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  1. Not only WLBT had new graphics but a new voiceover was added, his name you just heard is Max McGill
  2. I wish they could change the graphics for a better picture and I like the previous version 2012-2016 better than the current one, it just isn’t the right fit
  3. It appears that KMSP Fox 9 debuted a new set yesterday and the desk looks the same like KSWB and CBS This Morning.
  4. That font of Eyewitness News is enormous
  5. JacobC

    Out & About

    I will say lots of prayers for Jim next Monday. Hard to imagine a leader on News4 Washington is gone two years later.
  6. I will give a shoutout for Fox 8 this weekend after 12 years on the old set when it was O&O back then.
  7. JacobC

    KCCI new set

    Hmm you might need WXII too…they also have a working newsroom too as their main set WITH anchor chairs for them to sit amid standing in the middle of the set. Hope their next too that I forgot to mention earlier
  8. JacobC

    KCCI new set

    Yes finally KCCI could get some new digs. I hope my other Florida station WPBF will follow suit as well.
  9. Never saw those graphics before, and Willard and Jackie are in the newsroom rather being at the NBC 6 set with the WB39 backgrounds
  10. JacobC

    Out & About

    Oh my god what did KCRA 3 do to their sister station’s logo? This is so shocked to hear that sad news I watched Todd every weekend mornings on Channel 10 and most recently his 10 Taxi got him famous. So sad for everyone at my ABC station in Miami, saying all our prayers
  11. The logo reminds us of KVVU. But I guess that will look alright for the new building and comfortable standing for weathermen and sportscasters along with the anchors sitting at the newly design news desk with a giant “5” logo behind them.
  12. Is it me, CBS 58 seemed to have the wrong theme music; but keeping Jim Cutler as their voiceover is fine. Aerial as a news theme...sorry not good enough, maybe Enforcer will fit those graphics better and “Ten at 10:00” would make a comeback.
  13. Well at least its taped across the USA
  14. Hmm well that’s unique to see WEHT Local/Local 7 WTVW in the newsroom, hope to get a duplicate of that semi-circle news desk like other Nexstar stations.
  15. Man everybody was wondering where did Jeff went since he left ‘Evening News’...but June 22nd is the date we must save the date to watch Jeff Glor alongside Michelle Miller and Dana Jacobson. Might need to check your CBS stations for times when does CBS This Morning: Saturday starts (mine starts at 7am)
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