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  1. He did buy the Weather Channel this year, so it's not completely unheard of.
  2. [QUOTE="Eat News, post: 214865, member: 2985"]@TSSZNews I don't mean to be a dick about this because it's not my intention to call anyone out on this. We have a real smart group of people here, and the misuse of the term [I]Collusion[/I] in the legal discussions was just driving some of us ( really just me) crazy. Thank you for your understanding about that wild hair that crawled up my butt. Here is a pic of my 2 weenies... [ATTACH=full]6252[/ATTACH][/QUOTE] Great use of the Beenie Man song in your signature, by the way Eat!
  3. Let's not get that locked thread again, let's focus on the facts and facts alone.
  4. For some gut reason, I had a feeling that this was going to be done sooner or later. Another sad day closer to consolidation in the media industry. (Just like every other day, it seems like.)
  5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is actually headed to NBC, so Last Man Standing.. could only be standing. But Warner also sells a few shows to Fox, so I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't continue to do so.
  6. Joking about content is one thing, but about a well-being of someone else is a whole other game. Wishing good thoughts.
  7. Out of anything in this thread, this is the most likely immediate thing to happen. Expect more content deals initially before the crazy idea of rides in the parks. This could also include the fact that the Star Wars saga could be re-released all in its original form now.
  8. That is correct, although if I can recall I think Hearst stations in home markets get first rights.
  9. http://fortune.com/2017/12/04/disney-21st-century-fox-merger/ Talks are reigniting, now with Verizon in the fray.
  10. The deal to sell the studio and film assets make some sense, but questionable. Now if they're looking to take down Sinclair with News, Sports, and Broadcast Ops, I would be all about it. But I think there's a bit more than that at stake.
  11. This is probably one of their most recognizable themes, if you follow the sport of course. Nonetheless, fantastic refresh for WROC. And Nexstar didn't blow it for once.
  12. Have yet to see it with KCTV.
  13. Well this is true, just never know with today's economics in the M&A train. Maybe they grab a portion of it? Who knows.
  14. It's possible we could see that. But it's also possible one of the two giant enemies could slide in and get them too.
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