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  1. Yep, I recognize the meteorologist from the new NBC/FOX affiliate WPBI in Lafayette, IN (whose newscasts are also produced out of Arkansas and branded as "Star City News").
  2. WPTA 21 in Fort Wayne, IN launched its new NBC newscasts on the sub channel 21.2 under the name "Fort Wayne's NBC" with a new team and set. This makes Fort Wayne a 4-station market again.
  3. In my opinion, it seems like TWC pretty much shelved him to doing the talk show instead of live weather (which is what I'm assuming he went there for to begin with).
  4. WPTA in Fort Wayne continues to shift around anchors as it prepares for the new studio debut. Chief Meteorologist Carlo Falco (who was hired in June and generally not well received) is gone and the station has rehired Matt Leach (who left to work for a nonprofit in July) as Chief Meteorologist. As far as anchors, Angela Brown who came from Flint, MI has been moved to weekends and Alexis Gray from the recently shut down (and also Quincy owned) WSJV is now the weekday anchor. The new Fort Wayne's NBC (which switched to WPTA 21.2) continues to be promoted, with both studios on target to launch in
  5. Gdpweatherman


    CBS Duluth's new studio.

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