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  1. Not sure when this happened but KXXV has changed their branding, again. They’re now going by 25 News and using the slogan “Connecting Central Texas. Still using the limerick graphics but with a glossier logo and odd animations. 


  2. The set is alright. Kind of a little bland. The weather center is bare and the anchor set just seems off center. 


    The eyewitness news news logo is okay but the 25 logo seen here and the 7 logo on the desk is horrible. I could’ve done better. 


    Peronsally, I think this is a downgrade from their old look. 






  3. They’re not getting original graphics. They’re using the ABC graphics (at least on WEHT). Found a rehearsal video. New eyewitness news logo, WEHT local is now ABC25. Here’s the video. Haven’t found anything on Local 7. 




  4. In a comment on their Facebook page, WEHT/WTVW has “some exciting changes” coming soon. Not sure if it’s a new set or a refresh, but they’re on a temporary set in the newsroom. 




    Their current set is a refreshed version of the standard Nexstar set that was built in 2011 when WEHT and WTVW combined their newsrooms.  They redid the stand-up area and added the red window thing with the a new duratran behind Brad when they went HD in 2012. 



  5. On 12/5/2018 at 10:14 PM, susquvalleywgal said:

    And this logo kinda is for the CBS Nexstar Stations. How is going going to go for a ABC station?l 🤔🤔🤔🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    This is already one hot mess .

    — Matt

    WISH tv’s logo is pretty much identical, and they’re an independent station. 

    I doubt that WHTM will be using the CBS graphics. They’ll most likely use the ABC package, or if anything, use the WISHtv package that is also being used on ABC sister station WTNH. 


  6. Some video of KOLR10’s newscast.




    They’re still using the old production music package in the talent at the end of the clip. They’re also still using part of the old graphics package but with different colors



    They’re still using Signature as the close but the same 2 cuts of Overture for everything else.


    The new set looks great, but they need to pick one music and graphic package to use and dump the other. The new and old together just looks sloppy.

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  7. I've always wondered who did their logo.

    It's some kind of canned logo with these stations (and others) doing a VERY similar look.







    WLQP: (part of WLIO)



    I think even one of the NBC stations in Texas had one similar (was it KETK pre-Nexstar/Mission?)


    Looking back, the italicized "3" pre-dates the one at WKYC (theirs started in 92 or 93). But I can draw the parallels to WREG as well...


    This is from 1988 and lasted into the early 1990s...


    It evolved into a "clock" logo with the "3" inside,



    then the red box afterwards...during the "Balls and Walls" era...

    even using Gari's "Great News Package" which WKYC was using at the time as well...


    WVLA used a copy of this logo for some time as well. DB92AAEB-7AD8-4492-B34A-C369608991B6.thumb.jpeg.84c1e7935e2383d747ed4aaf1e9abf0b.jpeg

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  8. The Hosts of KRBK's morning show have been revealed.... KOLR's Ozarks Live! co-hosts Jeremy Rabe & Kelly Smith will over Ozarks Fox AM[ATTACH=full]6607[/ATTACH]

    I feel like this is going to be a 2 hour lifestyle show. Is there a prime time newscast too?

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  9. I follow ABC Action News on Facebook and here lately they've been using a generic WFTS-ABC logo at the end of their videos. I've never seen this logo used anywhere else. I was wondering if they're going to slowly start branding as WFTS outside of the news or if their dropping ABC Action News all together..



  10. Ugh... I love those graphics but they look very cheap sped up like that. That over used first alert slogan that WAFF and now WALB are using needs to go.

    WALB started 2018 with John Young:


    then switched to Mark Peeples in May:


    and now they sped up the open and changed slogans:

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