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  1. Adam Winkler who was the Sports Director for WTKR CBS 3 in Norfolk is moving back home to the ABC O&O station KTRK-TV.
  2. Stacy Smith Has Retired from KDKA-TV after 40 Years at the TV station. Here is his final remarks.
  3. I could see George Stephanopoulos switching from ABC to CBS if he loses his "chief" anchor position to David Muir. CBS would welcome George with open arms and David would love to see him leave. This would be a few years away if true but I'm sure George would shorten his contract with ABC to go be the chief anchor for CBS News if CBS gave him a good deal. https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/01/media/david-muir-george-stephanopoulos-abc/index.html
  4. Indeed, Norah has done nothing to make people switch from NBC or ABC at all and has continued to flounder in the ratings like her predecessors did before her. The wheel of bad news anchors at CBS continues. However, I would like to see Maurice Dubois anchor with Norah. I think , If done right, could be a very good duo. I think Norah would hate that idea though.
  5. CBS has already tried that with Jeff Glor. Not happening again unless they would be willing to move one of the O&O anchors to the CBSEN. My suggestion would be Heather Abraham from KDKA-TV.
  6. FTVLive also had a story on this Thursday before Variety https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/4/8/is-z-on-the-way-out-at-cbs. I think if CBS was smart, they go back to Hard news like the Scott Pelley Era. Use stations like KDKA-TV (who is currently one of two highest rated CBS O&O stations besides WJZ) as the backbone of this new vision. I think Norah O Donnell could also be a part of this too but I'm not completely confident on that. CBS News needs a change of thought and vision to compete with ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, in addition to the many station groups starting
  7. WTKR CBS 3. June 1999 under New York Times Company Ownership (Now a E.W Scripps Station) with custom tune Ignitor. This is one of my favorite moments in this Station's history and This was also before their ratings free fall in the "Your" Era.
  8. For the Triad: I could see Tegna as a player for WMYV as well. As for WXLV it is more tricky, Nexstar/Mission could claim WXLV but I wonder what the ratings for XLV is for that to be legal. For Raleigh: I could also see WLFL or WRDC go with Nexstar/Mission as well. It is very unlikely that Disney would want a duopoly. The other station could get bought by Bahakel Communications and have their master control in Charlotte at WCCB.
  9. I think if Sinclair was smart they would sell stations with little to no news departments and then focus on Tripolies that they can sell as well. For example, the Fox Stations that Sinclair owns but has Tegna, Cox, or someone else airing newscasts need to be sold to said company that is airing the Newscasts on the Sinclair Fox Stations. It would save Sinclair millions for having to pay said companies to produce newscasts.
  10. To run for Public Office in Evans City PA. https://www.timesonline.com/story/entertainment/2021/02/16/pittsburgh-tv-journalist-amy-marcinkiewicz-retires-run-butler-county-district-justice-post/6764894002/
  11. But they are engaging in monopolistic practices. What has Sinclair and Nexstar been doing for the last 10+ years. Sidecar companies just to get around FCC rules. The providers haven't done enough to keep retransmission fees low because the laws favor the Station owners. I say let them sue, it's time to change how we look at local stations and local owners in this country.
  12. An argument needs to be made that people who use Cable, Satellite, and Streaming need to be allowed to carry local channels with fair deals that need to be set by the FCC/NAB and NOT individual station owners so the rates don't jack up to profit status. If these companies fail to reach a deal, the STELA act gets reinstated and Syndex gets voided for the Cable, Satellite, and Streaming provider and may use an alternate station of the provider and owners choosing. I can see since we now have a Democratic congress, If the idea gets brought up on the floor, gets to vote and let the FCC take over i
  13. I'm aware that STELA exists but It needs to be amended so If a dispute happens, the OOM NY or LA station should be allowed to replace a disputed station unless the O&O station is the disputing station in that case it would go to the closest affilated station from said market. For Example, If CBS took WCBS down from DirecTV. WYOU, WRGB, or WFSB should be alternates for the NYC market since they are the next closest affiliates.
  14. If this is the case, Why does DirecTV and Dish have the option to get the NY and LA locals in most satellite plans for an additional fee? The O&Os need to be responsible for their network to be available in a particular city/town or they should have the power to yank off of that station and move to another. this will be a never ending wheel of complaining from every side if disputes continue to get worse. Sinclair and Nexstar have shown us that it isn't about Local areas anymore, it is about owning the most amount of stations to try to get more money from a dying business. If Sinclair and

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