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  1. That’s how 10pm should be in the first place. Kori is fine for 5pm
  2. Honestly, John Muller is better doing 6 & 10 with Tamsen as that’s how it should be. Kori should only do 5pm with Katie Corrado.
  3. Did they just removed John Muller for 10pm and only doing 6pm?
  4. [MEDIA=instagram]Bkvpfhqhjlv[/MEDIA]
  5. Jeez, I wonder who’s next. So far: Betty Nguyen, Kala Rama, Narmeen Chowdhury, Jill Wagner and Marissa Torres. I guess that’s about it.
  6. After Nameen its probably done
  7. They’ll probably add Ernie to noon. Who knows? Let’s find out
  8. They've launched the social media Studio around late January.
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