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  1. Artworks had to at least have something to do with the creation of that package. The fonts, animations, etc.. all match other packages created by them. Speaking of Nexstar graphics, who created the current WROC-HD and former WUHF-HD graphics packages??
  2. WTWO is using Look G for the graphics package. They've dropped The Rock for the NBC Version of iNergy. The NBC2 News brand has also been dropped, and the newscast is now referred to WTWO News. Not much change on WAWV other than the graphics package (the KMID/WFXR package) and they're using different cuts of Aerial than previously used. Both stations' newscast now use the same slogan (local news that matters) and air on the same set, which is brand new and utilizes a brick background with a giant video wall. The weather department is now branded as (surprise) Your Local Weather Authority. Changing out the previous NBC themed duratrans to clouds and the weather logo along with adding a Star Trek looking desk was seriously the only change they made to the weather center. Overall, this is a MAJOR improvement for both stations, and I think everything looks great. I just wish WTWO would've dropped Harry Shultz and picked up Van Dyke for the voice over, kept the NBC 2 News branding instead of using WTWO News and I wish they would've kept The Rock news music package. I LOVE iNergy, but to me it just doesn't fit with the station.
  3. Just saw a tease for WTWO's 6pm newscast. They're using look G and The NBC version of iNergy
  4. WTWO will begin airing local news in HD and unveiling their new look and set starting with tonight's 6:00 newscast.
  5. I like the Raycom/Limerick graphics and the old WPEC graphics, but I'm not feeling the combining them both into one package look.
  6. Not a bad looking logo, but certainly could be better. It's definitely 100% better than the previous logo.
  7. I've been recording WTWO's morning and WAWV's midday newscast to watch for changes since I work during the day. I watched both earlier and they started using the temporary set during WAWV's News at Noon. They mentioned a new look and set would be coming to both stations within the next few weeks. Didn't mention a single thing about going HD though(at least during that broadcast) which surprised me. I figured they'd be promoting it every chance they got, especially with how many people complain on their Facebook page. WDHN and KQTV are a few others that come to mind along with WIVT that need major work. Sadly, I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  8. They used the V.1 cuts for the vamp after the 5pm open and also for the weather and sports opens, and some of the instrumentation in the open/talent open sounds like V1, but both of those themes, especially the theme used for the talent, have the "ticker" sound that V2 has. I've just always wonder which version those themes belong to. Does anyone know if any other stations besides WRGB AND WTHI have used those 2 themes?
  9. The HD launch for WTWO/WAWV is another step closer. They're now broadcasting on a temporary set. WTWO got their set in 2010 and WAWV got their set in 2011 when they switched from FOX to ABC, so I'm not sure if there will be brand new sets for each station or if it's a refresh.
  10. Wonder what version of In-Sink WRGB is using in the opens? WTHI used to use the theme used in the WRGB talent open as their morning and midday theme from 2006-2012
  11. They'll probably use the same package, but have a different color on each station.
  12. Update: Looks like WAWV will be using the WFXR/KMID graphics package. Still no word on when they'll launch.
  13. Looks like Nexstar is about to upgrade WTWO/WAWV to HD. WTWO has posted a few promos on their Facebook talking about "changes coming soon". On air, a some sponsor graphics have been airing in HD, and both stations are using new bugs/tickers. Looking at WTWO's new ticker along with a few other graphics they've been airing here and there, it looks like they'll be using Look G. Not sure about WAWV.
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