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  1. Here’s Ed filling in for the weather after Bob fell off of the roof at home:
  2. There goes another part of my childhood.
  3. The long-gone cable news channel Capital News 9 used that same cut for their weather reports. Jeez, it’s been years since I last heard that music.
  4. Here’s a vintage WABI newscast from January 28, 1982. It also has some hilariously 80’s commercials.
  5. To be fair, KJRH was his first client back in 1982.
  6. A rather interesting story from WRGB about a local school’s newscast. Not sure exactly when this aired, probably around late 90s?
  7. That’s a young Brad Pitt in the thumbnail! He appears in a couple of commercials in this upload.
  8. ABC coverage of the crash of Korean Air Lines 007. As a bonus, have some TWA 847 coverage too.
  9. Here’s a vintage 1965 look at KNTV in San Jose, back when it was still an ABC station. https://archive.org/details/casjhsj_000045
  10. Obsolete Video’s latest discovery is this 1973 KABC commercial break, complete with a brief glimpse of the sign-off news at the end! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BLaZZ2tK4Ds
  11. He was also the news anchor in the 1994 film, Without Warning, which is where I mostly know him from.
  12. Say what? Is that why they got rid of his voiceovers?!? It all makes sense now!!! Anyway, Rest In Peace, Ed, you’ve earned it.
  13. Courtesy of the Internet Archive, here’s some news from January 21-22, 1981. The Today Show, GMA, Nightline, and even a bit of local news are included here. https://archive.org/details/BAVC1004575_News12181_prores
  14. A vintage WRGB report from 1989, featuring Liz Bishop. And here’s WTEN’s John McLaughlin reporting on a hostage situation in Schenectady.
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