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  1. Kala on the weekends doesn't hurt knowing that she was originally hired as weekend anchor when she joined in early 2016.
  2. John and Kala would be the right fit
  3. At this point. Kala should've gotten the 6:00pm
  4. How to fix the PM team: 4:00pm: Arianne and Shirley 5:00pm: Tamsen and Kori 6:00pm: Kala and John (Should have happened many years ago at this point) 10:00pm: Shirley and John.
  5. John should've never left 6 and 10pm. The station has gone downhill since October 2010 when Kaity and Jim were demoted in favor of a solo anchor being Jodi Applegate herself. Since then, the station has been suffering through a lot of changes that were not necessary. When John rejoined in 2014, rating started to increase beating WNBC and WNYW.
  6. It won't last long. It happened twice in 2009 and then in 2016 with Kaity and Brenda Blackmon only lasting 8 months.
  7. Kala and John would be a perfect pair that should have been happening since 2016.
  8. Hopefully Kala Rama and John Muller get paired if a 4pm newscast happens. If it does, I know that it will be temporary as the 6:30pm newscast in 2016 with Kaity Tong and Brenda Blackmon only lasting 8 months. PIX has gone downhill in the past few years as they added their morning newscast all the way until 11am when no other local station has that kind of time slot. But hey, at least theiy fired Suki.
  9. Afraid not. Adam Kuperstein will take 11am and 5pm I assume thats what might happen
  10. Was expecting that Gilma would also join Adam for 11am and 5pm with Adam and again fill a vacancy of weekends with Jen Maxfield and/or Rana Novini until further notice.
  11. Feels like another hour of copy and paste. Nothing special but stupid antics and no news related after 8:30 am. I see the 9 and 10 am shows gone in a year from now as how an extra hour is going to help the station again. The 6:30 pm newscast with Kaity Tong and Brenda Blackmon lasted only 8 months (January - September 2016) as it did not helped the station to its expectations. Lets see in the coming months if this extra morning hour was worth to budget.
  12. Gus is fine on the weekends with Pat as I like their chemistry together. I think it's going to be most likely Adam that will replace Stefan for 4 and 11pm respectively. David Ushery is fine doing 5pm solo for now as I don't think they will hire somebody to Anchor with him at this time. As a result, Gilma will be anchoring by herself if Adam moves to weeknights or they can probably move her to 5pm with David. That's how I see it going forward, as for the weekends, I guess it's going to be a rotation of filling in with Jen Maxfield and/or Rana Novini again. Any thoughts?
  13. Hi there, my mistake for the misspelling. Just edited the threat.
  14. Where is Dave Price? He has been off since last Thursday
  15. I don't think they will add somebody to co-anchor with David at this time. Knowing there staff budget is fine. Rana, Gilma, Jen and Adam constantly fill in when David is off for 11am and then 5pm.
  16. WCBS Reporter Nina Kapur passed away from a moped accident https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/07/19/cbs2-reporter-nina-kapur-dies-following-moped-accident/
  17. It looks like it's going to start happening little by little. Hopefully Michael, Darlene, David, Stefan, Chuck and Natalie will get back to normal with the studio with the six-feet distance.
  18. Exactly my point, WPIX is well know for doing these "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" for a decade now. John Muller was fine for the 6 and 10pm since 2016 while Kala and Craig were the perfect fit for 4:30-6am. These changes has been going on since Kaity Tong and Jim Watkins were removed in October 2010 and were replaced with Jodi Applegate. That was a turning point for the station at the time as it did not felt the same prior as Kaity and Jim were the perfect fit for the station for years prior as nothing was wrong in which it all dates back to these "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" things. I am pretty sure the morning ratings will an increase, who knows. Because when Scott and Sukanya had the slot, that was a turning point for the morning news with all these unnecessary antics which made the show very unwatchable. But hey, John Muller is a veteran and a personal favorite of mines as he's been on with the station for 2 decades.
  19. I think know they just wanted to go under the budget on WNBC for now. Stacey Bell left the station for personal reasons in the first place. Rana Novini and/or Jen Maxfield seem like the right fit due to them constantly filling in at 11a and 5p. Kala should probably end up on the field while continuing at PIX in either shift as I don't think they would dismiss her at any time.
  20. Rana Novini is a good one as she does the job right in both anchoring and field reporter. But I wouldn't give any hopes for that to be official at this point. On the other hand, ratings kind of improved in mid 2017 when Betty and Dan became the new morning anchors as there was not any problem with their chemistry (unlike Sukanya and Kori). As for Kala Rama, I hope they keep her on PIX 11 as she's one but the best of the morning anchors. Hopefully, she'll be on the field intentionally.
  21. It’ll take a while for David Ushery to get a new co-anchor. Had a feeling Gilma Avalos would do it but she remains to anchor during the weekends. Hope they don’t drop Kala out of the morning news on the other hand,
  22. Erica Grow is just doing fill ins every now and then.
  23. Its assumed he's just covering. PIX just hired a new Sports Anchor named Justin Walters from the "now-defuncted" FiOS 1. It's assumed that he's most likely Scott Stanford's successor during tge week since Andy Adler is most likely on the weekends
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