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  1. Jay Russell

    WNYW - FOX5 News

    Hasn’t he been doing this the last too months silly WNYW
  2. Jay Russell

    Random WBBM Thread

    I agree he should go back to ABC 7
  3. Jay Russell

    Random WFLD thread

    Bill Zwecker just appears out of nowhere not complaining just a thought
  4. Jay Russell

    Random WBBM Thread

    Something I also forgot to add Erin and Mike clearly don’t get along what makes management think they will do good things in the morning If anything flip Brad and Mike
  5. Jay Russell

    Random WBBM Thread

    WBBM is now officially at the bottom in the Chicago news market.They break up Jim and Mai the only news team was actually good then they get rid or Rob there flagship anchor. I understand they need to trim the fat but how about cancelling the weekend morning news reassigning Suzanne to weekday morning solo and just have Rob solo just do everything solo because the talent there bringing in from smaller markets is just making the content seem overwhelming cheap quality newscasts over quantity of newscasts please
  6. Jay Russell

    Random WBBM Thread

    That’s a shame the only reason I watch channel 2 was for Rob Johnson
  7. There not showing the stand up area anymore I wonder why
  8. Jay Russell

    Random WFLD thread

    Anthony Ponce anchoring the 9pm news tonight
  9. GM: The lighting still has another 5 years we’ve replaced some of it piece by piece
  10. They did a stand up shot in front of new wx center tonight.
  11. I just wanna know how they did that 6pm newscast and I use the term newscast loosley
  12. Jay Russell

    Sets that need replacing/oldest sets going

    KDFW needs an update too but WNYW is in the largest market in the country an has not had a set update in 13 years. The only thing they have done since the debut is replace the weather authority graphic in the weather center with a banner that reads “FOX 5 NEWS” one new couch and 1 backdrop update that’s it
  13. This will tell the story what desk ie Ernie sitting at for the 6..... I wouldn’t know about the morning show but at 10 they sit at the desk the whole time there is 4 an a half minutes total there not at the desk (unless there’s a live shot which is rare) and that is for the political breaking news story of the night which is the weather center and when they do weather that’s it and that last one kinda goes w/o saying.

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