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  1. A slides-only newscast from WGN on New Year’s Day, 1979. After that we get a religious message, followed by the sign-off (they were only off the air for about 30 minutes on this day).
  2. Best name ever. Right up there with Joe Shortsleeve and Dick Wood.
  3. Probably the oldest surviving footage of a TV sign-off out there, from May 1969!
  4. A full newscast of WRGB from March 4, 2000 (10 days before I was born!). The weatherman is Mike Augustyniak (now at WCCO). This was also in the early days of WRGB’s usage of the CBS Enforcer theme.
  5. Jess Marlow loses it on live TV after a KNBC news helicopter crashes, killing both of its occupants.
  6. Ray Glasser (videoholic) has been uploading some great stuff over the past few days, including this awesome interview with Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford!
  7. They were still using tube cameras in 1993? Look at that characteristic “smearing” of the ambulance lights at the beginning.
  8. Here's a WXYZ sign-off from 1983, only a few years before ABC sold it off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDMzani-fWo
  9. Looks like something a college news station would make.
  10. Here’s something a little unusual. Back in 1996, WAGA had a story on the making of Cartoon Network’s hit show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast! Features footage of George Lowe (the voice of Space Ghost) recording his lines, as well as the writer’s meeting and animation process.
  11. “News People” is one of my favorite news themes. Here’s an instrumental cut from the package as used by WIS-TV in their morning sign-on from 1980:
  12. I really hope that somebody out there saved footage of that prank. But hey, if the BBC was able to save their “spaghetti trees” footage, then I’m sure the Great Blue Hill thing is around somewhere. Anyway, back on topic, the user known as “btm0815ma” has been uploading some great stuff lately. One of which being this newscast where Dan Rather talks about a recent incident where he was assaulted on the street by a crazy person. Although not mentioned here, the perpetrator allegedly said to him, “Kenneth, what is the frequency?”, which later inspired the name of a popular
  13. Here’s WTWO in Terre Haute with a logo that looks suspiciously similar to the one that WMAR in Baltimore was using at the time. Speaking of which, the logo that they’re using now is a rip-off of WGRZ!
  14. Here’s Ed filling in for the weather after Bob fell off of the roof at home:
  15. There goes another part of my childhood.

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