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  1. I remember Jummy Olabanji, from WTKR in Norfolk VA many years ago. I believe this change was made because of Allison Seymour going to WUSA 9 and Maureen Umeh on WTTG Fox 5. WRC wanted some continuity with those 2 stations.
  2. I asked Rob Owen, The person who wrote that report, and he was concerned about a push out as well. I'm glad it was Peggy's decision though. It should be noted that Peggy was feeling down in the last few months (You can tell at points watching the Noon news). I feel so bad for her and glad that she will be finally be happy. I hope she takes a long time to rest. She's earned it.
  3. Thought i would Start this. BUT, I wonder if this was a force out like we have seen with KDKA-TV, Meredith, TEGNA and others. I know Rob Owen of the Tribune Review plans to ask this also but I would bring it up here as well for people here to Discuss. I'm so happy for Peggy and I hope she takes some time off and continues to keep that Pittsburgh Charm she has.
  4. Fox generally doesn't do special reports. WPGH doesn't air any special reports at all.
  5. It isn't impossible to get a quality recording from a internet source. A classic example is using YouTube TV through an Amazon Fire Stick, Then I put it through the Elgato HD 60S.
  6. The "bandicam" over the video is a huge giveaway that it is screen capture software. I use a TV Tuner and a ELGATO HD 60S. It is much better quality then screen capture.
  7. Has anyone told DADOSUPERMARIO 2 how bad the quality of his videos are. At least when I had videos on YouTube, I really focused on the quality.
  8. Hey @oknewsguy and @TheRyan Scott has responded. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/11/blame-me
  9. I completely disagree with this. If this was Sinclair, This would have clout but not Nexstar. P.S. I sent This to Scott
  10. You know that Scripps is trying to switch WTVR as soon as possible. I hope you are right though, I hate to see Moving Forward disappear.
  11. Here is the Morning Open by Blaine Stewart.
  12. Now Fox Wants to Drop Its Network Source from Nexstar Stations. (Source is once again FTVLive) https://www.patreon.com/posts/could-more-shoes-41448479
  13. Hoping WTVR CBS 6 waits a little longer. I will miss "Moving Forward" when it goes away.
  14. Indeed, But I believe Sinclair was going to do the same thing with WGNA , more right-leaning to Compete with FOX though, If the Sinclair/Tribune merger had gone through. If I was Scripps, I would tell Nexstar/Mission that we will hold on to WPIX until you fix your mess with the Networks and CNN. Let Nexstar sue them, Scripps would win out if they did.
  15. Update to CNN and Nexstar's Pissing match. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/9/cnn-pulls-the-plug-on-nexstar. Stations like WGN, WPIX, KTLA, and WXIN are feeling the pinch.

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