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  1. JacobC

    Out & About

    I always love Laurie Jennings on WPLG Local 10 and of course WSVN 7. It was fun watching her over the years
  2. JacobC

    Out & About

    Guys I hate to tell you this, but I received a notification from WNYT NewsChannel 13 on Facebook saying that their 10pm news on WNYA My4 Albany will be moving to 9pm. With this result, it will be the ONLY news at 9pm in the Capital Region. It starts 4/9 which is Tuesday!!! Looks like the 10pm newscasts will belong to WCWN (produced by WRGB) and WXXA (produced by WTEN).; aka two newscasts duopolies in primetime.
  3. JacobC

    Out & About

    Do you think I feel WRAL has lost it since NBC joined maybe that the network wasn’t perfect for Brad or the station?
  4. Lots of changes they did Lots of changes they did over the last few years and I have no problem about their schedule
  5. Boy I feel like WISH is growing strong for viewers since splitting from CBS. I really enjoy the way it’s doing and their newly 4 o’clock news will compete against WRTV and WXIN too. Let’s hope it’s a sign of life
  6. I saw a bit of their window this morning with a small audience waving outside. Not sure if their old home base changed?
  7. JacobC

    Out & About

    I always watch Inside Edition on WSVN 7 and hope she’ll be back soon for treatment
  8. About time to change the set to match the logo and graphics and I have noticed that they’re anchoring in the newsroom inches from the temporary set. Many stations anchor in the temporary area so they won’t get distracted from construction going on
  9. JacobC

    Out & About

    What in the world is going on? I feel like everyone is leaving right away to new positions in different work areas
  10. That was 5/30's final time using Eyewitness News before they changed their title to “News First” in time for the 2002 Winter Olympics (the NBC logo after 9/11)
  11. If VHSGoodiesWA3 says “twofer of strikes” what does he refer to?
  12. JacobC

    Out & About

    Listen we must watch out for what people are posting on social media. I am 21 and now I have to be careful and that picture was totally unacceptable she drew what was Mandy did. Always remember to be cautious for what people said and how they react
  13. JacobC

    Out & About

    Mandy NEEDS TO BE NICE and post appropriate pics
  14. JacobC

    Out & About

    This is big return to the station when it was ABC until the switch in ‘95
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