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  1. I've noticed that whenever NBC 10 Boston shows a station ID at the bottom-left of the screen, it reads "WBTS-CD Nashua". 1. What does the "CD" mean? 2. If the station has "Boston" in its branding, why does a city from a different state appear in the ID? During newscasts, I've seen "WBTS-TV Boston" appear on screen - this, I believe, is the correct legal ID.
  2. I have YouTube TV. The DVR does not allow for "padding", even though it auto-extends live sporting events. Get a grip? You don't want to know how many times I've turned on the TV at 5:59 PM only to be "late" for the news. If I turn on the TV at 7:59 PM for a prime-time show at 8:00 PM, I'm on time. And it's not just the news at 6 PM. It's also the newscasts at 4 PM, 5 PM, and 7 PM. WCVB in Boston used to run a "countdown clock" at 6:59 PM (after the conclusion of ABC World News Tonight) for their 7 PM newscast. Now they start THAT newscast early too, which also breaks DVRs because they think the channel is still airing ABC World News Tonight. If I watch the news in the morning (6 AM), or late at night (11 PM), these newscasts do NOT "start early", but right on the top of the hour. Which leads me to ask, WHAT IS SO GODDAMN SPECIAL (or lack thereof) about the early-evening newscasts??????????? Regardless of whether you watch at 4 AM, 4 PM, or midnight, it's still the same "program"! It makes no sense whatsoever for early-evening broadcasts to jump the gun!!!!!
  3. I like to watch the local news at 6 PM, because that half hour also includes sports. Frequently, I don't get home from work early enough to watch it live, so I will set my DVR. Only problem is, the "6 o'clock news" never starts at 6:00 PM, but rather at 5:58 PM. ON ALL FIVE STATIONS IN MY TELEVISION MARKET (Boston). So if I DVR the news at this time, it "misses" the start of the broadcast, sometimes the ENTIRE lead story! Today, WCVB went a step further and started their "6 o'clock news" at 5:57 PM (see the attached image). 180 seconds ahead of schedule. WHY DO MY LOCAL TV STATIONS DO THIS????? WHAT'S SO FREAKING SPECIAL ABOUT FIVE FIFTY-EIGHT PM????? IT REALLY IRKS ME AND MAKES ME WANT TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE!!!!!
  4. Is demand for travel into a major city like Boston, New York, LA, DC *THAT* much less on a Saturday or Sunday morning? I used to work at a supermarket in Mansfield, MA where many of the full-time workers lived in RI. They regularly worked on Saturdays and Sundays (and therefore, had a "commute" those two days) but had two days off during the week.
  5. I've noticed some weird "behavior" with WCVB and WMUR between 7:20 AM and 7:30 AM. This 10-minute segment is very "commercial heavy" on both stations, with about 2 minutes of local news/weather/traffic sandwiched around *8* minutes of commercials. I've noticed the local news cut-in from GMA starts at 7:23 on these stations instead of 7:25, and even more annoying, they go back to commercial within the local news update, separating the "news" and the "weather/traffic" segments. WHY do they do this? you have about 3 minutes of commercials, then 1 minute of news, only to go BACK to commercials for another 2 minutes, then 30 seconds of weather, 30 seconds of traffic, then another 3 minutes of commercials before returning to GMA. Who in the right mind wants to watch 8 minutes of commercials? Are there certain times of the morning like this one where "the bills MUST be paid at this time"? WBZ and WBTS in Boston air their local news updates at this time of morning "in one piece", starting at 7:25. "One piece" meaning news/weather/traffic in about 2-3 minutes, with no commercial break within the update.
  6. While we're on the topic of traffic anchors on TV stations, why aren't there any traffic anchors on the weekend AM news? Seems kinda weird to me to have weather but not traffic on Sat/Sun mornings...
  7. Is there a significant financial or marketing gain by going "national weather --> ad --> local weather" (in that order) vs. "national weather --> local weather --> ad" during the 7:00-7:30 half hour? Seems very weird to me.
