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  1. I know where the CBS Tower is, but where is the CBSViacom center?
  2. Would be interesting to see if Local-ish is eventually made available to other ABC stations besides the O/O's.
  3. Brian James, a KXAS meteorologist, has accepted a meteorological position with Tenet Healthcare. His last day at KXAS will be January 22.
  4. I'm not talking about those that already have co-ownership with a newspaper and/or a radio station. Has anyone seen a station in recent years trying to branch out, media-wise? I just ran across this promo-article from late last year, where KFDA (Amarillo's CBS station) has decided to start printing a quarterly regional magazine called Panhandle. In the link, the station's GM is interviewed and he touts what it will have and the reasoning behind it. It's free in print and online. IDK, it might work, but there's already a daily newspaper and a monthly magazine in Amarillo. I haven't heard about other TV stations doing something like this. If a station has enough revenue/deep pockets behind it, and there isn't much else out there competing with it, would it be worth it to do more media such as this, or be content with your TV/online product and keep putting money into it? https://www.newschannel10.com/panhandle-magazine/
  5. Circle is on in DFW, KTXA (21.4) has it. I checked before 5am this morning, they were airing Hee Haw. I checked TitanTV also and Circle is listed; hopefully the schedule is correct.
  6. I'm fairly certain (even though I have no ratings numbers) that Tegna did KYTX no favors in the "let's get rid of every recognizable long-time anchor and replace them with a bunch of no-name/talking-heads" mess, and likely gave away much of the viewership they'd built up over the years, to longtime ratings-topper KLTV.
  7. IINM, the thing that is being missed by those who don't regularly cover the soap genre, is that Days, for some reason, likely a $$$ angle, got way ahead of itself production schedule-wise. The last amount I heard was 8 months. Apparently the TPTBs have decided they want a shorter turnaround time than that, I believe 2 months. The only way to reduce that timeframe is to go out of production. When they do go back to work regularly, the taping won't be so far ahead. It's a bit difficult to keep everyone on contract and not doing anything for several months. But, it will be interesting who all decides to stay with Days and who might not; the veteran actors like Bill & Susan Seaforth Hayes can probably coast those months while a younger, less-experienced actor might need other/different work to get them by. I don't know exactly what the taping turnarounds are for the other current soaps, but I know it was around a month's time each for Another World and As the World Turns in their last years.
  8. Interesting angle! Days of our Lives forever? Another World should have lasted? Meet the Press and Today, always?
  9. Former WFAA health reporter Janet St. James was interviewed on the Facebook video podcast "Morning After with Ron & Alexa" recently (Ron and Alexa are Ron Corning and Alexa Conomos, themselves former WFAA anchors). St. James now has metastatic breast cancer, diagnosed after taking a back-office position with a local Dallas hospital. She had worked at WFAA for 19 years. St. James is remarkably open and positive, despite her prognosis. Of course, my very best to Janet and her family. https://www.facebook.com/100000005091243/posts/2909584935718314/
  10. KXAS should be very fortunate there were no deaths. I'm sure if there were quite a number injured/killed there might be a different opinion towards them. I was surprised, before I went to work that night, that it was just the game and a little corner graphic, no cut ins while I had it on. Meanwhile, KDFW showed a red-by-green possible tornado signature on their radar. If the late/great Harold Taft were still around, there would have been more than a small corner graphic on KXAS.
  11. Congrats, wow your cake does cover a few bases (and I guess there's a pun in there somewhere ), but I'm sorry, what am I missing with the badminton shuttlecock?
  12. As the revolving door turns.... the DFW market loses yet another, as KXAS reporter Tim Ciesco decides to leave the building. He's accepted a media position with the police department in Arlington, not too many miles from the KXAS studio/office complex.
  13. That blue feather needs some fine-tuning, or horizontal hold, or something. For that to be a new sign, it would seem the colors would be much truer. Well, good luck to WBTS/etc on the rest, anyway.
  14. Has it started yet? Guess I'll need to re-scan now or soon.
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