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  1. KOSA debuted the beehive graphics. I’m so over the first alert branding. This might be the dumbest variation of it yet.
  2. Ugh! Either straighten the 10 or italicize the WILX. It drives my OCD crazy
  3. Looks like KOLD in Tucson is getting a new set.
  4. Yep! The used to have the standard Raycom stand up area. They started placing it at the end of May.
  5. Wonder if they’ll actually get a new set of if they’ll just replace the duratrans with a video wall like they did with WTOC, WLBT and KOLD.
  6. KHON FOX2 is on a temporary set. According to my source, they will be getting the Nexstar FOX package.
  7. Hmmmm… makes me wonder if WFTS will end up dropping the “ABC Action News” branding.
  8. I almost wonder if this is some kind of design proposal that is using WAVE’s branding. A graphics designer did the same thing for Raycom. These obviously never aired.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wave3.com/2019/11/22/who-are-artists-behind-wave-news-new-look/%3foutputType=amp here is an interesting read about the “update” to limerick package that WAVE created.
  10. Looks like Nexstar’s Abilene Telemundo affiliate is using Guardian and the KOIN graphics.
  11. Looks like WFIE launched “14News Now”. According to the post they can immediately go live on any platform. Looking at the pictures, I see WLOX’s graphics package in the background. Bet WFIE be switching soon.
  12. Speaking of the NBC package, WMBD (cbs) has been using it for their 4pm news.
  13. I kind of expected better for KFVS. I hate how they tried to reloop the graphics during the slogan. The transitions of the logo give me Microsoft PowerPoint vibes. Finally, why are the still placing the time under the logo in the open on a design from the limerick package?
  14. Looks like KTVA’s Facebook page is being deleted at the end of the month. They’re redirecting followers to KTUU’s page.
  15. Wait..... This is real?!?!? Tegna... are you even trying anymore or.....?
  16. A very cheap and horribly animated version.... I expected better from KOLD.
  17. YIKES. I kind of like the black and yellow but that voice over made me cringe so hard. Can Sinclair stop with the hideous play button/News now logos.
  18. https://youtu.be/Wmni704DmY0 The new KEYC intro is giving me KOLO vibes.
  19. Just saw a picture on Dan Marries Facebook page. Looks like KOLD has replaced their Surat tans with a video wall.
  20. Not sure when this happened but KXXV has changed their branding, again. They’re now going by 25 News and using the slogan “Connecting Central Texas. Still using the limerick graphics but with a glossier logo and odd animations.
  21. I do like the look of the new logo, but I’m going to hate to see the limerick package go.
  22. I really don't see most of the stations changing their url, especially the ones with 2 news operations like WBRE/WYOU, WTWO/WAWV, and WTVW/WEHT
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