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  1. Not cancelled… Not airing only Mondays. Assuming there was some technical difficulties last night, but he was back at it full force tonight with more improvements! Also go to enjoy a long cut of News One at the close of his newscast!
  2. Not sure who first replied to NMN’s comment, but if we’re going to be honest, I don’t think they are “well positioned to be commenting…” They clearly don’t understand how big of a risk this could’ve been to the future of News Music Now and even NMSA. I wouldn’t say NMN has unauthorized use. I know the news music publishers know about News Music Now. Some publishers I’ve spoke with have mentioned the site, other publishers have been tagged in his posts and they’ve reacted to and even commented his posts. He has taken steps to prevent copyright violations and this exact situation from happening. Luckily, this was all a VERY BIG misunderstanding and he actually has a license for News One. But if cuts start getting ripped from the site by tv stations to use, they could view News Music Now and even the NMSA as a threat and ask for the sites to be shut down, then what would we all do? With all that being said, let this be a lesson to all of us, myself included… “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Austin is taking a chance and following a dream and that’s more than a lot of people can say. I hope these people criticizing him and critiquing him are reaching out to him and offering to help in any way possible; and if not, sit back down. I know I hope to see it grow and this newscast be successful.
  3. RenderOn created the pack. Not sure it was always an external thing, or if there was some kind of hold for a certain amount of time before non Scripps stations could pick it up.
  4. In case you haven’t seen Studio 31’s post, KMSG (fixed) in Fresno launched an 8pm newscast. The music used includes Eyewitness News (for weather) News One Versions 1&2 (for main theme) Impact for a segment and This is Home for Sports… What’s interesting about this is you can clearly hear the ‘chirp’ in the NewsOne theme from News Music Now’s website…
  5. All I see when I look at the new logo…
  6. Realistically speaking, a graphics package isn’t going to make or break a station.
  7. Not bad but very small market. Just a few questions: 1) What is with the open? Why does the same logo animation appear twice at the beginning (once with the slogan, once with out) then again at the end (one without the time and one with the time). Whatever the deal is with that just makes it look more cheap. 2) Is a stinger really necessary for every story? 3) Is that a talent open or mugshot? The meteorologist practically looking to the left. It’s about as awkward and cringy as WJET’s talent open. Overall, I give this a ‘C’ - it’s definitely an improvement, but more could be done on the design/creativity side of the graphics and music.
  8. The WUSA/Gannett look was my favorite! There was also a blue version!
  9. The award for the most awkward talent open goes too… WJET. Seriously, was is the morning anchor/meteorologist doing with their hands in the talent open…?
  10. Just watched WAWV and they’re still using the Look L graphics (KMID, WFXR, etc…) from their 2016 HD launch.
  11. As of this morning, WTWO is now using the Nexstar NBC pack. With the change, came a new voice over (dropping the short lived Marc Preston). They also dropped Inergy in favor of Stream. Haven’t seen anything for WAWV yet.
  12. From my understanding, nothing is going to change with NewsNet. While I’m at it, I don’t get why everyone hates on NewsNet… Like what has he done that is so bad that everyone wants to see him fail?
  13. Extreme was never marketed as a FOX only package. The only packages that Arnold had created specifically for FOX around that time was Fusion, Outlaw News and First on FOX.
  14. KTVE/KARD has recently switched music. KTVE is using The Rock again and KARD is using… CBS Local?? They’re not the first FOX station to use this package (WCAV CBS 19 produces WAHU FOX 27’s news…), but I find it odd that an NBC station producing a FOX newscast is using a theme Arnold marketed towards CBS affiliates. Is this theme now available to any affiliate, just like the Enforcer?
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