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  1. Pittsburgh (CBS O&O KDKA-TV) Does the same thing and air the CBS Evening News at 7 PM. Nearby Markets such as WTAJ, WTRF, and WKBN all air the CBS EN at 6:30 PM.
  2. Here is KDKA using the new CBS O&O Weather graphics. I think they look a lot like the Weather Graphics Sinclair has.
  3. I fixed it. I believe i got D.C. (who actually is the 8th market and Philly confused at first.
  4. So happy she has gone up to the #4 market in the country. I got a chance to meet her in 2010 when she worked in Norfolk Virginia for WAVY-TV. She will do fine at KYW.
  5. I found out the Station actually spelled it wrong when i copied the Title from WBNS's website. I fixed it on my post and the Title of the Forum.
  6. https://www.10tv.com/article/wolfe-family-sells-wbns-wthr-tegna-2019-jun The Dispatch Broadcast Group has announced the sale of its television and radio properties to TEGNA Inc. This is a sad day for TV. Both stations were leaders in their markets and Tegna will ruin them. :(. This Picture is when I helped them cover the Ohio State vs Purdue game.
  7. Here is the FULL Pittsburgh Ratings For May 2019.
  8. Really @Darius22? They used a station twice (WIVB Top portion of the eye), forgot many major affiliates and O&Os, They did a terrible job on this graphic. This was clearly rushed.
  9. I'm not as dramatic as Scott Jones is. However, I used to Love WVEC when it was a Belo station(I'm from Norfolk VA), As soon as they got Tengafied it was horrible and most their quality went down with it. I lived in Norfolk for 20 years and moved to Pittsburgh in 2011, I still check WTKR,WAVY,and WVEC regularly though. It looks like WTKR is leading the way in that market and will continue if Scripps does that station Justice. This is one example that Tenga is treating its stations and declining their performance. I'm so glad their isn't a Tenga station in Pittsburgh.
  10. Tenga's C Clarity is HORRIBLE compared to the other Station Groups, Scripps mostly uses Inergy and it is Amazing, Sinclair's music Package (CURVES and GLASS) is OK but better, Hearst's Strive is ok too, The O&Os are still the gold standard, TENGA Please get a real music package.
  11. I did like the way Dan Rather reported the news. Most of his 9/11 coverage was to the point. He was hesitant to call certain things that Tom Brokaw and NBC were calling facts.
  12. What are the chances Norah gets replaced by someone else in 2 years if ratings are stagnant or drop? During Katie Couric's time at CBS, ratings dropped her entire time there. I feel that this is because Susan Zirinsky really wanted a woman to lead the CBS Evening News? I feel Jeff Glor got robbed in this whole thing.
  13. Here is a piece WTAE in Pittsburgh did for their 60th Anniversary this week along with an Editorial from original WTAE GM John Conomikes
  14. Surprised we aren't hearing about KDKA in this discussion. They may be #1 in the ratings for most time slots in a competitive market like Pittsburgh but some portions of their news is getting stale. Stacy Smith needs to retire already(always stutters his words) Their weather department is in shambles and needs fresh new talent with the exception of Ron Smiley. The beat part of their news coverage is the dean of sports himself Bob Pompeani.
  15. I agree completely. Their Graphics are very bland compared to the New WTAE graphics and CBS O&O graphics KDKA has. Also, WPGH never seemed to fit the WPXI graphics in the 10 PM newscasts. I wish Cox/Sinclair would have used different graphics for the WPGH newscast.
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