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  1. It was my understanding that WJZ was the Baltimore powerhouse for decades, similar to Group W's KDKA. Did the CBS switch damage that where it's more of an 'open' market now? Also I imagine that NBC's first dark age of the 70s-84 took a big hit on NBC stations. Especially when ABC was poaching strong NBC stations like WSB in Atlanta. Speaking of the old Group-W stations, in Boston, wasn't WBZ once a pretty dominant station? At least before WCVB overtook the market and never really let go. It seemed like all of the Group-W stations were either a powerhouse number one or a strong se
  2. Not a list thread, but it seems like there are many markets where the ABC station is dominant (NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, LA). Pittsburgh was perennially dominated by CBS for the most part, with ABC as a solid second. Is there any market with a long-time dominant NBC station?
  3. It's not Allen's fault that Good ol' Ted killed a woman and got away with it. Truth is that incident doesn't paint Ted in a good light and deservedly so. Rebuttal rant over.
  4. Late-reporting this but in Pittsburgh. WTAE promoted Brittany Hoke to weekend evening anchor and has hired Alex Alecci as their new weekend meteorologist. http://www.pbrtv.com/wtae-names-new-weekend-anchor-and-meteorologist/ They started this past weekend.
  5. Dateline: Pittsburgh Meteorologist Ray Petelin, who was let go from Hearst's WTAE last month popped up as a fill-in on CBS's KDKA-TV Friday evening. He was given a warm introduction by Stacy Smith at 4pm.
  6. WTAE weekend anchor Jackie Cain is heading to KSTP-TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul. http://www.pbrtv.com/cain-headed-to-twin-cities/
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=4PkV7Dvw7-4;list=PLEGC21IqTNelnwc0qSPX__7EDH3iB_ntN It's a shame these 1984 WDVM test opens were never used. They're intense and riveting. The use of zoomed in stills is a great touch. The test opens were an extension of this image campaign....
  8. I just think the first round of Hearst standardization intros were well done. An exciting cut of Gari's Image news with shots of news vehicles and digital clocks and vertical wipes galore! The bold, wide san-serif font was a nice touch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=NPFJPNXkVXc;list=PLEGC21IqTNelnwc0qSPX__7EDH3iB_ntN
  9. She was shaking her head a lot there. She's been here in Pittsburgh for close to two decades now. She seems better suited as a beat reporter.
  10. Be careful. I re-posted my KDKA videos last year under my brother's account, luckily there still up there for now. I'd love to see some pre-1985 Eyewitness News intros. One promo had a brief glimpse of what appears to be an early 80s/late 70s news open.
  11. Seonded! I personally have little to no interest in the foreign-language videos and always scroll past them myself.
  12. I just noticed that the local CW station here, WPCW has a two hour block of family Feud weeknights 6-8. Seems like overkill. 6-7 appears to be repeats from season 18 and 7-8 seem to be the current episodes from season 20.
  13. A hall of fame has to have some KD... KDKA's Liberty Tunnel intro with the logo forming against the city skyline. The late '80s version with the 'The News Image' from Tuesday Productions. 1992 update is well done. Gari's 'Advantage' is perhaps an underrated classic and compliments the visuals here perfectly.
  14. Great job! I was on that channel yesterday watching the WPXI montage and when I refreshed the page an hour or two later the WTAE montage was up.

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