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  1. That’s a Gil Jimenez set. ( then G & G Designs) Gil did their sets for years.
  2. Truth about Magers. As for Tuck, agreed on the commentaries. He also did them in San Diego while at KGTV. He went after local government/officials etc. too. Some group had t-shirts made that read- Tuck Sucks and that’s my perspective! RIP Mike Tuck.
  3. A great period at KNBC. They were just about to take the lead back from KABC. The set was designed by Gil Jimenez. A set design pioneer. And a great guy. I worked with him on a set in 2003.
  4. KGET’s gfx in the late 90’s through 2009 or so we’re done in house by Eye Street Productions. Their commercial production division. Eye Street also did the same package for KGPE, KCOY and I believe KION.
  5. Newsforce 29: KBAK-TV Bakersfield 1980-1982 TeleNews 29: KBAK-TV Bakersfield 1978-1980
  6. Yup. Came back to the market. Was in Bako at KERO as News and Sports Director in late 70’s into 1980. Returned to Bako and KGET. Later became media guy for the Kern County Superintendent of Schools.
  7. Networks are going away. The GM here has already made the comment, “do we really need to be a CBS/network affilliate ? They are banking on creating a local brand. CBS owns a station in Atlanta. Gray is well aware that CBS most likely will pull an NBC BOSTON type move in ATLANTA. Gray is smart to create a non CBS yet local brand.
  8. BDI did the studio set and the desk for the KPRC newscenter.
  9. Gil Jimenez Broadcast Design did the WABC set
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