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  1. If there's one station Wendy should be on, it's WNDY.
  2. Yes, despite Plano ISD officials' initial concern about safety. Frisco and the Dallas Cowboys offered a neutral site (The Cowboys' Star headquarters complex) instead. https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/08/16/dallas-cowboys-step-up-football-game-between-plano-senior-high-and-el-paso-back-on/amp/
  3. I wondered what KTXA would do at 6:30p now that Millionaire is going away.
  4. Almost every. The Morning Loop appears to be sticking around at KYTX for now.
  5. Now, let's see if they actually treat KDAF like a flagship.....
  6. I've never seen this many people "leave the building" at one time, without it being a takeover/acquisition or an outright closure or folding. So odd. The DFW market has lost this many in recent months at different stations, but not all at once and in one place.
  7. Yet another episode of If It Isn't Broke, Don't Fix It.
  8. The first thing that comes to mind, oddly enough, is Aldi, if they had a single-color logo. One of the big stations in a sizable market, and they go the SMH route. Would be good to see if the station actually caves from all the reaction and tries again with another logo.
  9. Looks like RabbitEars did the dreaded listing for us.... https://www.rabbitears.info/search.php?request=network_search&network=Court+TV
  10. Currently, in Dallas-Fort Worth, KDFW airs Access at 6:30pm, while KXAS shows Extra then. If KDFW starts airing Extra in the fall, wouldn't KXAS be interested in having Access (an NBCU show) on to replace Extra since KDFW wouldn't have the 6:30pm slot available to air Access anymore? The only timeframes KDFW would have for Access, were it to be retained, would be mid-afternoon before Judge Judy, or late late at night after the news and TMZ and Dish Nation. I can't see some dumb true-crime thing doing any better up against the other mags and Wheel.
  11. Ooops. Guess I haven't been keeping up, but Tegna hasn't exactly made them get rid of the hashtag, either.
  12. KXAS has found its replacement for the departed Mark Fein on their morning news. It's Laura Harris, who comes to Fort Worth by way of Atlanta, Charleston (SC), and Tampa. She will co-anchor with longtime KXASer Deborah Ferguson, making up a rare all-female anchor team in the market. https://www.guidelive.com/tv/2019/04/29/laura-harris-nbc5-kxas-channel-5-new-anchor-two-woman-morning-show
  13. KYTX has changed their morning show branding since being part of Tegna, to The Morning Loop. Initially a head-scratcher, but in a slight way it's catchy, as the station is located on Loop 323 (basically a big circular street that surrounds Tyler) at one of its major intersections. I guess you can also think of it as being "in the loop" when you get up in the morning and watch their news. Meanwhile, up the road, WFAA's Daybreak kept their name after being Tegna-ed but makes a huge deal of their hashtag, #IAMUP.
  14. I kept telling some of the Facebook and YouTube commenters just how intertwined Wendy and Mr. Hunter have been regarding the show, her production company, and oh yes--something I've forgotten--the Hunter Foundation, their charity. So, in many ways, Wendy spilling any/all of her own "tea" could have been disastrous for her situation, her show, and the charity. Some were like, "oh yeah, haven't thought of that..." while others weren't ready to stop calling for Wendy to finally be verbal about her own life and situation. The divorce won't be quick, or simple. But Wendy already sounds happier. And, another thing, she revealed this past week she'll be leaving the confines of that sober house she's been staying at in Queens.
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