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  1. Strange how they’re using that open but the ABC package for everything else...
  2. Looks like KTVA’s Facebook page is being deleted at the end of the month. They’re redirecting followers to KTUU’s page.
  3. Looks like WCIA is in a temporary studio while they get a new set. Wonder what their new set will look like. Here is a look at their temporary set.
  4. they’re using the WISH graphics and Locals Only.
  5. Wow!!! I’m loving KDKA’s new look!!!!
  6. On a side note, FTV live keeps using the logo I designed a few years ago in their articles. I feel bad for everyone affected.
  7. Looking at the samples of that package, it definitely gives me Raycom/Limerick vibes.
  8. Wait..... This is real?!?!? Tegna... are you even trying anymore or.....?
  9. A very cheap and horribly animated version.... I expected better from KOLD.
  10. YIKES. I kind of like the black and yellow but that voice over made me cringe so hard. Can Sinclair stop with the hideous play button/News now logos.
  11. https://youtu.be/Wmni704DmY0 The new KEYC intro is giving me KOLO vibes.
  12. Using headphones, Listen closely at the :17 mark... you hear the squeak that News Music Now puts in their tracks.... Listening to the headline theme on NMN, you hear the squeak at the :17 mark. http://www.newsmusicnow.com/player.php?id=2085 Either Fox got short on time and was desperate to use that track so they pulled it off of NMN or this is some kind of resync.
  13. Just saw a picture on Dan Marries Facebook page. Looks like KOLD has replaced their Surat tans with a video wall.
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