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  1. WTWC/WTLF could go to Nexstar or Cox (other stations in that area are either owned by Scripps or Gray) , WXLV can go to Scripps (other 3 stations in that area are Hearst/Tegna/and Nexstar) , and KDNL (if they get serious about a news department) could be great for Hearst.
  2. For sure. I don't like WPRI either in addition to WJAR. One of my favorite personalities from Altoona PA is WLNE's new morning anchor (KC Kantz).
  3. It is always usually the broadcaster that is at fault here but Dish has taken RSNs and other high priced channels off lately because of " low viewership". So this time I blame Dish as well. Dish still wishes they would have merged with DirecTV in 2002.
  4. Danielle is a great meteorologist who was treated so badly in Pittsburgh at WPXI. I'm so happy that she gets to lead the Weather Team at WHNT , I just wish it was in Pittsburgh or Hampton Roads (her hometown), Nexstar (WHNT's Owner) does own a station in HR [WAVY-TV] so maybe it still could happen when Don Slater Retires.
  5. Happy to see that, there is still a worry that ViacomCBS, Fox, and Disney could do the same thing when their contracts run out. It makes you really think these OTT services and actually "cutting the cord". Sounds like a little bit of jealousy on the Broadcast Networks.
  6. If I was a station owner (Nexstar,Sinclair,Tegna, Hearst, Scripps, Gray and others). I would bring this situation up in retransmission talks with Comcast so something like this can never happen again. BTW, what is stopping ViacomCBS, Fox, and Disney from doing the same thing? You would think Comcast would have more to lose due to ViacomCBS, Fox, and Disney not owning a cable service. BTW, the extension only lasts till Tonight.
  7. I don't see how this is even legal for Comcast to do. Doesn't Youtube TV have retransmission contracts with individual station owners (Nexstar,Sinclair,Tegna, Hearst, Scripps, Gray and others)? The only stations Comcast can legally take down from YoutubeTV are the NBC O&Os and Comcast cable owned channels.
  8. Can Comcast pull evey NBC Station off the air in the entire country? Wouldn't it effect Station owners with NBC Affiliates? Wouldn't Station owners bring this squabble up when they go into an an retransmission agreement of their own with Comcast? The O&Os I understand but the affiliates are different right? If I was Google, I would mention that.
  9. I agree. I would just use the Pittsburgh CW logo. I would also like to see it Black and Yellow like KDKA's logo.
  10. Here is the Opening and ticker for the WPCW newscast.
  11. Same thing with KDKA. it has always been KDKA 2 /KDKA News and never CBS 2, it will be very awkward to say CBS News Pittsburgh.
  12. Did anyone watch the New NFL Slimetime show on Nickelodeon? I'm already trying to get KDKA to make a local version for the Steelers. https://twitter.com/Bbabybear01/status/1438277555518324737
  13. Not happening, Kelly is more likely to move to WTAE when Ellen finishes.
  14. For Tuesdays it makes sense due to the Steelers Mike Tomlin Press Conference airing at 12 PM on WPCW against the live KDKA Noon newscast. In the off season and other days? I'm not so sure.

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