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  1. Maybe a combo of both. These ratings wins are different the ratings wins back in January after the firing of Matt Lauer because Megyn Kelly was never really apart of the first two hours. Interesting too that TODAY did post growth in both categories. Interesting to see what happens in the weeks to come.
  2. For the time being the format of the 9:00 is going to back to what it was prior to 2012. Hoda and Savannah will appear for the first segment and they will hand it off Al Roker, and a rotating group other TODAY personalities such as Criag ,Jenna, Dylan and Sheinelle.
  3. Carson is out filming The Voice and as for the Orange room, NBC News's election night coverage is going to be originating from studio 1a and they are redoing the orange room to be used as part of the election night coverage for the midterms.
  4. Page Six is reporting that next week due to how little time they have had to prepare, the third hour will just be an extension of the flagship main hours. Savannah, Hoda, Al and Craig will anchor/ co-host. and Yes according to their source Hoda will anchor/ be apart of all four of TODAY for the time being. After next week expect to see a lot of different people filling in, as NBC tests out new talent.
  5. Megan Kelly is on vacation this week and Savannah Guthrie filled in for her today and I have to say she did a really good job. She is much better fit for the type of program, then Megyn. Savannah can easily switch from a serious story to a lighter one, in a very believable way.
  6. Interesting, I know it does not say it in the article... I wonder if her departure has anything todo with her getting a spot on the third hour of Good Morning America
  7. Matt Lauer and Katie anchored up until 2006, when Meredith Veria joined. Because Meredith hosted millionaire she could not appear after 9:00. That when they transition to the "Show with in a Show model" and Natalie Morales began co-hosting the 9:00 with Al Roker
  8. From a source, According to this person, NBC may move Megyn Kelly to 10:00, but it depends on a few variables. Apparently Kathie Lee Gifford had schedule to leave TODAY after the tenth anniversary, however that was before Matt Lauer was fired, after that NBC asked if she would stay on due to all the changes happening and Hoda's promotion to Co-Anchor. Kathie Lee Gifford agreed as long as she would be allowed to take 3 months off durning the summer to film a movie she wrote ( which explains her absence lately). Kathie Lee only signed a 1 year deal and their is no guarantee that she will re up with the network. NBC is hoping that Gifford stays on... but if she leaves, NBC 's plan is to move Megyn to 10:00 and make the 9:00 hour an extension of the first two hours, where Savannah Guthrie and Hoda will serve as the Co-anchor. It would be similar to what they did in the early 2000s when Matt, and Katie anchored the third hour. However the source pointed out that every year since Kathie has joined NBC she signed 1 year deals, and their always was a question about wether she would re up each year.
  9. I can't see Lara being too heavily involved in the show, since she only works three days a week now. I wonder if ABC is looking for new talent for the program, or hiring from within. If they do a four person panel, I could see them moving Sara Haines over from The View, she is much better at entertainment, Pop news, and celebrity interviews then she is at the political stuff on The View. Paula Faris, Gio Benitez, T.J Homes could all be likely if they are hiring from within. However, they might want a fresh face, and look for new talent. I wonder if Josh Elliot might be coming back into the fold. ABC President Ben Shepherd always regretted that he got away.
  10. MSNBC ROYAL WEDDING: Joy Reid, Katy Tur, and Stephanie Ruhle will lead coverage starting at 4:00 AM. Reid will be live in 30 Rockefeller Center, Tur, and Ruhle will be live in Windsor Coverage will end at 10:00 AM
  11. CNN is dedicating most of it's Friday Night Primetime lineup to the Royal Wedding and Most of Saturday to the Wedding. Friday Night (May 18th) 8:00PMM- Anderson Cooper- Live from Windsor 9:00PM- CNN Special Report Royal Wedding-Hosted by Alisyn Camerota 10:00PM- 12:00 AM- Count Down to the Royal Wedding- Don Lemon Saturday Morning (May 19th-Wedding Day) 12:00AM-5:00 AM- Count Down to the Royal Wedding 5:00AM- 10:00 AM Royal Wedding Live (Arrival, Ceremony, and Carriage Ride) 10:00 AM- 3:00 PM Royal Wedding Coverage Saturday Night 7:00 PM-10 PM Royal Wedding Replay ** All times are based of Eastern Standard Time
  12. I wonder if MSNBC will just simulcast NBC BROADCAST coverage
  13. HBO and Funny to Die will team up for their Royal Wedding Coverage Will Ferrel and Molly Shannon will reprise their fictional roles from the New Years Day Rose Parade as Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan for Live Royal Wedding Coverage beginning 7 AM on May 19th from London
  14. I know in 2011- Between 1AM -5 AM ET Fox News simulated SKY NEWS coverage before their own, I wonder if they will do that again
  15. ABC NEWS: Wedding Day: Robin Roberts, and David Muir will lead Royal Wedding Coverage on May 19 live from Windsor starting at 5:00 AM They will be joined by Paula Faris, Deborah Roberts, James Longman and Adrienne Banker from various locations around Windsor. GMA: Paula Faris will report for GMA starting Monday May 14 in Windsor , Micheal Strahan will began anchoring spilt editions of GMA on Wednesday and Friday from Windsor, Robin Roberts will join him on Friday. WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: David Muir will anchor WNT live on Friday and Saturday from Windsor 20/20 Special: May 18 20/20 David Muir and Deborah Roberts will report the edition
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