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  1. Morris owned WMGT also uses this package.
  2. The theme used in the regular open kind of sounds like the music that WIS used in this tease.
  3. Going to have to add KLST to this list. I don't know what exactly they did, the animations and color is completely off in their open! WAWV used this exact same package before going HD and did not look near as bad. I couldn't find their opens so here is the FOX version that WFXP uses. See how the animation is a whole lot smoother and the color looks better?
  4. I was half asleep when I viewed the opens this morning, so I didn't pay much attention to what they said. After re-watching, I totally agree. Not only is it completely unnecessary, it sounds so forced and unenthoused when they are saying it.
  5. Those are the opens?! I'm sorry, but those are horrible..!
  6. Looks like they're still using the old NBC graphics for weather? I saw a video on their Facebook that's uses a toned down version of the yellow weather open, and saw this picture on their twitter. Video:
  7. The graphics are the same but the set is completely different from WEVV, as WEHT/WTVW have the Nexstar set. Honestly, they should've waited a another year or two to change the branding, music, graphics, set, etc.. since it only premiered about a year ago.
  8. Speaking of KLAF, looks like they're under going some kind of change. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L2lhGapKaA
  9. I believe that was a syndicated package that VDO created for KNWA.
  10. I'm going to be honest, the old News Central graphics that Sinclair used back in the day is another one of my favorites.
  11. Haha to me, the ABC Affiliate Package did not fit well with those graphics. It's weird hearing something else other than image or the old b package.
  12. Wonder if WWSB will keep Third Coast or if they'll switch to Aerial.
  13. Yes. WUSA commissioned the graphics, then WXIA and KPNX picked them up too. KPNX used the blue version like WTHI did.
  14. The gold ole Gannet Graphics created by Giant Octopus! WTHI used a blue variation of these from 2006-2012. Seriously the best package ever! I think the only station using this pack now is WLUK.
  15. Love the KSHB graphics. I'm pretty sure those are a variation of the graphics that were created for WDTN, which was an amazing package. I'd love to see more stations pick that up.
  16. KCAU unveiled their new look and set. Theyre of course using Look L and some weird variation of Aerial that DOES NOT fit with those graphics at all. I'm really liking the set though!
  17. Like Big Country News said, It's probably cause 360 is owned by Arnold. KFTA uses 360 as their theme. I can't remember if there are any other Nexstar stations that use a 360 package.
  18. I thought I read somewhere a while back that the old Fox 1998 theme is available as production music. Is that true?
  19. Looks good! I LOVE that cut of extreme!
  20. WJZ needs a MAJOR overhaul. Even WVIT mentioned earlier in this thread looks and sounds more modern than WJZ.
  21. Oh wow!! That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!!
  22. I agree! Would love to see what the main open looks like! Sadly, I couldn't find anything on YouTube.
  23. If you've ever wondered what the current Scripps graphics and former Raycom graphics would look combined together into one package, then check out WFLX!
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