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  1. That guy’s whole account has some good stuff on it, like this coverage of a wildfire in Malibu from 1993:
  2. That would make sense. Tulsa is where Ed got his start.
  3. Benita Zahn just ended her last Live at Four newscast.
  4. MSNBC coverage of the Elián Gonzalez story in 2000
  5. He also uploaded some good Des Moines clips
  6. Here’s a newscast from WGBY in Springfield, MA. https://americanarchive.org/catalog/cpb-aacip_114-02c8673p
  7. I hope nobody’s posted these yet Some great views of 1990s WNYT, complete with glimpses of Ed Dague, Chris Jansing, Norm Sebastian, and Mark Mullholland back when he was a lowly sports reporter. Skip to 6:47 for a great promo featuring Phil Bayly and his awesome pedo mustache
  8. A slides-only newscast from WGN on New Year’s Day, 1979. After that we get a religious message, followed by the sign-off (they were only off the air for about 30 minutes on this day).
  9. Best name ever. Right up there with Joe Shortsleeve and Dick Wood.
  10. Probably the oldest surviving footage of a TV sign-off out there, from May 1969!
  11. A full newscast of WRGB from March 4, 2000 (10 days before I was born!). The weatherman is Mike Augustyniak (now at WCCO). This was also in the early days of WRGB’s usage of the CBS Enforcer theme.
  12. Jess Marlow loses it on live TV after a KNBC news helicopter crashes, killing both of its occupants.
  13. Ray Glasser (videoholic) has been uploading some great stuff over the past few days, including this awesome interview with Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford!

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