kathie Lee/WFAA-Good Morning Texas vibe about the show just from my first time seeing the pics, but at least the transition is a lot more appealing.
  4. east-tx-tv

    Out & About

    KDFW has posted on their Facebook page that longtime reporter Brandon Todd has been given a co-anchor role. He will anchor the 4am-6am portion of "Good Day" with Hanna Battah, while longtime "Good Day" anchors Tim Ryan and Lauren Pryzybl will come along for the 6am-10am part. Congrats to Brandon. He's a good reporter, but he'll have to put his alarm clock on for a lot earlier now.
  5. east-tx-tv

    Out & About

    Todd Unger, a reporter at WFAA, has decided not to renew. He doesn't say whether he has another job lined up or not. Unger has been with WFAA for 6 years. https://www.star-telegram.com/entertainment/tv/article224022135.html
  6. east-tx-tv

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    KYTX's set is essentially the same, other than the graphics change. After 14 years, they could stand to have something different, preferably no Tegna-sister hand-me-downs.
  7. east-tx-tv

    MI News 26 Founder Starting National News Network

    I guess every media empire has to start somewhere. This looks very blink-and-miss-it. NewsNet definitely needs to * beef up its affiliate list and coverage * do more to make themselves look more polished and less "cable-access" * eventually have more staff * work on a broader list of advertisers I know most of the above is a takes-time thing; hopefully they can make it.
  8. east-tx-tv

    Out & About

    Cheers to Out & About! Happy New Year and happy permanent forum placement! Meanwhile, longtime KDFW reporter Fil Alvarado is calling it a career this week. He has been at KDFW for 33 years. Alvarado also did radio news, including a stint at KRLD 1080 in Dallas. Happy trails, Fil! https://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-column/2018/12/31/hello-cynthia-izaguirre-bye-fil-alvarado-hotel-awards-dallas-bars-new-officers-authornnedi-okorafor-comes-highland-park
  9. east-tx-tv

    Out & About

    Bobbie Wygant, the KXAS fixture that has out-tenured all other on-camera reporters/anchors/hosts in DFW, has come out with a new book called "Talking to the Stars". She has interviewed countless actors and celebrities (many if not most are surely in the book), as well as working in other roles while at Channel 5. Several years ago, a website was launched to digitally archive many of her recent and past interviews. The ones I've seen aren't always edited, so there's less of a TV-polished look to some of the videos. Amazing that Bobbie Wygant is 92, and is still at it. The forward to the book was written by longtime CBS newsman (and veteran of WBAP/KXAS) Bob Schieffer. http://www.bobbiewygant.com/ https://www.dallasnews.com/life/life/2018/12/28/92-nbc5-celebrity-reporter-bobbie-wygant-still-reaches-stars https://www.star-telegram.com/entertainment/tv/article222611905.html https://www.nbcdfw.com/entertainment/the-scene/Bobbie-Wygants-Memoir-Covers-70-Years-in-Television-501823832.html
  10. east-tx-tv

    Jessica Starr, Fox 2 Detroit, 35

    A KDFW meteorologist forwarded this link on his Facebook page: http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/local-news/meteorologist-jessica-starr-passes-away
  11. east-tx-tv

    Today Show

    I wondered how well the 1A-to-6A thing was going. I'd probably be out of breath if I had to dodge traffic and run across a plaza, and then find the red light and correct camera--and look like I just walked across a hall. The audience thing IMO has worn thin with me. I think it's because GMA has done it to death. Going outside and seeing the fans is one thing, but the oh-now-we-let-you-inside-here's-a-chair-while-we-entertain-you version, >ugh!<, I can't. The shiny-and-sterile look is getting old to me also. I miss the homey, comfy-couch morning show sets, but I know those won't be back anytime soon.
  12. east-tx-tv

    Out & About

    They wasted no time relaunching the website, either: www.courttv.com
  13. east-tx-tv

    Out & About

    The "CT40" special celebrating Clarice Tinsley's 40th anniversary with KDFW has been posted online.
  14. east-tx-tv


    Any possible asset sales, or will Nexstar keep most of Tribune? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/02/nexstar-said-to-reach-deal-to-buy-tribune-media-for-4point1-billion.html
  15. east-tx-tv

    How long have stations done crawls on the bottom of screen?

    Wow, this is from the wedding of "Walter" and "Lenore" in 1968, one of the earliest available clips of AW online. (I guess we all have multiple other interests )

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