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  1. These videos mention WWE and the XFL as sports on UPN.
  2. This is actually pretty simple. Broadcast minor leagues and startup leagues that will have a small viewerbase at first but will grow as the years wind on. For Example, UPN had the WWE and the XFL as "sports" and had decent success. There is a way to do this if Nexstar is smart about it. Many UPN/WB stations have aired the MLB in the past as well. WPIX airs the Mets from time to time.
  3. If I was Nexstar, I would turn The CW into what MyNetworkTV is, a syndication service where most of their affiliates end up treating them like an Independent station. It could open up more newscasts and leftover programming on duopolies that can't air on the main channel. The CBS Owned CW stations with duopolies for example could air more news from its CBS Owned sister stations.
  4. I agree with this. This is the same problem UPN and The WB both had too.
  5. Here are the Vikings and Radiers Scoreboards.
  6. Here is more from this. This is completely redone with the Steelers Communications team taken over and KDKA-TV isn't shown at all in this package.
  7. Here is ALL of the Graphics Packages from Tonight.
  8. This is why Hearst is my favorite owner of all the TV News Companies. I'm also glad to have a local Hearst station in my area as well (WTAE).
  9. WDRB in 2022 from Louisville Kentucky. One of the last small owners in the Television industry. Their other biggest property is the Pittsburgh Post Gazette newspaper.
  10. The message NBC is sending with this move is that MSNBC is now a Political Network (Like FOX News Channel) and not a news network anymore. That is the only reason I can see for NBC doing this (show actual news on the NBC Broadcast network/NBC News Now and show Political coverage on MSNBC only). That actually makes sense if NBC were to do that. It can coexist if it is done this way. Also, to be fair, the FOX broadcast network special reports (along with LiveNow) are much more down the middle then the Fox News Channel and they coexist. Maybe NBC is seeing that too and is doing the same thing.
  11. Watch Tim's Final Newscasts HERE: 5 PM : https://www.newson.us/clips/195/31025208 5:30 PM : https://www.newson.us/clips/195/31025209 6PM : https://www.newson.us/clips/195/31025210 https://wjactv.com/news/local/signing-off-longtime-wjac-news-anchor-tim-rigby-broadcasts-final-newscast
  12. I fixed it. Thanks for the correction.
  13. Well said. I'm guessing that Comcast wants to make MSNBC a full political channel (similar to Fox but in the other direction) and use this as a "Real News" alternative. If they were that concerned about Chris Jansing, she would be part of this "NBC News Daily". I also believe that many affiliates could also lose Kelly Clarkson to other stations as well (WPXI lost Kelly to WTAE for example). I wish they would have just given this spot back to the affiliates.
  14. I'm surprised they got rid of Days for more news, I guess there has been too many break ins with Special Reports (and to compete with GMA3) that NBC just said ok, we will do this. I also wonder if this means we will see more local newscasts on some affiliates as well at 3 PM ET.
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