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  1. Courtesy of the Internet Archive, here’s some news from January 21-22, 1981. The Today Show, GMA, Nightline, and even a bit of local news are included here. https://archive.org/details/BAVC1004575_News12181_prores
  2. A vintage WRGB report from 1989, featuring Liz Bishop. And here’s WTEN’s John McLaughlin reporting on a hostage situation in Schenectady.
  3. Try telling that to WTOV in Steubenville, who continued using it until late 1987!
  4. Man, I miss these graphics so much. Thanks for finding this!
  5. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of this Steve Stone guy before. Does he do work for any other stations?
  6. Damn Aussies are always copying us
  7. The link seems to have been deleted.
  8. Why didn’t anyone tell me that David Horowitz died?!!??
  9. This clip doesn’t really have any news in it, but it’s a rare example of WNYT’s early 90’s graphics package.
  10. My mistake. Still, it’s pretty odd to see it being used by a local station. Here it is in action, by the way: https://youtu.be/ngDDajdApP4
  11. Here’s a rip off of the early 2000s CBS Evening News graphics package
  12. Speaking of the unshaded logo, I still see it on public service announcements that our local MeTV affiliate airs every night. Back on topic, WTOV in Steubenville, OH, continued to use NBC’s “Proud N” logo in their on-air slides until at least early 1988.
  13. In this thread, let’s discuss station logos that still popped up after they were replaced. For example, WFLD was apparently still using this circa late 80s-early 90s paid programming slide as late as 2005, despite having undergone several changes in appearance. And here’s an example that I’ve seen myself; a couple of months ago, WNYT preceded the start of their normal Saturday morning educational shows with an intro that looked like it came from the late 90s, complete with their unshaded 90s logo. I had never seen this intro before, and I haven’t seen it since, so, I unfortunately don’t have any pictures to show you.
  14. A video that used to be on ClipSyndicate until sometime last year. It’s about WNYT’s 50th anniversary. I thought I would post it here given the occasion of the set being replaced. And here’s another one, featuring Bill Lambdin as the reporter. He retired in August 2014.
  15. At the end of their morning newscast today, WNYT announced that, after nearly 23 years, they are finally getting a new set. Starting tomorrow at 6 a.m., they will be broadcasting from a temporary set for a little while. Personally, I’m going to miss the old set, but I’m excited to see what the new one looks like.
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