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  1. [MEDIA=vimeo]249000745[/MEDIA] Looks like WSYR may be next to get the new ABC graphics.
  2. I like it. It's kind of cool to see the Scripps package on a random station. Is it just me or does the lower third look a little off?
  3. I've noticed here recently on YouTube and the NMSA that several stations have been replacing Charlie Van Dyke with a different voice over. Long term clienets like WBRC, WIVB plus KLAS who just started using him not too long ago, are a few that come to mind. Any reason why so many are dropping him all of a sudden?
  4. WFMZ unvieled a new graphics package with their set. It looks like the graphics are a mix between WLEX'S current new package and WLEX/WFMZ's former package. I like the new look a lot. What are your opinions?
  5. I'd love to see WTHI- anything from 2000-2008 WBAK/WFXW- 2000-2003 (during the WTHI produced newscast era) and 2009-2011 (when WTWO relaunched the station with the FOX 38 News First at 10 brand)
  6. WAAY's new logo. The old one was definitely better. Kind of reminds me of sister station, WTHI's logo. Speaking of WTHI, they're now slowing changing their slogan from "Leading the Way" to "Coverage you can Count On"
  7. Cringeworthy. I'm curious as to why they feel the need to rush the intro and then just awkwardly stop the music.
  8. Never really felt anything with the Truth package. Kind of sounded like a knock off of In Sink. Honesty, I think This is the place is the worse package SAM has came out with recently. It sounds so bland and generic. I used to LOVE Aerial (I even have the full theme that WAWV now used on live at 5 as my ringtone). But dang, I'm so tired of seeing stations picking up that or iNergy and hearing them use the same, overplayed, kind of boring cuts. Surely both of those packages have multiple different themes with like 100 different cuts of each theme. Surely they can find something different then the same cut a station in a neighboring market.
  9. According to NMSA, WPIX is using a new music package created by 615 Music. It's titled on NMSA as WPIX News V2. http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#1,1,WPIX They've also debuted a new look: Open: Talent:
  10. KFVS did a Eye Opener. This is from 2014. Not sure if they still do.
  11. Has KOLR debuted these new graphics yet or is there any sign of then debuting soon?
  12. I was looking on YourErie.com, and it looks like the FOX package KWKT and KFXK is using.
  13. For the first time in history, the Terre Haute, Indiana market officially has all the major television networks. Starting today, WTHI-TV will be airing the CW network on 10-3
  14. Thank you everyone! Do any of you know where I can go to download this font?
  15. Can someone tell me what font Raycom is using with the Limerick graphics?
  16. I agree. KOLR originally started out using stills in the talent open with their current package then later change it to actual video footage. Hopefully they'll do the same with this one too.
  17. KKTV trying waaay to hard to mimic WABC's 2008 look
  18. [MEDIA=vimeo]230835505[/MEDIA] Another talent open was posted. This time, they're using the actual anchors. [MEDIA=vimeo]230631778[/MEDIA] Wonder who the actual sports anchor is. In all the ID's, they say Dan Lucy but in the actual open they have Megan Rice.
  19. Don't get me wrong, I love most if not all of Stephen Arnold's packages, but it's nice to hear something different rather than the same overused cuts from CBS Local, Extreme, iNergy or Aerial. Yes, Overture is dated, but sounds A LOT better than Signature or Counterpoint.
  20. It'd be nice to hear some brand new themes for Signature. I do agree that the package is a little dated. Even the cuts that WCIA, KOLR, etc.. use don't sound that great any more.
  21. It'll be interesting to see what set and graphics package they use. Music wise, I bet they'll get the NBC version of iNergy.
  22. I think those graphics seen in the video shared are just used when both KARK/FOX 16 simulcast coverage of severe weather and breaking news. I found a KARK video on arkansasmatters.com posted on 7/7 that shows them using Look G graphics. (See screenshot) I also found a Severe Weather Special from 2014 that aired on both stations and that program used the Journal look alike graphics (see screenshot) seen in the video shared here.
  23. I do like the new graphics, and I know I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for saying this, but someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take the disc of MCTYW out and destroy it. I don't care what package they go with just something other than that cheesy, dated "package"... I'm also talking to you to WPVI...
  24. Looks like WTHI will be the first in the Wabash Valley to broadcast weekend morning news. Saw on the guide that the new show will air on both Saturdays and Sundays at 8am.
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