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  1. I believe it’s Clickspring. Saw a post somewhere about it.
  2. That’s the old WCNC set. Tweaked and refreshed.
  3. Schieffer wasn’t in the running to be Cronkite’s successor. It was Roger Mudd.
  4. He doesn’t leave until the 26th. I’m sure they’ll have many colleagues talking with and about him that evening and the next week.
  5. It’s simple. It not about number of eyeballs watching. It’s about $$$$. CTM and EN both make money. Granted not what the other 2 networks make... but they make money. CBS NEWS is viable. It makes money.
  6. No reason they can’t be 6 NEWS. Many markets now have multiple stations branding- (channel number) NEWS
  7. He’s back in the air in mid June according to his IG. Will be interesting to see which station lured him away.
  8. It’s been back. It was just replaced for election night coverage.
  9. Not really a new logo. It’s the same 4 logofont. They just dropped the very dated tv screen surround.
  10. Appreciate your views. I just disagree. NBC News reporters are no more biased than any others. Maddow and the other opinion show hosts on MSNBC are getting record numbers. Especially good in the demo. NBC is delighted for that. MSNBC has refocused during the day to basically the NBC News Channel. Evenings are opionion shows. Record ratings on both dayparts. My NBC News colleagues in management are very happy and their research is a majority of positives for the first time in the history of the cable network.
  11. Muir is leading in the $$ demo and in HH numbers more than not. Holt’s numbers inherited from Williams have slowly slipped away. ABC has been the only one to build an audience recently while both NBC and CBS are trending down. So at the end of day it may not matter what those of us in the business or those of you who are news fans think... the viewers think Muir and ABC are it currently.
  12. Yup. That’s Gil Jimenez. He was a part of Graphics Express. Later G and G Designs. Now Gil Jimenez Broadcast Design.
  13. WNT is also number 1 currently and is the only network evening newscast growing in total viewers and the demo.
  14. The top 2 sets (WJW and KOVR) were designed by Gil Jimenez. G&G Designs was a former business name. Gil is still working and now his business is Gil Jimenez Broadcast Design. I've worked with Gil in the past on a few projects.
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