  8. I've noticed some weird quirks about the weather hits during Today: 1. During the 7:00-7:30 half hour, the weather hit is around 7:17. During the 7:30-8:00 half hour, the weather hit is around 7:35 AM, just 5 minutes after coming back from a local station break. Why is this? Doesn't it put a strain for the meteorologists at the local NBC affiliates since they're not evenly spaced out? 2. Why does Al Roker NOT say "here's what's happening in your neck of the woods" during the 7:00-7:30 half hour? It seems so weird for him to say something along the lines of "now here's your local forecast" instead.
  9. Watching NBC's coverage of Bush 41's funeral right now, and at 10 AM, Lester Holt said "we'd like to pause for a moment to allow NBC stations to join us." Are there affiliates that pre-empted the 9 AM coverage? I know WBTS in Boston didn't.
  10. I've noticed there's been a bit of "false advertising" in their morning newscasts. They advertise traffic and weather updates every 10 minutes, typically on the zero's, but the traffic hits are usually at :00/:30, :10/:40, and then at :17/:47, sometimes even at :16/:46! Which means there are several instances throughout the 6-hour morning newscast where the traffic updates are at least *13* minutes apart when they advertise every 10 minutes! Someone who tunes in at :18 past will have to wait until :30 past or even :31 past just to see which highways are congested.
  11. I saw a crawl during Superstore last night. What's really funny is that it read "if you watch NBC 10 Boston on 60.5, please rescan your TV to find NBC 10 Boston on 15.1". They're still using the "10" branding when it's advertising Channel 15. Seriously, just go back to "NBC Boston". It sounds much nicer and doesn't confuse viewers with WJAR. Not a complete list, but here is what I do know: Mornings (4 - 7 AM): Christa Delcamp, Latoyia Edwards 5 PM: JC Monahan, Chris Emma 6 PM: Phil Lipof, Shannon Mulaire 7 PM: Phil Lipof, JC Monahan 11 PM: Phil Lipof, Shannon Mulaire Not sure about Noon and 4 PM.
  12. Wow, that Comcast system is really topsy-turvy. WMUR is on cable channel 8 instead of 9? Why, especially when you’re physically in NH? I’d move WMUR to (cable) channel 9, WLVI to channel 8, WBTS to channel 10, WPXG to channel 21 (matching its OTA virtual channel), and “Local 2” to channel 15. Getting this thread back on topic, I’m sure NBC Boston will get more viewers now since they’ll have the Patriots’ Super Bowl game followed by the Winter Olympics...
  13. Meanwhile, Comcast in Gloucester and Rockport carry the station on cable channel 6. If Comcast owns NBC, and NBC Boston is branding itself as “NBC 10 Boston”, why would Comcast NOT put this station on cable channel 10 in select Comcast markets?
  14. NBC Boston has now updated the “Channel Finder” page on their website to reflect that the station is now (also) over-the-air on Channel 15: https://www.nbcboston.com/contact-us/tv-listings/boston-channel-finder-400035841.html They also posted a press release to their website, including a video where Phil Lipof announces “you can watch NBC10 Boston over the air on Channel 15.1”. Commence mass confusion! https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/NBC10-Boston-Announces-New-Over-the-Air-Channel-470114823.html
  15. Comcast carries WJAR on Ch. 99 in Foxboro. Many towns south of Boston in Norfolk/Plymouth counties, and all of the Cape/Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket get both WBTS and WJAR on cable. But WBTS is on Ch. 10, with WJAR on a channel in the high 90s. According to the FCC’s “significantly viewed” list, none of the Providence stations have SV status in Norfolk county. Cable/satellite providers can carry OTA stations if they get consent from the broadcaster, even if out of market. However, the “in-market” stations can request that the out-of-market ones get removed. I doubt any of the Boston stations have requested the Providence ones get dropped outside of Bristol County, but I’m sure the Providence stations have gotten the Boston stations dropped in RI. Chs. 4/5/7 all have SV status in northern RI but aren’t carried on cable anywhere in the Ocean state.
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